Did you know the Law of Attraction reveals false beliefs about yourself?

Love is the essence of the Law of Attraction. Attraction is a quality of love, but when you complain about someone or something you are still unconsciously flowing in the Law of Attraction. Yet what truly matters in your experience with the Law of Attraction the meaning behind what you attract. The compassionate gift of the Law of Attraction is that we are given the opportunity to not only know ourselves in all situations, but also harmonize ourselves. And that compassion extents even further.

The big reveal!

Our ego is revealed to us when we complain, protest and want to fight against someone or something with hatred or fear. A ‘like’ energy is drawn to the surface of our consciousness, but we are also given the opportunity to harmonize it! This is the compassion and Love in the Law of Attraction.

Blame! really?

You may not agree with someone’s ideas and stances, yet when you react with hatred and fear then the Law of Attraction is revealing a false belief about yourself!  No one can make us hate. No one can make us mad, sad, feel insulted or emotionally hurt. The ego wants to blame others for the way we feel. Yet, you are endowed with free will, creativity and the power of discrimination. You are responsible for the way you feel. 

 Though we are connected to everyone and everything we create our own reality. You create your reality through the energy you project through your consciousness and heart with your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviors.

Within every problem you face is a greater benefit!

When you are present and in the moment you raise yourself into a higher consciousness. You may be tempted to lash out with a ‘like’ energy when someone exhibits negative traits. Such fearful temptations are like flags waving in the wind so you will take notice. You are given a great opportunity to harmonize fearful traits of yourself that may have been dormant. 

You can consciously choose to release any negative temptation and respond with a high-frequency energy. You can flow with the energy of the Universe by having an awe-inspiring attitude! 

The stream of joy that you put out in the world draws ‘like’ energy to you. You create your own happiness and more….it may help the one you were tempted to react negatively to. Why? Again, because of the compassion and Love in the Law of Attraction. 

The stream of joy that you put out in the world draws ‘like’ energy to you and from others. But, you have to be steadfast with unconditional Love in your heart and mind, because people that fear and hate may initially strike back at compassionate attitudes. Love is your True protection and frees you from the frequencies of hatred.

In the end that spark of Love within their heart will be revealed because of compassion in the Law of Attraction. It is a natural occurrence in Life Itself! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“We can only enter into the realm of Harmony, into the realm of Love through the gates of Law. You know enough about the Four Square Principle to know we cannot reach the corner of Love unless we pass through the third corner of Law, and Law is the Truth.”

Eugene Fersen, “The Teacher” The Public Years of the Baron Eugene Fersen – Volume I, page 95. 

Revised 10/2018