10 Signs you are oblivious to the biggest problem that plagues you. And how in a strange way that problem is also a blessing

Though the ego is very convincing through conditioning and assumptions, there is also great opportunities. Here are 10 sure signs that you are oblivious to the most influential factor dominating your thinking, emotions and behaviors:

  1. You’ve become numb to the sights and sounds of human horrors repeated in media. Yet when you are alone and hear a bump in the night, thoughts of evil are born in your imagination. 
  2. Feelings of being left out and lonely can crop up every once in a while. You feel like you are obliged to please them, to make them laugh, smile, or somehow engaged, otherwise you feel unsatisfied.
  3. Arguing with your spouse or experiencing road rage, you feel stabs of angry and play the blame game, thinking they made me mad, frustrated or impatient.
  4. Your social status or lack thereof is defended by your influence, power, education, career, money, property and possessions.
  5. You complain about the weather, complain about your partner or children, and protest politics.  You can get frustrated if things are not done the way you think they should.
  6. You judge others without seeing them in yourself or yourself in them. And you justify this by thinking, “They’re so clueless, so cruel, so wrong, so privileged, so …”
  7. Experiencing ‘highs and lows’ by situations in your life or events in the news, you get anxious, worried, depressed or become delirious and entranced. You think you are a terrible person at times or have a hard time seeing anything good.
  8. Addictions overpower you and you feel powerless to do anything about them. You think, “Sure I may or may not be addicted to .… (sugar, drugs, sex, excitement), but  I’ll make an exception this one time, I need it this time because….I’m sick, I’m required to, I have nothing else, oh the hell with it, who gives a …”
  9. The world comes first and you just live in it. You think, I’m busy working and taking care of things that must be addressed. I have to do this before I can even consider anything else.”  
  10. And you haven’t a clue as to how you create your own reality. In fact you do not give it much thought at all and doubt your connection to the Source. 

The list above appears to be a subconscious ego bashing fest, yet attacking the subconscious ego is attacking yourself. We have been conditioned to blame the human ego for personal problems and global problems. But when we attack the subconscious ego, we feed it negative energy, making it grow even more. 

There is no issue other than the belief that there is a problem. 

Consider this: the problems you face now are problems only in your egotistic thinking!

Of course, we suffer terrible physical pain and emotional pain. So terrible that we’re consumed by it and even die. Yet even in death of the physical body there is another side of the same coin. Some of us create circumstances unconsciously that accelerate our evolutionary process through stressful circumstances, illnesses, death and dying. Most become more conscious and aware, reaching for harmony and peace.

We spend most of our time in the subconsciousness because we like to be entertained and dream of the future, while clinging to the conditioning and memories of the past. Thus we create our reality and challenges unconsciously in the present moment, believing them to be problems.

Can You mentally swallow this?

When things get tough, when you get stressed remember life is full of opportunities! Consciously create opportunities for your and others happiness. Remember to observe the thinker; be conscious of the ego in a detached manner. Then go to Silence. You are consciously returning to the Source and listening to your True Self, and then to back to Creation. And, you are consciously creating your reality in the moment. 

In the process of co-creating your physical reality, declare Truths about yourSelf: I am Strong, One with All Abundance, Intelligent, Sincere and Caring.

Mentally swallow and let those thoughts and energies seep into the subconscious ego. Eventually those energies return to your consciousness and you will become more aware of opportunities to create peace and goodwill in your physical reality moment to moment.

You can consciously fine-tune the subconscious by releasing those patterns that cause you to suffer like those listed above. And work to fill it with positive energies of love, caring and kindness which will grow and multiply returning to your consciousness and reality.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“When you subject it (subconsciousness) to the firm and intelligent control it needs you will find it only too ready to serve you.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 139. 

Photos: PSLB 2017

4 thoughts on “10 Signs you are oblivious to the biggest problem that plagues you. And how in a strange way that problem is also a blessing

  1. Thank You Dear for adding to the energy! Yes, most of us experience these some time during our life. Yet, becoming aware of them can help us release them and evolve beyond them with the Great Principle’s help (God’s help).

  2. Oh I can see all of this! Yes Yes Yes Love! Thank You for all that you do!!!!
    I am grateful!!!!
    Always Love, MRLB

  3. Wow, you find these precious niches…some have sharp needles…and stitch the tapestry in place.
    Well, for me…just #2 and #9 apply…and I absolutely love the poster “Harmony is the Sound of your Spirit”…Blessings…

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