The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 5

The Emotional Roads 

In every act of yours you have free will and choices to make, and the emotional ones are powerful motivators for your behavior. It is your emotional choice of behaviors that leads to the conditions of your life. Your life choices are of two roads.

the road

The Two Emotional Roads
You have two roads before you – the human road or the spiritual road.

Traveling the human road means you most likely are unaware of your emotional motivations and are unconsciously adrift in the consequences of behavior choices. Your life revolves around human society and ideas, and your happiness depends on them though you most likely see the world as ambiguous, hostile or combative.

On the spiritual road you strive to be conscious of your thinking, feelings, motivations and inspirations from your Superconscious, taking responsibility for your own happiness. You have faith in the Great Principle and align with the Universal Laws to the best of your abilities. You see the world as abundant with endless possibilities for your happiness and others.

On which ever road you choose, human or spiritual, you will face temptation just like all the Great Teachers of humanity including Jesus, because it is something humanly created in our condition. It is essential to be aware of your feelings to avoid being dominated by subconscious, negative traits and emotions.

Emotional Awareness
Observe ‘the thinker’ and feel sincere in your efforts to know yourself, your thinking, feelings and motivations.  Sincerity is one of the most powerful of emotions  in your spiritual endeavors because it opens the door to your heart and love.

Since your heart is the seat of love and the physical Magnetic Center of Attraction, you can consciously feel emotions in your heart like a happy, full heart or a broken, cold heart. Be aware if it feels dark or light, cold or warm, tight or open.

If it feels bad then breathe in Light of Universal Life Energy (prana or chi) and focus it there. That breath of Light will help you relax and release the grip of the subconscious.

One step at a time.  When faced with the temptation of negative emotions consider those steps outlined in this series, notably in Part 2 and Part 3

Let the Universal Laws Work for You
The Laws of Attraction, Karma, and Rhythm work to help you return to your innate condition of True love. Be conscious of those Laws and work within them, remembering that everything is connected in your life and to the Laws.

Express the positive emotions of your soul that are enthusiastic, inspirational, sincere and loving to help you in that alignment. 

Positive Emotions in the Laws of Karma and Rhythm 

Enthusiasm → Inspiration (from your Superconscious) →
Sincerity → Love → Peace → Spiritual Purpose becomes a Cause
Enthusiasm → ……..

Karmic Dream Cycle
Harmful emotions have blinded our karmic vision to the beauty and unlimited love, harmony and opportunity in this very lifetime, this world and dimension. We’ve cycled over and over in war and other man-made disasters because of negative emotions.

We’ve gotten swept away by greed, jealousy, hatred, desire, ignorance, pride and most of all fear. Even in many of our good intentions lie disasters because of subversive, negative emotions. Yet, there is hope.

The High Road
Now You are awakening from a karmic dream cycle, all of us are, in which we have limited our understanding and narrowed our karmic vision of what this world, what our life is all about, the vast abundance and unbounded possibilities before us.

Learn more about yourself everyday,  being especially aware of your emotions to help you live with love in your heart.

Having an attitude of being friendly without harsh judgment will help you have consideration, respect and compassion for others and a happier disposition.

Live in the moment to maintain your happiness and consider enacting the methods in the series: Simple Methods to be Happier, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. If you feel happy it attracts more reasons to be happy and it spreads to others because Love is generous. They will begin to feel it in their heart too!

In the Hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

To read more about how the Great Teachers of humanity faced temptations on their spiritual journey just like you do  consider reading:  A Spiritually Driven Life.

In order for you to truly understand the information about your emotions written in this series you will have to read in-between the lines, look within and connect with your Higher Self as You are your best teacher. In order to truly utilize the information to help improve your life, you will have to consciously experience it yourself as I’ve had to, and as each of have to!

Consider this quote until next week’s entry of Reflective Canvases for 2014:

“Naturally we CANNOT straighten out past mistakes, but we  CAN TAKE THEM AS LESSONS.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 218.

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