The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 2

Gaining Control over Negative Emotions 

One time or another we all have  felt overwhelmed by negative emotions, even to the point of driving us to behave in ways that are not in our own best interest. We’ve let anger, impatience, fear and sorrow dominate our thinking and behavior repeatedly, to the point of crippling us. Yet, negative emotions can be used for a great spiritual purpose and benefit. 

depression hurts

Attachment to Emotion
By drawing them closer into our awareness we can come to know what we are made of and our inner strength!

But, if you are not conscious of feelings, like being irritated, depressed or impatient, you can become very attached, habitually repeating them and get stuck there. Your character, your disposition and eventually your health can be effected with detrimental affects.

Be the Watcher of the Thinker
Learn to observe your negative emotions, using all your senses and listening to your Higher Self to gain some insight and control. Consider this method I use to come to the moment:


Pause your thinking, take a deep breath, relax and quiet the monkey chatter; be ‘the watcher of the thinker.’ Observe your thoughts and attitude from a higher consciousness. Draw them into you and feel them fully without any harsh judgment. Observe your body, i.e. facial expression and body posture because your body language can give you great insights!

 For more insight consider reading: Part 1:

Your Reality is Shaped by Your Emotions

 Learn from Your Emotions
I ask myself questions without getting attached to the answers and all judgmental, like:

  • What kind of look and expression do I have on my face?
  • What kind of body posture am I in?
  • Is any part tensed, tight or temporally frozen? Is my stomach in a knot?
  • Is my heart racing?
  • Do I feel flushed, stressed or nervous?
  • Do I feel urged to lash out verbally, shout, cry, or fight?
  • Do I feel like I’ve been hit hard and want to shut down?
  • What am I feeling? You have to know what you feel in order to get to the heart.

Once you answer some analytic questions impersonally and recognize you are tempted to behave negatively, then you can use it as a spring-board to go deeper in understanding of yourself.

Reasoning, conscious mind can go only so far in understanding, you must also feel your understanding with an open heart that is inspired by your Higher Self. For example, if you are conscious of experiencing impatience in the moment, look up within to your Higher Self and ask yourself deeper questions like:

  • Why am I feeling impatient?
  • Why is it so important to me that I am attached to it?
  • Do I feel threatened? Tired? Superior? Inferior, …..?
  • Why am I feeling threatened, tired, superior, inferior, disrespected, or ……?

And, to the heart of the matter, the questions:

  • Am I reacting this way because I feel unloved or unloving?
  • Am I coming from a place of fear or love in my heart?

Disabling Negative Emotions
When you ask such a question of yourself with deep sincerity you will begin to feel a change in your attitude. The emotion of sincerity and desire for Truth opens the door to Love within you, and the illusion of the negative emotion will begin to disperse. Sincerity liberates love within your heart and  you gain a glimpse of yourself as a powerful spirit and soul.

Negative emotions like anger or fear have no power over you when you love. Love is unconditional and impersonal, even when you are tempted to engage in negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors!

You may be tempted to be drawn back in right then and there, but you have already put Light and Love on it, so it is weakening.

Later you may experience it again because of habitual patterns, but you can disperse the illusion again because you are on the path to disabling it permanently. And, with your heart open to the reality of Love you will attract more positive energy to you, since your heart is your Magnetic Center of Attraction.

With the help of the Great Law, next time we will discuss more ways  to release the illusion of negative emotions and reconnect with positive ones through your heart, your Magnetic Center of Attraction!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The elimination of Fear, then, is largely conditioned on the elimination of this shadow, from which it is spawned, Ignorance.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, pages 158-9.

Consider sharing your experiences and insights, as it can help us all!

Photos courtesy of Gratisograhpy

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