A State of Mind, Part 3


 A State of Mind

“We should try to develop the love of Beauty, which is at the foundation of our being.”  Eugene Fersen

The summers in Alaska are short so there isn’t much time for visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife because of accessibility issues, at least for those of us that are not inclined to travel in winter conditions.

Alaskan Rippled Lake 2

A beautiful nature setting speaks to us in ways of the heart. We are attracted to the beauty and recognize it because of our own inner beauty of Love. And the same way beauty speaks to us so does everything else if we are aware of it. Through the Law of Analogy we can get a deeper understanding about ourselves.

The states of water can be used to symbolize the states of mind.

  Minuscule particles of water (evaporation, gaseous state) are in the air that surrounds and are part of us in a higher state of energy – representing a  refined state of mind. Superconsciousness is an enlightened mind; our True nature that is Wise because it is led by Love and in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

The Superconsious inspires us through intuition and even instinct. It is that calm, still voice that speaks to us, guides us with Wisdom and Love at all times. 

– o o o o o –

Consciously we are capable of recognizing above and below, both Superconsciousness and subconsciousness. We are capable of being Wise and Loving beyond measure, yet we can also recognize that we get stuck in subconscious egotistic limitations of fear, doubt and impatience.

A lake’s surface rippled by the wind is like thinking that is distorted by the influence of the negative traits of the ego and humanity’s mental atmosphere and attitudes.

Consciousness is our great gift and opportunity of Life and understanding because it is expansive in all directions. It is in the middle of Life.

– o o o o o –

Foggy Alaska

A foggy scene can be beautiful.

But as a symbol of mind, the fog of confusion and unawareness can blur and obscure our vision and understanding.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

About Science of Being

Science of Being is the science of your being and reveals the means and methods to manifest success in the physical world and contact the source of All Power. It is a harmonious blending of Wisdom and science that support and explain each other. And addresses the Big Questions like ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘How can I contact God?’ It is also practical in very realistic ways by helping you answer: ‘Why do I experience problems? How can I achieve happiness in my life now?’ ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’
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  1. MelissaLB says:

    So beautiful, The Choices we make!

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