What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 2


Recognizing the Driving Force and Root of Suffering

We suffer from accidents, social inadequacies and personal problems. We contract deadly diseases, get involved in addictive drugs, criminal activities and self-righteous wars. And when one of us suffers all of us suffer to a degree. But, if we can gain some deep insight as to why we suffer then perhaps we can change the way we relate to suffering and begin to harmonize ourselves.

 humanity and suffering

Fear of the Unknown
We do not know what is around the corner for us and that uncertainty can scare us.  Most of us still cling to our precognition that we want to know the unknown future especially when we face a challenging situation.

Wanting to know can keep us in perpetual wanting, mentally living in the future rather than now. We tend to cling to the idea that we should know the unknown, thus we fear, worry, fret, become anxious and even depressed.

The Root of Fear
Fear is primal for us. On a deep level we fear that we have lost the support of the Eternal and doubt our connection to the Great Unknown. 

And in that fear we’ve chained ourselves to the belief that we are separate from the Eternal and each other, limiting our karmic vision. We mentally fell and became unconscious of our loving heart. We created the subconscious ego and all its negative traits. And, we are tempted by those traits to behave negatively.

The Damage of Fear
The fear of suffering can be worst than what may or may not actually occur. That fear can paralyze us.

Behaviors like acting timid, exploding in hot temper or flaunting a sarcastic attitude strengthens their influence and ends up hurting us because that negative energy will return through Universal Justice. Being unconscious of negative traits, like shame, angry or self-righteous only adds to our suffering. 

Plus, each time we engage in or suppress subconscious habits like impatience, resentment, anger, prejudice or laziness we strengthen and add to their power over us. 

We are sowing the seeds of our own suffering. The Lightbearer, Eugene Fersen, described it as unconsciously admitting adverse seeds in the subconsciousness that grow like weeds. We can come to accept them as part of who we are, keeping us enslaved in that belief.

The Light of Truth
Being unconscious is at the root of suffering. And, subconscious behaviors are the driving force.

The way we treat ourselves, and definitely the way we treat each, other are major factors. We are unconscious of how our behaviors truly impact even those close to us or others further way, those we are unconscious of. 

As we awaken to the power of living in the present moment without the influence of the past or desires of the future, we ignite the courage to liberate love and tenderness from our heart. To choose love rather than fear  in the way we think about ourselves, about the present moment, the way we react to situations and to others. It is a Light to all humanity! 

We are so good at heart and we are in the process of awakening to that. Your awareness and understanding this very moment is part of the process. You are becoming conscious of Being

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

With the help of the Great Law in the next part of this series we will exam a very simple way to help harmonize negative habitual patterns as soon as we are tempted to fall into them – negating seeds of suffering.

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Knowledge of the Law of Cause and Effect strikes off the shackles of Worry and Fear, leaving you to direct all that wasted energy into constructive channels.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, Page 191. 

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  1. Hope others can gain some additional insight and inspiration from the article on the site! Light and Love, PortiaSLB

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