4 easy mindful steps to turn painful, ugly feelings into an evolutionary benefit

Our feelings can get hurt and we may experience resentment, hatred and even violence. Yet, those painful, ugly feelings also have the seed of opportunity in them to help you make a quantum leap in consciousness with unlimited potential for joy!

Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you look up

“Pain is the teacher,” is an aphorism my spiritual teacher would use to help us awaken to the seduction of the subconscious pulling us into a dark, dark pit of self-pity when faced with what we perceived as unjust and terrible in our personal life. She would push us further down into the pit, until we would yell out in pain and finally question why, ‘why aren’t you helping me instead of making me feel even worst?’

The ego tries to divert attention from itself, our self-importance and pride, and blame someone or something else when faced with criticism or personal challenges. We automatically resist and fight because of conditioning and attachment to emotions of the past; afraid we’re not good enough. 

And, that’s when the leap can happen!

Suppressing hurt feelings only gives them a chance to grow unnoticed and return later, stronger than ever. Yet, there is an opportunity to rise above them. Trust that there is a great purpose in painful challenges for your evolutionary benefit!

Consider these applications when you are tempted to feel ugly, painful feelings:

#1. Take the path of least resistance

Consciously accept the moment as it is without struggling against it. This moment of ugly has a deep spiritual purpose. 

I find the sweet-spot within the moment by consciously recognizing the temptation to fight or feel sorry for myself. I become the detached witness or watcher within. And, I sincerely express gratitude for my Higher Self that I know is lead by Love. 

Gratitude frees you from the emotional attachments of the past. You do not require the approval of others, nor need to defend your position. Those that fight or attack are wounded, and searching for love and healing. 

This path of least resistance is the path of love and harmony. The path of least resistance to the Universe and the Law of Harmony. 

#2. Pause and relax

Breathe deeply and make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy to help harmonize yourself holistically. You are opening yourself to the help of the Eternal and Unconditional Love. 

#3.  Reach for Love

See yourself and others through the eyes of your spiritual heart, rather than the eyes of the world. Reach for the center of your heart, that sacred chamber of unconditional love and remain in the motivation of love without the need to defend your position or opinion. Relinquish control and Trust the Great Principle to handle the details. 

Release the past without blaming anyone, even yourself, or the situation. Those that stay in anger, guilt, resentment or fear are wounded, creating the present just like the past.

If you have made a mistake and stumbled, you can accept it as a mistake, learn from it and get up with optimism to continue in good faith. You have come up on the other side of it.

#4.  Seize the opportunity to build your happiness

BEing centered in unconditional love is essential before you release your desires and intentions in the creative womb of the universe. Your intention will be for the benefit of yourself and All mankind. 

Stay in the present moment working to fulfill your intent, while surrendering to the Great Principle to work out the details. You may never know the results, yet Trust in the Law of Harmony.

See love in others and yourself. And most of all: express love infused with enthusiasm, wisdom and sincerity in the moment.

You will feel yourself take a leap into Unlimited potential.

The ego finds fault. Your soul knows Love.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“When we stand for the Truth we know that we are one with the Great Truth. We have then irresistible and invincible Power with us because the Great Principle – God – is that One Truth.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35.

Photo: Malta 2017 PSLB

One thought on “4 easy mindful steps to turn painful, ugly feelings into an evolutionary benefit

  1. I can’t tell you how much you help me with your inspiration! It feels that you are reading my story and helping me to see the good in it all!
    I have been working on these issues personally for a good while. To see and understand that
    the mistakes we have made are our great teacher, I am grateful my Higher Self recognizes
    The Truth and it gives me hope that I have survived many mistakes and tragedies and forgiving
    Myself and others is the way to freedom and harmony in Life!
    Thank you Love.
    Always Love,

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