What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 3

Negating Seeds of Suffering

We are not alone in this world or in this suffering; all of us suffer one way or another. But, we tend to take our suffering personally saying it’s our pain, our suffering. At the same time that we claim it we are also sowing seeds for more suffering. Fortunately, there is a very simple practice to help eliminate those seeds in the very moment, cultivating compassion for ourselves.

humanity and suffering

When we engage in impatience, resentment or anger we are attracting more negative energy to us through “like attracts like,” the Law of Attraction. And, by ignoring or complaining about negative  conditions we are adding to it through the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. Each of these cause us to suffer.

So what can we do to help ourselves?
The practice of being the ‘observer of the thinker’ helps to be in the moment with a higher, wider awareness and consciousness, interrupting the pattern of unconsciously falling into crippling habits. Along with the negation practice as taught in Science of Being we are not only illuminating the value of the moment, but also creating an enlightening and successful future. 

The Negation Practice
The negation practice is being fully conscious of our thoughts and emotions, including recognizing a negative temptation.  Negative temptations do not survive in the reality of the present moment and we can release it. This in turn frees ourselves to willingly realize a positive thought. Positive thoughts and emotions prompt behaviors that attracts more positive energy to us.

Here is a sampling of the negation practice. We’ve all been tempted by these negative emotions:

  • Anger – Realize the truth of the situation, something like, I recognize that at I am tempted to be angry and justified for it. Yet, it is only a temporary illusion and I am a loving, spiritual being. I choose to release this angry and manifest this feeling of empowerment.’ Your body will respond and you’ll feel a release, a physically relaxation. And, you will be free to express with consideration.

Sincerity is key. To assert something that is not true is corrupted. If you aren’t at the point of releasing it yet you can still interrupt the anger habit with a true statement like, ‘I aspire to leave this anger behind because I am a considerate, calm person at heart.’  

  • Resentment – ‘Though I am tempted to be resentful I choose to interrupt this emotional habit, and with the help of the Eternal release it and leave it behind me. I am a loving person that puts my best foot forward to live in the moment.’ Seeing the truth of the situation you empower yourself with strength and love to face the situation without comprising with negative bombardments.
  • Impatience –‘I realize I am so ready to jump into being impatient and complain about this. Yet, this is a good opportunity for me to relax and enjoy the beauty of this very moment and experience it fully through all my senses. I am the watcher of the thinker. I am clam, clear and observant.’

“I am” statements are akin to “I AM” and can be Light to our life when we align with harmony. Or, they can add negative energy to the subconsciousness by falling into the unconscious habit of identifying ourselves as a negative trait, such as thinking or saying something like, “I am worried, I’m so humiliated, I am depressed.” 

Listen to your own inner inspirations and use your own words in the negation practice, remembering that sincerity is a very powerful emotion that opens your heart to love.  

The Benefit of Negation
We can consciously plant seeds for happiness in the subconscious, and bar more negative energy from entering it at the same time. For every positive thought one negative thought is eliminated. Yet, the most important part of this process is to manifest positive physically, through our emotions and behaviors.

Every moment is a moment to empower ourselves to build to our own happiness and open our heart to love.

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

For more, consider:

Negation is a simple way to live in the moment, yet  none of us are able to consciously negate the mass accumulation of wrong doing over a lifetime, many lifetimes before and that of humanity throughout the ages. Only a power greater than us could. In the next entry we will exam how to enlist the help of the Eternal in our efforts to alleviate suffering. 

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“On the Mental Plane negation of anything means its destruction, while realization of a thing means it creation. Therefore, if you keep yourself mentally alert, through the use of your Will, to stand guard at the door of your Conscious Self and destroy through negation all the negative thought matter which seeks entrance mingled with the good, you have started a weeding out process which will show results in the crop of positive thoughts to come.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, pages 139-140.

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2 Responses to What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 3

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom. Yes, being impersonal is so beneficial for all concerned, yet a difficult lesson for some of us! Conscious practice, practice, practice!

  2. MelissaLB says:

    This has been so inspiring to me. We often choose the hard way to learn things. It’s so simple, yet not always easy. We make it hard on ourselves because we do not know ourselves. If we paid as much attention to knowing ourselves as we do to human wants, we would be so much more at peace with our lives. I’ve been working on being impersonal with people who seem to have no control of their emotions. It’s freedom from resentment and I see harmony instead of anxt. Thank you for helping me know myself!

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