Radiant Heart

Consider consciously participating in the liberation of yourself and all humanity.

In this exercise we are elevating our consciousness to activate our spiritual heart as the Seat of Love to be a channel for Universal Life Energy (Life Force, chi, prana) for healing and harmonization. 

Our emotions during this exercise are important elements because they are powerful energies that amply our thoughts and materialize. Therefore, the intent is to have an attitude of unconditional, impersonal Love and joyous generosity for the world.

You are an open and receptive channel for Universal Life Energy. IT does the healing and you are protected in that Energy and Divine Love. 

Radiant Heart

radiant heart 10

  • Physically and mentally relax, clearing your mind with no thoughts, letting them go as described in the Relaxation and Silence
  • Then be conscious of physically connecting with Universal Life Energy as described in the Mental Contact, softly speaking a Declaration of Truth like: “I am One with Universal Life Energy. I feel It flowing through me Now.”
  • Begin deep rhythmic breathing slowly with inhales and exhales being equal.
  • Visualize the incoming air as bright, warm Light; a living Light of Universal Life Energy; All Energy, Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Spirit.
  • Feel your connection and experience the Light streaming through your crown chakra (the top of your head), through your hands, every hair and cell. Let it permeate your entire body and flow through you, then return to the earth and universe.

Universal Life Energy  is All Energy, Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Spirit. It will go where and do what is harmonious according to Universal Law without our personal will and thinking the way it should be. 

  • Permit your heart chakra to fill with Universal Life Energy and see It as brilliant, radiant Light
  • Continue deep rhythmic breathing and let the Light expand to envelop all levels of your body. Know that Universal Life Energy is perfectly governed by the Universal Law going where it is needed establishing Harmony.
  • Visualize the Light gradually expanding out further and further to include your immediate area with your family, friends, and pets included. Expand it to include your neighborhood, the community, until the entire world with all minerals, plants, animals and humans are inside. 

Remember to feel tenderness and love in your heart. That Love is unconditional and impersonal. It is an attitude of gratitude, goodwill, kindness, caring and generosity without expecting anything in return. Be poised, confident, and consciously Know your intent of Love and compassion as Universal Life Energy works according to Universal Law.

  • Hold the visualization of the world in the Light from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, or as you are guided by your soul and Higher Self.
  • As you gradually release your focus, bring your arms up and hands facing out and sweep wide over the world, releasing your conscious contact with Universal Life Energy. Relax and gently move your body in an attitude of Gratitude for the opportunity to be a channel of the Eternal.

For more about consciously living a radiant heart in your life: Living a Conscious Heart Practice  


2 Responses to Radiant Heart

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I too feel the same way and have found it helps me experience the good in others and focus on that part of their character, opening my heart for compassion. Portia SLB

  2. MelissaLB says:

    The Radiant Heart exercise has helped me in so many ways to go deeper in my meditation and feel the warmth of The Eternal’s Love! It has helped me see things that are good in my Character, and feel the innocence of my own inner-child nature. I feel awakened and see things purer in a gentle way, which I hadn’t recognized in a long while. Gratitude in My Heart for all Life experiences. Thank You! I am Truly Grateful! Always Love, MRLB

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