The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 4


Karmic Effects of Emotions on Your Reality

Your emotions are the physical substance that’s projected into the context of your life. They are seeds in your psycho-physical system that grow into your reality. They determine the flavor, form and style. However, you can unknowingly create undesirable, karmic patterns that you identify as part of your personality. Knowledge of these cycles and the Universal Laws involved can help you gain your freedom and clear the way to experience your genuine Self.

smashed daisies

Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and Law of Rhythm

Karmic Cycle
Thought → Emotion → Temptation → Behavior →  Karmic Effect becomes a cause for another cycle → Thought → …

You can become a slave to karmic cycles of subconscious thoughts, impulses, desires and temptations, replaying over and over the same mistake or similar ones! For example you experience road rage, jealousy or anger repeatedly. Or, you revert into irresponsible habits of dishonesty or sexual manipulation. Or, it could be something more subtle like:

You think of a past mistake you made with someone you are meeting again in the moment and relive the mistake in your memory. Emotionally you feel guilty as you are speaking and are tempted to react from guilt rather than being conscious of inner peace, respect and having an open heart. If you do  fall into the negative temptation of guilt and unconsciously choose to behave irresponsibly by withdrawing into a shell, lying or pretending, you will start another negative karmic cycle. 

Negative Karmic Cycle
Harsh Judgment → Fearful Emotion (like guilt or anger) → Temptation of Fearful Behavior → Subconscious Behavior (like lying or violence) → Illusion or Pain (like regret or physical injury) → Harsh  Judgment →  ….

Thoughts like the examples above can lead us to negative emotions, then the temptation to behave in the same energy.

Yet, when you become conscious of the feeling of temptation you are becoming conscious of your Soul and your superconsciousness helping you choose to have compassion; turn to love and remember that all humans suffer. Unfortunately we are not always conscious of our intuition.

karmic vision

Karmic Vision  
Habitual karmic cycles affect your karmic vision. 

There is a legend that when the European explorers first came to the Caribbean around 1491 the islanders could not see the sails of the ships as they were approaching. It wasn’t until the shamans pointed them out that they could conceive of them. Why? Because they could see only what they conditioned their selves they would see and no more.

Have you gone passed something for days or even for a year and suddenly just noticed it? Or experienced any of the emotional patterns given as examples? We tend to only to see what we believe we will see, and have conditioned our self to experience what we reasonably expect and no more!

We forget to be conscious and mindful, open to the vastness of a clear state of mind, free of the domination of the ego. We get stuck in illusionary thoughts and emotions without being aware of the moment or even that we have a choice! 

Clearing Our Vision
The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Rhythm are compassionate laws to help you come into your Soul; to be aware of your authentic power to build your reality into a progressive and harmonious one. 

Discrimination → Inner Emotional Awareness → Temptation of  Fearful Behavior→ Conscious Awareness of Authentic Soul Power → Grati-
tude → Release of Temptation → Present in the Moment →
Opportunity to………..

You feel because your soul feels. You have the power now to recognize fear-based emotions that you are tempted to act upon and discharge them, as discussed in the previous parts of this series.   Now you can choose to love.

For more information on ways to establish beneficial patterns and consciously choose love consider this entry and guide:

Reaching Love and Provision

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

We hope you have been inspired and benefited from this series on emotions. Consider sharing your inspirations or questions.

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Only when a thought becomes an act can it bury itself into our subconsciousness.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, page 333.


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