What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 1

So Good at Heart, but Why Do We Suffer?

One of the most bewildering issues humanity has contemplated is why is there suffering in this world. We wonder why can’t things be easy and trouble free, why do bad things happen to good people, why do we get sick and die. Humanity and religion has formulated different theories and beliefs throughout the ages. For today’s awakening state of mind there are some very compelling probabilities.

humanity and suffering

An Evolutionary Asset
Contrary as it sounds scientists consider pain a human evolutionary asset. Pain lets us know there is a problem. In prehistoric times and in the present day, pain teaches us to avoid injury and what causes us harm.

People that experience the medical condition congenital insensitivity to pain are in a very dangerous condition because, though they may be cognitive of sensation, they do not feel pain. Without pain they may not be aware of problems unless they work very diligently to be aware, conscious and careful to avoid difficulties.

Learning from Pain
Pain and suffering is a rude conscious awakening. It hurts and we want it to stop and will do most anything we can to alleviate it. Yet, it order to alleviate it we have to know the cause of it. 

Once we learn the cause of a pain then we can avoid repeating the same mistake. Like when we were children and stuck our finger in a flame even though we were told not to. We succumbed to the temptation because we were inexperienced, ignorant. It hurt and we learned from experience not to do that again.

We Suffer Emotionally
But, what about the suffering from boredom, anguish, worry and loneliness? Mental and emotional pain is suffering too.

We don’t always seem to be conscious of the reason for our emotional suffering or even for much of our physical suffering. We succumb to fear-based temptations like angry, impatience, jealousy and fear. Yet, we seem to be unconscious of the painful effects succumbing to such temptations cause us.

We don’t seem to connect the two – the cause and the effect. Perhaps because of the factor of time passed. Yet, the Law of Cause and Effect is a major factor in our lives, determining the outcome of our thinking, emotions and behaviors.

Truth is Light to the World
Negative mental attitudes and behaviors cause us to suffer. Ignorance causes us to suffer.  

Some people feel that it is through suffering that we reach enlightenment or inner peace; suffering by way of the cross or suffering in annihilation of self. And, indeed some take that path. When we have had enough pain then we release our attachment to it and surrender to the Eternal. Yet, for today’s awakening humanity there is another path to enlightenment and establishing harmony for ourselves other than through suffering.

We are accessing our power to be fully conscious in the present moment. We are identifying with our Soul, becoming conscious of human conditioned thinking and releasing it. We are choosing to consciously manifest energy, wisdom, sincerity and compassion for others and ourselves in our behaviors. 

As long as we remain unconscious we will suffer. Unconscious of how very good we are at heart.

May You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

 With the help of the Great Law in upcoming study we will assess the driving force of suffering, get to the root of it, and the Light that can ignite within us that leads to harmony. 

 Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We have to understand life and love as they really are. To do things the best we know in the process of our Evolution. NOW is a transitory stage through which Humanity passes and the lessons to be learned from that stage is to try not to be any more perverted in the sense of true values.”

Eugene Fersen, The Teacher, Volume 1,  page 93.


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