Personified Evil

plams and temple view refined

Sometimes we view things in contrast, duality and even think that we would not know ‘good’ without ‘bad’ to compare it to. That we could not know positive without experiencing negative. Yet, this is from our limited human perception. All energy is positive otherwise it would not exist – All is a manifestation of the Great Principle.

We may perceive something as negative because it is further away from what is considered positive. Yet, it is all connected and blended energy. Everything has some good in it. What we perceive as negative is what we have created from fear, ignorance, pride and impatience.

We personify evil because we take things personal. We perceive a person as pure evil, the devil, the enemy because of inner fear of the subconscious ego. We generate more fear through personifications, divisions, separations, prejudices, superstitions, beliefs.

Everyone has a path, a spiritual journey – some are harder and more painful than others. Yet, all paths have value because each soul is precious and part of All souls and the GREAT ALL. 

Humans created religions because of fear and not understanding, not comprehending our own condition and that of nature. People in religions fight other people in different religions and science because of fear, fear of losing power and control. We will eventually evolve to blend science and faith until they support each other and even become one in the same. That seems logical to me.

Our greatest fear is that we are not loved. That we have lost the greatest love of all – the Love and support of the Eternal. Yet, just look in Nature and feel the energy. When another person loves you, it is the Eternal loving you. When we love others, we represent the Eternal loving. We may feel we love only that other person, yet we are loving the Eternal. We love All through that person. 

Open Your heart to feel the pulse of the Universe in your veins. That is the Love of the Eternal. 

And that Love also radiates from You. Thank You Love.

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

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2 Responses to Personified Evil

  1. I agree! We do all feel It – though most of us ignore it! Thank You Mikey.

  2. wow!! that was beautiful. truly was a stick to the brain to stir it around a little and make it think, so I appreciate your ability to express yourself like that. it will be a great day, that is approaching (regardless of what NEWS wants folks to look at), when labels will drop and all of us will realize the Eternal IS LOVE and that we all want and feel it, regardless of how we label it. keep up the light and inspiration, an unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂

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