Positive Emotions in the Law of Karma and Rhythm

positive emotions and karma

We can trust that the universe and the Great Principle is always working towards our best end in all circumstances. Yet, many of us exude an attitude that life should satisfy our desires. Driven by that energy we resist life as it is. And we can fall into the clutches of fear, worry and guilt because life did not provide our desires.

Challenge desires and fears. Be silent, ask yourself questions as to why. When we worry we are asking the universe to return the same energy. 

When we live in the moment, mindful, we are looking at life as a constantly changing, beautiful dynamic. We are open and receptive to the harmony of all creation, while moving in that dynamic and co-creating with goodwill, sincerity, and love.

With positive, sincere and loving emotions from the heart we set into action the Law of Karma, Cause and Effect creating opportunities for our happiness.

 When we have done our best, given our best, then we can leave the effect in the hands of the creative Great Principle. In our abundant giving of enthusiasm, wisdom, sincerity, compassion and unconditional love, we are asking for, attracting the same. It is the Law of Attraction or Love.  

Starting a positive cause may not only help others, it will also return to us as a positive effect. Which in turn becomes a positive cause and so the power of positive energy cycles and heals us because we are empowering ourselves through our choices of love. Love is an active energy, an empowering force of the soul.  

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“An act of love, of consideration, small though it may be, can produce extraordinary results.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 23. 

4 thoughts on “Positive Emotions in the Law of Karma and Rhythm

  1. Thank You. Somehow the first entry of this was lost on the internet! I can only attribute it to the mysteries of electronics. 🙂 Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to also reflect and convey the wisdom again. Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. Thank you for this study, I read it the first time it came through, but this time I’m getting the meat out of it! I’m so grateful! The first paragraph sets it straight! Trust in The Great Law and let Life unfold in its natural course..Or believe that your desires are what’s most important?
    The two are not the same!
    If we have Faith that we can grow and be protected by knowing the Truth of The Great Law, feeling Divine Love, and making mindful positive causes happen, then we need not worry! Or let fear strangle us into a closed life! There is so much more I have gotten from this insight..Thank You, I will with The Help of The Great Law keep opening my Mind to understand!!!!
    Always Love,

  3. Yes, the quote says it all, and the commentary is extraordinary. Love and light and Peace and Love to you.

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