Conscious Breath


Deep breathing is one of the best and easiest ways of building a healthy mind and body! Why? Because it can invoke a relaxation response which is very healing, energizing and cleansing.

  1. It helps release stress and all the mental and physical associated issues.
  2. It also oxygenates your brain and body cells to help you function in a clearer state.
  3. The oxygen is charged with Universal Life Energy or chi that recharges your body, mind and emotions with the Life current bringing healing properties.
  4. It circulates the lymph which removes toxins and debris including disease components, thereby physically releasing negative.

Conscious Breath Image

Consider adding visualization to diaphragmatic breathing to boost the benefits:

Stand or sit with palms up to be open and receptive to Universal Life Energy. Breath in slowly and deeply, extending the belly, while visualizing the incoming air as pure white Light full of Energy, Wisdom, Freedom and Love. Hold for a count of 4 and see your body and mind absorbing the Light. Slowly, release and exhale, seeing any darkness or stress you may have been holding leave you. Hold for a count of 4. Slowly inhale, repeating cycle. Your inhales and exhales should be equal and balanced.

Try it for 5 to 10 minutes a day. You should feel some changes coming your way immediately!

For a more in-depth explanation of a Universal Life Energy exercise try: The Star Exercise.