Vacation: Are You avoiding your spiritual journey? 5 ways for it to be a catalyst

The first time I heard my spiritual teacher say something like a spiritual quest doesn’t include vacations and fun, it was hard for me to swallow. I assumed that it meant I shouldn’t go on holidays or enjoy traveling. Assuming is just one of the many ways the ego holds us in fear.

The deeper meaning of the teaching is that vacations are usually a means of avoiding being conscious of our spiritual journey; of working on our spiritual unfoldment, mental refinement and character building. We get caught up in going here and there, excitement and having fun; feeding the subconscious ego’s cravings for distraction rather looking at the root of what causes us stress and heart ache.

Yet there are ways your holidays and travels can be a real catalyst for becoming more cognitive of the Divine road you walk. Here are 5 ways:

#1 – What makes you tick?

 As soon as you awaken in the morning, remember to scan your consciousness to become aware of your intentions, thoughts and emotions.

Relax in your heart; connect and become intimate with yourself as a Divine Soul. And, welcome Energy, Wisdom, Truth and Love into your heart and life as aspects of Spirit and compassion of the Source. I do this before I even open my eyes!

Feel Universal Life Energy moving throughout your body, entering through the top of your head, your hands and every cell, cycling back to the universe. Being conscious of feeling the energy not only energizes and refreshes your mind and body, but also brings you to the present moment. And thus, you begin your morning by also being mindful.

#2 – A balancing act.

Vacationing is one of those things that evolves in the same pace that we do – when we are conscious, alert and present. 

Before all the other activities start, consider going outside and greeting the morning sun. Practice stretching, deep breathing and the Star Exercise. Everyone can join in. Children especially enjoy and benefit from this exercise, helping them become more Self aware and balanced in body, mind and emotions too.

# 3 – Return to stillness within continually. 

Vacation can be self-defeating without being attentive to being in the present moment. 

We do live in time, so we must organize and plan, yet observe the activity of your thoughts without getting snared. We can get mentally lost in compulsive thoughts, fear and feeling powerless because we believe we will miss out if we don’t go there and do that

Return to stillness within continually. You are returning to the Source and then into Creation. Returning to Spirit and then to Matter. This is a creative process and it can make a big difference in creating your reality! You are rising above the subconscious ego becoming conscious of your freedom. You can consciously align with constructive thoughts and emotions, while releasing fearful ones.   

#4 – Become conscious of inspiration.

Nature can inspire you. New places. Or other people can, because they are a reflection of yourself. You can learn from everything you encounter. It can be very inspiring and really boost your optimism! 

You may consider taking along an inspirational book or teaching to study briefly from to inspire you. Yet don’t stay there reading, because you can become preoccupied by reading rather than living consciously aware of creating your reality right now, in this moment.

# 5 – Reconnect with your authentic soul powers.

Return to Silence and make the Mental Contact to consciously connect with the Source and your soul just before falling asleep. Include constructive I am declarations of Truth with gratitude.

Like, “I am one with the Source reflecting all the same qualities of Strength, Wisdom, Truth and Love. I am Spirit and Matter in One. Thank You.” This also enters and grows in the subconscious as you sleep and will eventually return to your consciousness and your creative process, and thus your reality.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“An inexperienced life is a worthless life. Experience is not in hiding in a safe place but in seeking adventure.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings of Eugene Fersen, Volume I, page 345.

Photo: Thailand, PortiaSLB