Integrating your inner genders and scared geometry

gender flow george redhawk animated gif

It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 5

Regardless of our sexual gender, humanity has generally become left brain dominate – mentally we are masculine dominate, logical. And, though the left hemisphere is the image of the more intuitive feminine, right hemisphere, it causes us to be strung tight, stressed, and let’s face it – aggressive! We fight outside of ourselves to get the attention and the power we feel we deserve, rather than for peace and balance inside ourselves .

Consciousness is a frequency of Love

So what’s holding us back from experiencing inner unity? Doubt for one thing. And, being unconscious is another. We mentally create  separateness. We doubt our unity with the Source, and we’ve become impatient, stressed and fearful because of it. And, we doubt our inner feminine gender of unconditional love. 

Everything expresses unity and is synchronized 

Everything expresses a blending and unity of both genders, our brain, our heart, our body and its cells, our mind, our emotions, and our reality. 

 The Yin and Yang in Chinese Dao expresses it as:

yin and yan animated gif

The circle is non-ending and the unity of one is continuing moving, flowing, changing, creating. Yin and Yang energies are complementary, interconnecting, flowing into the other rather than opposing. Each has the seed of the other in it. The more refined the frequencies, the more they become one and until there is only Light. 

It’s an analogy of Mind and Love within you creating an integrated reality.

Scared Geometry

If you are right brain dominated I hope you still hang in there for this part too because the purpose is to see the unity in everything, the synchronicity.  You will receive what you are meant to, what you agree to receive. 

Some of the ancient teachings of scared geometry state that everything in the universe can be represented by the square, the circle and the triangle. In our human thinking the lines of the feminine are associated with the curved line, the circle, the sphere, softness and roundness. While the masculine is thought of as the straight line, the sharp corners and points, the square, the cube.

Both the circle and square represent perfection. The square, the sun, the Source, our inner Light and our unity with divine presence. It represents energy, power, wisdom, perfect justice, peace, equality.

The circle, the moon that reflects the light of the sun. It represents Mind bringing us back to the state of presence. The circle also represents no beginning and no end, completeness and emptiness of prolonged presence.

Triangles represent the stars, cosmic activity, creativity. The trinity, three dimensions and linear time, self discovery, directive progressive purpose. When the male and female inner genders are balanced then we are balanced: Spirit and Matter, One with the Source, expressing our authentic Cosmic Creative Power, Divine Mind, Universal Law and Divine Love. 

Scared geometry is seen in all traditions. The square Kaaba in Mecca (the square also symbol of the heart), the stone circles in England and Ireland, the circle of yin and yang in China and Japan, the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Circles and squares of coins, mandalas and flags. 

Leonardo Dda Vinci's man cannon

Leonardo Dda Vinci’s man cannon

Da Vinci's man with disection

Da Vinci’s man with dissection

The study of scared geometry is fascinating, but more importantly it can help raise the frequency our consciousness to that of Love because we expand, experience synchronicity and are inclusive. For more about the FourSquare the link is underlined.

Our reality

The further we are away from unconditional Love, the more dualistic our attitude and the more separateness in our reality. Interestingly, we experience reality as three dimensional. And time is linear; past, present, future. But, this still relates because of our current three levels of consciousness: subconsciousness, consciousness, Superconsciousness.

How do we integrate our genders now?

Be conscious of Love. Consciously see unity. Consciously express unity. Consciously experience unity.

As we mentally integrate with Love, we begin to see ourselves in others and others in us. We begin to be more understanding and patient. We begin to experience the Law of Cause and Effect, Polarity, Rhythm, and Gender through the eyes of compassion and Unity. Eventually the subconscious energies of our ego are raised, refined to that of Consciousness and the Light of Superconsciousness is absorbed into Consciousness too.

It is never to late to integrate your inner genders to create joy and love in the world. Don’t wait for integration. Be conscious of Love in everything, express Love in everything and integration will follow.

Make Love from your heart, mind and soul.

When You are in sync with Love

you express Love in everything you do.  


In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


“Two signifies Duality, Strife, Restlessness, dominant traits of the male nature, while Four symbolizes Unity, Harmony, Peace, fundamental traits of the female nature. But Four embraces Two, and is greater, whereas Two can never expand itself to the larger dimensions of Four.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 402.

Your insights and comments are welcomed.

Remember they could also help someone else! 

Part 3 includes more simple ways to integrate your inner genders.

Parts 1 and 2 is about the Law of Gender expressed in our reality mentally with subconsciousness considered the female gender because of the gestation period and consciousness as the male gender – the seed planter.  

Part 4 is about relationships and how we help each other.  Links underlined.

The interconnected people in the first peace of art animated by George Redhawk

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3 Responses to Integrating your inner genders and scared geometry

  1. MelissaLB says:

    I have learned so much from this series, it has helped me know more about myself and I’ve been able to lsee things I thought I had a grasp on, but had forgotten to remember that were a constant work in progress! The graphics you’ve used for this are outstanding! Your wisdom you’ve also shared has helped me so very much! Thank you Love I am grateful!

  2. Thank You for sharing that Gary. It’s appreciated. Light and Love to You my friend!

  3. spearfruit says:

    Wow, Portia there is certainly much to think about with this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and relate to it and received a message from it. Thank you for sharing, I will certainly come back again to read this as a reminder for me. Have a wonderful day my friend! 🙂

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