Integrating your inner genders and scared geometry

chinese square coin

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6 Responses to chinese square coin

  1. Those I’ve seen today like this are copies and just used for fun, art projects, that type of thing. Yet the value Is symbolic!

  2. Don Oliver says:

    Just wondering the value of this coin?

  3. Translate into which language?

  4. Marylou says:

    I have the sameone can someone translate what is says for me.

  5. Greetings Brian,
    Yes, I have several of the Chinese coins and the ones that I have are copies. But, many copies of them are out there because you can use them in feng shui good luck charms. I wrote about their meaning in the post or you can look it up on the internet. So as to the charm: take 3 of the coins and tie them together with a red ribbon. Carry it with you in your wallet or put it under a rug at the front door. It is suppose to attract more money. Like attracts like!!

    Light and Love to You, PortiaSLB

  6. Brian says:

    I found one of these coins. Anyone know what it is?

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