But why sexual attraction; The Law of Gender, Part 4

animated gender attraction

We can be so attracted to someone that it can ignite a creative fire within us! Between us! That fire can feel like desire, yet it can also be the fire of love that purifies and heals us.

As men or women we may seek relationships outside of ourselves on the physical level, but on the mental level we seek to ignite the creative fire of unity within us. To bring us into Balance and harmony within ourselves. It is encompassing the cosmic Principle of Unity that goes beyond the concept of gender.

Gender Paradigm

Masculine and feminine genders, duality, opposite poles, negative and positive energies are a human concept, a paradigm for better understanding of frequencies and energies that vary. Yet, they are all vibration and energies that blend and one.

We seek to balance ourselves, our positive inner qualities through relationships. Rather than being attracted to the opposite, we are attracted to ‘like’ qualities in each other, to help bring them from their latent condition into more evidence. 

We are like a sphere that is lopsided and warped, so we seek those that can help bring us back into balance, to a perfect sphere and infinite potential.

It is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Gender as perceived by the human mind working to help us awaken and unite Divine Mind and Divine Love. Brain and Heart. The Masculine and Feminine principles within ourselves. To manifest as being an entry point to Cosmic Unity. And, from Unity, infinite potential. 

Ego thinks the opposite

The human potential of genders is that we come to mentally know love, be loved and loving. And, though we seek love, the ego thinks mind is supreme! That love is weak.

Of course, this works as a major determent in our achieving inner balance! And, this is so evident when two people are attracted to one another and each is unconsciously affected by the other person’s negative, fearful energy as discussed in Parts 1 and 2.

Brain and Heart

Our inner Female qualities dominated by love, are physically manifested as the heart. Being the seat of Love, our heart is the first organ the embryo grows, creating our electromagnetic field and aura. We feel through our heart and our emotions radiate in the electromagnetic field it generates. The brain also generates electromagnetic waves, yet it is the heart that generates the largest field.

Heart and brain are connected and communicate through the field, aura, and nerves. And, if our thoughts are low frequency and fearful, then the heart, our center of attraction, suffers, plus draws more of the same energy to us!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

Our inner Male qualities are humanly manifested primarily as intelligence, and our soul physically  manifests it as the brain. Men are prone to externalize and project the masculine qualities of mind, like power, strength, authority, logic and reasoning. The Right Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt was associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, masculine qualities.

Women are prone to manifest the more receptive emotional qualities of love, like patience, gentleness, empathy, and creativity. The Left Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt was associated with the right brain hemisphere and both negative and positive feminine qualities including creative powers, sexual energy, birthing, death, and feelings.

Sexual energy

In a loving relationship that also involves sex, the bodies blend and so does the energies of the aura, thoughts, emotions and electromagnetic energies. Sex can strengthen the bond of attraction, affection, love. Through love for another person, we can become Self-conscious of our Inner unconditional Love. And, that is part of the creative, unconditional Love of the Eternal. 

That creative fire and sexual energy between two souls can be so powerful that another soul can be attracted for incarnation. And, according to some esoteric teachings, including ancient Egypt, sexual energy can be engaged in tantra practices to initiate a metamorphosis from ordinary consciousness into cosmic consciousness. 

Yet, having a great relationship with the opposite sex or with anyone, does not necessarily mean that our inner qualities are balanced. We can bring out negative, fearful qualities too, masculine and feminine.

Mind and cosmic Love

Though others can help us bring that Love to the surface of our consciousness, we are responsible for awakening unconditional Love within ourselves and for bringing It into our life and reality without attachment as discussed in Part 3.

In the big view which goes beyond gender, we seek Unity within ourselves and with the cosmos, the Great Unknown. To come into our natural state of Harmony, Peace, Purpose and infinite potential. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Love is a Supreme Universal Power; therefore to use Love means above all to become powerful.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, pages 373.

.gif by George Redhawk


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7 Responses to But why sexual attraction; The Law of Gender, Part 4

  1. MelissaLB says:

    Thank you for helping me see this deeper to understand it within myself. I can also see how we have to be guided by our Higher Self individually to know for sure I f this makes sense or not!

    I Love It and understand inside things I can’t verbalize yet,I’m so grateful it speaks to me and helps me understand much more!
    Always Love, MRLB

  2. As to the question: Love never changes,only our consciousness of it changes? You so elegantly answered it. Yes, we evolve bit by bit and consciously become aware of our Inner Love and Universal Love; our understanding of Love evolves.

    Yet, what is below is above too. So Love evolves, changes – everything changes, vibrates. The principle of the Eternal for us is eternal enjoyment of life as we unfold eternally. We have infinite potential! Including how we are a projection of the Great Principle: Energy, Intelligence, Truth, Love. So simulateously we evolve in our humanity and soul. We see things in duality, yet it is Unity.

    And, thank You for sharing your deep understanding and loving expressions.

