Negative Emotional Contagion and Protecting Yourself, Power of Emotions to Change Your Life, Part 7

Negative Emotional Contagion

and Protecting Yourself 

Have you ever gotten drawn in to an emotional argument because someone was mad and you were the nearest one around? As examined in the last entry, emotional energy is contagious, especially negative emotions, but there are ways to protect yourself.

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What’s Happening
Low-frequency energy projected from the ego and can be thrown to you personally as an intended insult, signal of impatience or anger and hit you. It can result in angry shouting match or road rage and feel like a boxing match because of the level and intensity of emotional energy.

That low-frequency energy can hit our aura and feel like an arrow to the heart or a low blow to the solar plexus, particularly when someone is expressing jealousy, angry or hatred. Emotional energy can jump from one person to another to enslave an entire group and even create a mob!

It can feel like an arrow to the heart especially if the emotion of hatred  is involved, since the heart is the seat of love. Hatred is based in fear, a polarity of love. Most of us have definitely felt it – it hurts when we are not consciously centered in love ourselves. We may put our hand to our heart in an unconscious effort to boost our energy there.

Eventually a deficient heart chakra can make us feel unloved, lonely, left out and sorry for ourselves. And even worst, when negative energy accumulates because we do not know how to protect ourselves or release it our physical health can be damaged, especially manifesting as heart dis-ease.

An emotional attack can feel like a blow to the solar plexus if it involves self-righteousness, intended insults and guilt. A really hard blow can send us bending doubled over, arms clucking over our belly trying to heal the hurt. Self-righteousness is based in desire and power.

Over time a deficient solar plexus can make you feel low in energy and self-esteem, confused and insecure. And, since the solar plexus is associated with the central nervous system any negative energy can feel like a blow to the solar plexus and show up in our body as mental, emotional or physical issues.

How to Protect Yourself
We react stronger and quicker to negative emotions of others because we carry around the same low-frequency energy in our subconscious ego. Through the Law of Attraction the negative emotion draws out negative emotions from us if we let the ego dominate and make a slave of us.

If someone attacks us emotionally we want to retaliate. It’s almost like we can’t help our self getting caught up in the emotional energy of a fight! Almost.

The main objective is to remain conscious of ‘the thinker’ or mindful so we don’t get caught up in the monkey chatter of the subconscious ego and get involved in any negative energy that may be jumping around.

Here are some ways to protect ourselves:

  • Be conscious of the temptation to jump into a negative emotion. Being conscious of the temptation is being conscious of our authentic powers as a soul – our mental freedom of choice and self-determination. We manifest in the Universal Laws, including Karma (Cause and Effect), but we still have a choice as a soul how we proceed in Life; how we evolve – how we learn the principles of Life. 
  • From that conscious awareness of our soul power of choice, the calm of our Higher Self can help us free ourselves of the burden of the subconscious temptation. We can release it, step back from it and let it go. That freedom to choose is a great gift!

 If we succumb to temptation and release negative energy in the form of anger or other negative traits on others will only return to us sooner or later. And, that negative energy will most likely gain strength due to accumulating similar energies as it circles in our personal and human mental atmosphere over time. 

  • If we choose to step back from it, we may still get bombarded by more negative energy from those that are angry. Mentally deny the possibility of transfer of negativity, that is deny the possibility of it adversely affecting you. This is called mental negation.
  • If you contact Universal Energy, which is Universal Love, and visualize it radiating from your Heart you will create a bubble of protection in your aura. You will feel a difference in your attitude, or at least I do! 
  • Yet, our greatest and only True protection from negative emotional contagion is Love, unconditional and impersonal. Love harmonizes everything sooner or later.
  • Love and Mind combined, detached awareness centered in Love, helps us in stressful situations and allows us to be conscious of negative energy and the possibility of emotional contagion without responding to it. 

A Treasure
You are empowered to release any temptation to jump into negative energy. But, if you do get caught up in the drama of the situation and recognize that you have, then remember that it is your Higher Self and the Great Principle disclosing that the personality (human ego) is out of alignment with your soul. That insight is humbling and something to treasure. 

