What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 5


Simple Mindful Methods to Alleviate What Pains Us

When we are suffering we want it to stop. We look for a way out. But, in our desperation and mindlessness we can feed it with harmful behaviors. We might blindly lash out in frustration or seek satisfaction in gluttony. Yet, there are some simple mindful methods to help us better cope with what pains us without the backlash.

 humanity and suffering


We tend to tense up when we are in pain or even when we are in fear of pain, yet contrary to our impulse to clench up, relaxation can help ease pain or even relieve it (physical or emotional)!

When we tense up it impairs nerve and blood flow. Add to that stressing out emotionally and it further blocks natural healing resources, weakening our immune system.

Redirecting our mental attention to relaxation also gives not only our body, but also our emotions some relief from stress and tension.

Deep Breathing

We might gasp for air when surprised with pain, but a deep breath can invoke a relaxation and release response. It can not only help us think clearer, but it can also circulate the lymph removing toxins that can be in the system and also oxygenates the blood cells and charges them with Life Energy to promote healing.

Deep breathing further helps us mentally release the subconscious grip on negative emotions we may feel while we are in pain. The major one being fear; fear of experiencing more pain and what may follow.


Add a visualization technique like the one as described in the Conscious Breath exercise to effectively ease chronic pain.  Such as back pain or mental suffering, like worry.

You redirect your mental focus to a tranquil reflection and make mental contact with a Universal healing power, Universal Life Energy. 

Plus, the air we breathe is charged by Universal Life Energy (prana, chi) which rejuvenates every cell in the body. And, since Universal Life Energy is self-governing there is no need to use will power or suggestion. Just leave it to Nature’s Law.

Stillness and Mindful Meditation

Silence and meditation, about 20 minutes daily, can have a great impact on alleviating what ails you. 

Set upright in a chair. Physically relax and mentally become silent. Let any thoughts and emotions that come into focus pass you by: pleasant or unpleasant, painful or hopefully. Just stay unattached. Be impersonal. We are beginning to detach from harmful thoughts and emotions, especially fear. 

Peaceful music during this practice can also help since soothing vibrations promote relaxation.


Every moment we live in the moment becoming conscious of Self, we are a Light in the world. We are helping shrink the influence of the ego, the subconscious, the source of our suffering as discussed in this series.

Give compassionate attention to the truth of the situation, understanding the present moment with the knowledge that things are always in a state of movement and change. Include others in a similar painful situation you may be in and hope for them happiness as you do for yourself.

I’ve found this truly helps me face the situation with courage and opens my heart to compassion!

In the hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Consider parts 3 and 4, Negating Seeds of Suffering and Empowering Ourselves, for more expansive methods.

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:  

“Wisdom consists of using every possible means to fight and win the battle of Life.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 155.


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2 Responses to What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 5

  1. So true! Thank you. And, practice conscious awareness in the Now.

  2. Practice meditation to rid yourself of the pain and suffering. Practice with no attachment. Just practice

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