    With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  3. MelissaLB says:

    Thank you for expanding inspiration on this, I get it now, and can see where our Higher Self protects us as much as we let it or can grasp it on this human plane! So it is on the Mental and Spiritual planes.

    Love never changes, only our consciousness of it changes? Am I right in this understanding?

    When we are growing on the Mental Plane understanding Love of our Self, our Brothers and all of The Great Law Gods creation, we raise our rate of Vibration to beyond this Physical plane and the effect helps us Complete our own Sphere of male and female as One. I see it as the most important thing in all of our life times here on earth! Whether it be alone without a partner, or with a significant other.

    I am inspired also to the other comment above about how times are now with the perversion of sex, through porn as we all so know it’s nick name so easily now as it’s just part of our communication to others…To me it so sad. It shows how strong the Subconsciousness can be if we don’t stand at the mental gates of vibration and emotions concerning it and other horrible thoughts and dreads, get stuck and grow more and more as our life gets taken over by it. The hurt to everyone consciously is unbelievable sad!
    I understand that in life all the shit in the sub has to come out, but this is like a disease that takes over people’s life, mind and health…
    A lot to come to the surface…the effects of which will be sad also,but still they will have to work it out as they still have a perfect Soul as we all do!

    And The Truth will set you free! As one of our greatest Teachers once said,,,
    Forgive them Lord, for they do not know what they are doing!

    So much in this Gender understanding, Thank You for your hard work even though
    I know it’s a joy for you to express! It’s a joy to me for your help with a big Pat and a Push

  4. Yes, Dear it is true some must work to draw out and balance our inner authentic powers without a partner in life. And, I feel that some of our spiritual teachers of humanity have done their work earlier on perhaps in pervious lives, yet they come in the mist of other souls and they can not only see, but feel both our positive and negative energies. In their strength of knowing Truth and radiating unconditional Love they work to help us know too without attachment. And, with the help of the Great Principle through the Power and Infinite Abundance of Spiritual Love they are protected, their essence though not necessarily bodily, from the fearful negative energy in the world, and that protection also comes through those around them, backing them too! Being human we all suffer slings and arrows of the human mind, yet our soul and Higher Self is always connected and protected in unconditional Love.

    Thank You! For that wonderful addition.
    With Light and Love, Portia

  5. MelissaLB says:

    Wow! This inspiration you’ve shared is wonderful. I thank you!

    Is it also true that people who haven’t found the opposite sex to help them bring out there latent female or male aspects to complete there Sphere of Mind and Love as one still have too…but by themselves! It is a harder road in life, but it is the aim of all of us, to become One – male and female balanced!

    Most great Teachers that come to earth age after age, are far advanced and don’t need the help of the opposite sex to balance them. It still is hard work on this plane to carry the Light of Knowledge Aflame with Love to suffering humanity. It would be great help to them to have a True Friend who had their back, but it doesn’t always work this way, yet they still strive to do the work they came for even though they are treated awful by most of humanity!

    We are here to complete ourselves, even if it be alone. Am I understanding this right? The illustrations you’ve chosen for this and the other 3 parts is fantastic beautiful!!!! Thank You Dear Love
    Always Love, MRLB

  6. Yes, dear there is much to this creative energy that can exist be two people sexually. Yet, as you also mentioned though a great purpose is co-creation and the channel for another soul to incarnate on earth, a greater purpose is to help us ascend to levels that goes beyond physical, sexual Union. And, as with most powers on earth, we humanly pervert the power of love. That pain and suffering tells us that our egotistic idea of love is perverted and with the help of the Eternal we will learn that lesson. That we will learn that love is strong, stronger than desire, that it connects us with unlimited creativity within ourselves and with the universe, God.
    Thank YOu Love for sharing. It is appreciated. IN the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very well thought out…and I cannot add much that has not already been felt or experienced…Unlike most, I remain a stranger in the land of sensuality though I love a good love story and can almost taste the joy that others feel by being with their forever mate, friend, and/or spouse…
    My history of relationships would draw at best a yawn since I have felt disconnected in very attenmpt to be as one in the dance of two. That said, I can honestly say I have loved deeply, and cared to help and serve and for the times when I faltered, I sincerely still regret.
    There were no manuals amongst all the books in the library showing me the steps to be taken to walk a yellow brick road of gold that would shine for others to follow. I am so glad I found what I did to read and seek to comprehend. I was confused by the Playboy bunnies as are the youngsters of today along with adults who mire in pornonographic sites. I would love to be healed of all images that muddied the the purity intended in between two as a sacred intimate union. The harm has bolted into too many lives, and who but evil, the devil of darness, laughs and flaunts deception, corruption, division, and abusiveness ?
    To love and be loved as the parts of two seashells coming together is of the utmost possible physical joy on earth… I doubt it will be needed in heaven… I doubt most actually know it on earth… It is a means for accepting the birth that arrives through a woman with the gift of a man…and the cycle continues to bring souls in the arms of students and teachers who travel through time in clarity and confusion and finally exit to be what was possibly best…

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