What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 4


Empowering Ourselves 

Acute pain or chronic pain can dominate our thinking. Add on top of that fear of pain and suffering, and it can lead us down a dark path leading to distress, anxiety and depression. 

Our patterns of falling into negative thoughts and emotions are well established and we are comfortable with them without even knowing it. We get distracted by strong emotions and are unaware of temptations and our urges to act out.

Just wishing and even hoping we will someday grow out of it is not enough. Yet, there is a way we can empower ourselves to find a way out.

humanity and suffering

Applying Negation to Fear of Suffering
As discussed in the previous entry, by putting negation into practice we can consciously enlighten ourselves and our future.

This process starts by being fully conscious and acknowledging a fearful temptation. We interrupt the habit of falling into a negative temptation  preventing negative energy entering the subconscious to grow. We release the temptation and willingly embrace a positive thought, attracting more positive energy. We are courageously exercising self-compassion for ourselves. 

This practice is also very helpful denying fear of suffering, fear of pain from an illness for example. We all suffer and experience pain, but fear of it only adds to it. By denying fear of suffering and replacing it with a positive thought, like “I am brave and have much to look forward to,” we are eliminating more suffering. 

What About Fears we are Unconscious of?
Yet, negation does not help us eliminate harmful traits that we are unconscious of. Like, fears we accumulated in the subconscious when we were children and forgotten or other negative energy we are unaware of. It can come to the surface of the consciousness unexpectedly, surprise us and even paralysis us.

 We could take the negation practice a step further.

We could add the practice of also consciously contacting Universal Life Energy. That harmonious Force gradual raises the vibration of negative energy in the subconscious, eliminating it little by little. Since everything is vibration and the harmony of the Eternal (Universal Life Energy) rises low-frequency ones, changes them, negates them.

After releasing the negative temptation contact Universal Life Energy to further charge the positive thought you replace it with. It is also called Vital Force, prana, life force, chi. 

The more we contact Universal Life Energy the more we empower ourselves and the more negative it lifts.

Contacting Universal Energy
To consciously contact Universal Energy simply hold your palms up and open to receive the harmonious energy and make the Mental Contact

Radiant energy floods your body and mind with the underlining Power of all vibration in it’s purest physical form. It is the healing vibration of Harmony and Divine Love, the makings of our soul and everything else. 

The Star Exercise is simple and effective too. I’ve found that the more I contact the Power the more relaxed, focused and conscious I become.

Love is our True Protection from Negative
Even when we are aware of being tempted and can’t seem to practice negation we still have made some progress because we are conscious of recognizing the truth of the situation we are in. We can do our best to stay aware of the temptation without acting it out or repressing it. 

Being conscious and aware is key for those of us on a deeply meaningful spiritual journey. We are self-compassionate and finding the courage to face negative influences. This is Love in action and our true protection because we are aligning with Divine Love. 

This is an ongoing lifetime practice, yet it is well worth the effort. We begin to feel the authentic power of our soul. We get a glimpse of our genuine selves and come to know how good at heart we are.

In the Hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

With the help of the Great Law, in the next entry we will we exam some other very simple practices we can do to help us alleviate some of the pain and suffering. They’re very useful and everyone can do them!

 Until then consider consider this quote to reflect upon:

 “To suggest the positive without first eliminating the negative would be like putting a coat of paint on a metal object covered with rust.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, pages 142.

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