It’s not only about sex, reality programming; The Law of Gender, Part 2/2

gender flow

When I was a little girl my mom planted and maintained a small flower garden which was beautiful all summer. And she had several house plants that she started from small clippings from someone else’s plant. Having a green thumb, was one of her many heart warming characteristics. Love of  plants and gardening grew in me and I’ve been told I have a green thumb too. And just recently my daugther has taken up planting her own flower garden. 

The Law of Gender is a very creative power. And it has a major impact in our life because we create our reality through that power. However, we are usually unconscious of how we create through that power.

Part 1 covers the way the Law of Gender functions on the the mental plane – we experience, see or hear something and swallow it subconsciously. The subconscious (mental female gender) is very fertile ground, so what is planted there grows. Eventually it returns to our consciousness (mental male gender) and influences our mental processing. We have become conditioned. 

The Law of Gender also has a major impact in our reality because traditions, superstitions, beliefs, cultures are solidified through it. And even more so in forming our personality!


We have been conditioned not only by family, but also by our friends, the environment and culture we live in, by media and the internet.

Memes are attitudes and behaviors that are passed from one individual to another especially by imitation and are very contagious. We mimic each other unconsciously. 

But memes and fearful attitudes can grow in the subconscious unknowingly.  We may become afraid to be home alone at night. And insist the lights and television be turned on because we’re prone to imagining all kinds of terrors and not know  the real reason why! 

Have you been unknowingly programmed or unconsciously mimic any of the fearful attitudes like those listed below?

  1. Fear the unknown.
  2. Take things personally.
  3. Talk to and treat men and women differently, starting when we are babes.
  4. Assume when you don’t know for sure.
  5. You can get by with a lot of crap without consequences.
  6. Success means influence and money.
  7. Money is the source of all evil.
  8. Believe what you’re told in the media, books, etc., especially in religious belief systems.
  9. Believe what you see.
  10. You will be forgiven if you only ask nicely.
  11. Honesty is not always the best policy; little white lies are okay and a good thing at times.
  12. Be a nice person; be the way we are expected to be, the way others expect to see us.
  13. Change is scary.
  14. It’s okay to complain about others, especially when they’re not present.
  15. You’re not responsible for yourself, you were just born that way. Nor are you responsible for the way society is because it’s just the way it is and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  16. You are not enough. You’re not good enough, popular enough, smart enough, not enough!

Not all of us mimic these fear-based attitudes, but they have become part of the human subconscious collective. Most of us have been conditioned and create our personality with at least some of these attitudes! 

Attitudes like these grow in our subconscious ego and after gestating return to impact our reality. We over work, trying to keep up with society’s demands to have, to be, to look the way we are expected. And, if we can’t meet those expectations we feel left out. We become salves to religious ideas and beliefs, even become fanatics and terrorists. We can become greedy or always looking for a thrill or entertainment.

Our Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Genders

Eventually through our spiritual striving and deep desire in our heart to know Love, peace and harmony we will bring all our conditioning to the surface of our consciousness in order to free ourselves of them. To heal ourselves. 

We can use the Law of Gender to re-integrate our inner genders and create the life we desire. That’ll be addressed in the next posting – The Law of Gender Part 3!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Understand the Laws which govern you so you can make the proper connections to take the utmost practical advantage of them in daily life, think rightly, strongly and harmoniously, and you will develop your brain into an ever more refined and vigorous instrument to help you work out your Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 293.

art animated by  George Redhawk


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2 Responses to It’s not only about sex, reality programming; The Law of Gender, Part 2/2

  1. Thank You for adding to the post! Yes, it’s amazing how we are so conditioned in our young life and how it is a major factor in our current personality and how we create our reality. Love and Light, PortiaLB

  2. Anonymous says:

    How wonderfully written and expressed!!!!
    So much I can relate to. In the list of conditioning I could see things I had forgotten from childhood and how it effects me now in personality masks I adopted to survive
    In life!
    I am going deeper with this it has helped me see things in my makeup that I hadn’t connected the dots before!!!!
    Thank you Sweet Love,

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