It’s not only about sex, reality programming; The Law of Gender, Part 2

gender flow

The Law of Gender is a very creative power. And it has a major impact in our life because we create our reality through that power. However, we are usually unconscious how we create through that power.

By becoming conscious of the Law of Gender we can integrate the flow of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy that is within us to create opportunities for achieving a more harmonious and happy reality. 

Part 1 covers the way the Law of Gender functions on the the mental plane – in our life, and how it is such a major influence in shaping our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, even our body!

A thought, idea or an emotion flows from our consciousness (masculine gender) to our subconsciousness (feminine gender) and grows in that fertile feminine ground. And over time, because in the current human state of consciousness time is a factor of gestation and growth, it resurfaces to the consciousness.

This is how we are conditioned and programmed that become traditions, superstitions, beliefs and cultures. This process of mimicking is very contagious. And, the mimics are known as memes. 

Plus, through this method we also come to believe our desires and fears as being who we are. An emotion like hatred received in the subconscious will grow it there to reemerge later to haunt us.


Our parents and guardians are our primary source of conditioning, but we are also conditioned by society, the environment, by the culture we live in, movies, television, music videos, by civilization. Memes are passed from one person to another. 

When we are small they teach us consciously things like don’t touch a hot stove, avoid dark, narrow places, don’t talk to strangers, they’re not of our tribe, and run from animals with big, sharp teeth! These can be very beneficial for our survival.

Consciously (male mental gender) we perceive it. But, it grows in the subconscious (female mental gender) and can reemerge later and expanded to include some attitude like being afraid of being home alone at night and requiring the lights and television or radio on to make some noise. Unknown noises at night scare us and we imagine all kinds of terrors!

We are unknowingly conditioned in fearful attitudes like:

  1. Fear the unknown.
  2. Take things personally.
  3. Talk to and treat men and women differently, starting when we are babes.
  4. Assume when you don’t know for sure.
  5. You can get by with a lot of crap without consequences.
  6. Success means influence and money.
  7. Money is the source of all evil.
  8. Believe what is written and said, as in newspapers, books, etc, especially in religious belief systems.
  9. Believe what you see.
  10. You will be forgiven if you only ask nicely.
  11. Honesty is not always the best policy; little white lies are okay and a good thing at times.
  12. Be a nice person; be the way we are expected to be, the way others expect to see us.
  13. Change is scary.
  14. It’s okay to complain about others, especially when they’re not present.
  15. We’re not responsible for ourselves, for most of the way we are or the way society is as a whole because it’s just the way it is and there’s nothing we can do about it.
  16. We’re not enough, we’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, not enough!

These are not always true for everyone, but generally these are examples of attitudes in human civilization. And, they are based in fear – an emotion that feeds ‘like’ thoughts that grows in the subconscious.

From those fears we create the ego and personality and believe they define us! We manifest those fears as behaviors, attitudes and in our actions that create our reality. We over work, trying to keep up with society’s demands to have, to be, to look the way we are expected. And, if we can’t meet those expectations we feel left out and like we are out casts. We become salves to religious ideas and beliefs, even become fanatics and terrorists. We become greedy or always looking for a thrill and entertainment.


Because of fear we have become unconscious of our inner love and have become unbalanced. Love (feminine gender) has become imprisoned by the subconscious ego. The good news is that we can also function in the Law of Gender to help us free ourselves from negative, enslaving conditioning and re-balance Mind and Love. And, the first step is to become conscious (masculine mental gender)!

Our Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Genders

Every cell in our body, every thought, attitude and emotion is of both genders, but those genders may be latent. Eventually both Divine Mind and Divine Love will be brought to the surface of our consciousness and balanced in our reality through our spiritual striving and deep desire of Love, peace and harmony. 

With the help of the Great Principle in the next entry we will address methods to re-balance our inner genders.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Understand the Laws which govern you so you can make the proper connections to take the utmost practical advantage of them in daily life, think rightly, strongly and harmoniously, and you will develop your brain into an ever more refined and vigorous instrument to help you work out your Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 293.

art animated by  George Redhawk


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2 Responses to It’s not only about sex, reality programming; The Law of Gender, Part 2

  1. Greetings my friend!
    That’s a good question – why is the subconscious the feminine?

    Feminine and masculine are frequencies we relate to and in essence are the same qualities of both Divine Mind and Divine Love.

    However, being human we separate and the subconscious is considered feminine because is it that part of the mind that is fertile and grows thoughts, as in the female human carrying a fetus in gestation. Sometimes the Law of Gender is also called the law of gestation, because the consciousness receives a thought or idea, sees it, hears it, reads it, or experiences it. That thought goes into the subconscious. The masculine supplied the seed of thought that can grow unnoticed in the subconscious until it comes to full term, so to speak, and returns to our consciousness and life!

    Very interesting to me! And, I agree: I have a hope for us – that we all come to understand ourselves! And, that is the purpose of this website and many, many others and our conversations! Thank You Love, PortiaSLB

  2. Nicoleta says:

    I read it…slowly…and am just in acceptance of the study…I don’t know why the conscious is the masculine and the subconscious is the feminine… There are so may wounded souls out there…I just fold…in prayer…I wish a better life for all…yet I am grateful to have “arrived” at an understanding of myself…as a person…I wish all could do that…and respect others…and also…be able to guard themselves from those who are in hurtful chaos… I keep a distance…

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