Sometimes the bullsh’t gets to us, we lose it – 7 steps to recover and the bravest thing we can do on our spiritual journey

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Sometimes the stress, the bullsh’t we see through, the opposition, the lack of cooperation especially from our kids, gets to us. We work a bit too hard to stay calm and collected in trying to defend ourselves, in trying to protect ourselves that we temporarily explode! We get mad, get scared, get worried.

So what to do? So how can we still be on our spiritual journey and feel good about ourselves?

Remember we’re human. It happens to us all. And a downfall into anger, fear, worry, resentment can be a wake-up call if we are aware. Every experience is part of our spiritual journey, including our outburst or downfall! Every experience is an opportunity to refine ourselves. To find the tenderness of our heart and wisdom of our mind.

A brave heart faces challenges, faces ourselves. Even runs right into it with eyes, mind and heart wide open! So next time – if you loose it try these 7 simple steps …

1. Pause and take a deep breath.

Focusing on your breath is changing your mind already!

2. Then move your body, walk.

Like freezing in fear, if you freeze your body, it can also mean freezing your mind. Moving your body also gives your hormones time to disperse. And better yet, it gives you an opportunity to walk into self-awareness.

3.  Be conscious; you are a free being and no one can make you angry or afraid!

 You are beautiful! Beautiful! Deny anger, fear, worry having any power over you.

We play the blame game; blaming others, the kids, or the situation for our stressed condition. Which in itself is a self-defeatist attitude! The more you are tempted to assign blame then the greater the emphasis you, your soul, has placed on the lesson and opportunity to remember your inner beauty and natural state of calm!! 

Emotional challenges can be changed into beautiful opportunities to know your true nature.

4. Let it go..let it go…let it go!

Be conscious that low-frequency emotions of anger, impatience, resentment and hatred are only temporary urges of the ego and the sooner you step back from them the sooner you return to the moment and its potential. 

5. Relax and focus on silence.

Inner calm, quiet, inner peace is your natural state. Relaxation and Silence can bring you back to the beauty of the moment. 

6. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy (chi, prana).

Let It help you. You are unifying yourself with the harmonizing energy of the Universe and Great Principle, increasing your own inner Light and Love.

7. Center yourself in your spiritual heart.

Find within yourself personal love and unconditional Love, then radiate Love from the tenderness of your heart. Love is your only true protection, source of strength and wisdom. 

When our kids, our children, are being disrespectful, remember that they also experience confusion, ignorance, and fear. In the stress of trying to find their way and growing up they can also temporarily loose it! But they rely on us, responsible guardians, for love, attention, guidance and discipline. They are also teaching us and the deeper they fall into the dark hole of the ego the greater the lessons for all concerned! I recommend a wonderful book for parents: The Conscious Parent by Dr Shefali Tsabary.

I have been amazed at the results of using the 7 steps above! And even more amazingly is how others can respond. Even though they may not be conscious of what has happened or why, they usually change their attitude too!

Sometimes we are overwhelmed in our human life. It happens to us all. When you are overwhelmed and lose it, remember it is temporary. You are courageous!

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is to continue. To get up and try again!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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“We should learn to follow only the influence of our Higher Self. It helps us to gain mental poise and stability, so that no outside influence can affect us.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 167.

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