Did you know the Law of Attraction reveals false beliefs about ourselves?

Observing your reactions to others gives you great insight about yourself! You may respond positively spreading uplifting energy, but when we react negatively you have tied yourself to that merciless energy. That which we dislike and complain about in another person reveals fearful traits in us through the Law of Attraction! 

The big reveal!

When we get mad and ridicule, when we are outraged and protest, then it tells us something about ourselves. We react out of fear because we carry negative energy in our subconscious and personality – a ‘like’ energy. Our ego is revealed to us, but we are also given the opportunity to harmonize. This is the compassion and Love in the Law of Attraction.

Our conscious Self is endowed with the power of discrimination, free will and creativity. With that power to create we create our reality. And combined with conscious discrimination and free will we can release false, fearful beliefs about ourselves in order to harmonize our reality. 

Blame! really?

The Law of Attraction not only attracts ‘like’ positive and loving energy in our life, but also ‘negative,’ fearful energy that creates problems in our reality! No one can make us mad, sad, feel insulted or emotionally hurt. We may want to blame others for our situation, but getting insulted, angry and self-righteous, says something about ourselves rather than about them. 

You create your reality through the energy you project through your consciousness and heart with your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviors. Feeling lonely, embarrassed, guilty, or impatient is rooted in false, fearful beliefs about yourself.

Our power to create our own happiness and beyond

 When we experience an emotional disturbance like disgust it can mentally trap our awareness, imprison us, keeping us circling there. It attracts more of the same fearful energy. Yet, when we watch the thinker, aware and are mindful in the moment we raise ourselves into a higher consciousness. We are able to unburden ourselves, release fear, rise above it. We are aligning with our True Self and the Energy, Wisdom, Law and Harmony of the Universe. And, in that consciousness we harmonize ourselves and our reality.

We can choose to respond with high-frequency, loving energy to others, even if they exhibit negative traits. This creates our own happiness and more. It may help the one that we may be tempted to react negatively  to. 

Only you can do the real mental work to release subconscious beliefs about yourself, yet you have the help of the Universe and the Law of Attraction. As you release and blow away each fearful trait one by one you transcend the subconscious ego and create your happiness and more. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Fear thrives in darkness, sallying out to spread its blight in the path of ambitions, hopes, health and friendships. Every positive quality is the potential victim of this creeping poison, which sows hatred, jealousy, distrust, anger, disease – every wrong and destructive element there is, physical, mental and emotional – in order to bar you from those things that you want and to bring into your life those things that you do not want.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 159.

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