An important point to remember is that we learn from our stumbles; that we can get up and continue working to free ourselves of the subconscious ego. We have gotten on the other side of a mistake.

We are reaching for love and our own authentic Power and the Great Principle is always compassionately helping us. 

Also consider using those steps in Part 2 and Part 3 of this series.

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We should realize that we are not slaves of our subconsciousness. This can only be done by self discipline. There is no other way.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 32.

9 thoughts on “Negative Emotional Contagion and Protecting Yourself, Power of Emotions to Change Your Life, Part 7

  1. Thank You Dear. Hope you return and share more thoughts! Consider the Conscious Heart Practice also, which helps me be in the moment and conscious of the Love that I am and we all are. Love, Portia SLB

  2. Thank you! I will try to ask myself the same question. Am I coming from a place of fear or Love in my heart? It is such a good one. You are very wise – and kind!

  3. Thank You Dear!

    Yes, it does take self-discipline, yet I have found that the self-discipline is something to practice before we are faced with a confrontation! Sure, sometimes we can get caught being distracted and lost in thought and wham! be hit by a negative emotional blow just because we weren’t aware of being in the moment. LOL

    That’s when I am grateful for being conscious of recognizing the situation! We tend to take negative emotions so personally, yet we can learn so much from our mistakes. And, it is a mistake because that energy will come back to us if we react with a similar low-frequency energy.

    The Radiant Heart Practice and corresponding exercise are very helpful, I have found, to establish an awareness of Being. But, if I do get lost in humanity, as I call it, there is another method I use.

    A very simple method in the moment of the temptation is to ask myself a simple question: Am I coming from a place of fear or Love in my heart? If it’s fear I mentally negate it and then embrace Love. When I choose to realize Love, I am at peace within and there is no need for self-discipline after that. Interesting!

    And after practicing that many times, then there is no temptation or choice or self-discipline. It just is. I am. And, with the help of the Great Law I will Be.

    Hope You consider this method too. As I recall some of the posts contain this method also.

    And, I hope You make more comments and share your insights. I appreciate them as I am sure others do also. Light and Love, Portia SLB

  4. Oh Yes! Like returning to the breath – to the moment! When we are conscious of Being Now then we are taking the opportunity to be our authentic Self!

    Thank You for your inspiration. I appreciate it and hope you return and make more. I love to hear about what you are talking and writing about. It helps us All. Light and Love, Portia SLB

  5. Dear Nicoleta, Yes deep breaths do help because of the relaxation reflex and the admitting of Life Energy in the air! It sounds like you may also practice the Silence which helps calm all the monkey chatter we experience. There is no room for fears because we just let them past us by in our thoughts. Sure, we all experience fears, yet we can look at them from the higher consciousness as ‘the watcher of the thinker,’ knowing they are only temporary thoughts.Then try to have no thought! Soooo refreshing and healing.

    The link for that exercise is on the website if you don’t already practice it. Both deep breathing and the Silence are essential for me!

    Thank You for sharing your, your heart felt words touch me Dear. I send you Love! And, you help me when you express your thoughts and experiences because I know that there is another that experiences the same thing. We work together to help ourselves harmonize. Portia SLB

  6. Hello. I like what you are saying about love being a protective mechanism against acting out in anger. I talk/write a lot about this as a benefit of mindfulness. I also like what you say here about “failures” being humbling and a chance to try again… like returning to the breath. ; )

  7. Thank you Portia for sharing this amazing information.
    I certainly can relate to every aspect of the discussion. Prayer has been my treasure chest ( literally in feeling divine love), yet I still am tripped by fears. Ironically, I have instinctively taken the deep breadths, and even taught my students to do so. I have an escape ritual at home when the energy fractures my calm. I break easily by having allowed others to come first with all their needs, disregarding my own, and now realizing enough is enough.
    I appreciate the steps. The formulas are helpful in understanding, particularly what I would prefer to avoid.
    🙂 Blessings.

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