This kind of Love is great benefit – a painful lesson my Mother taught me! You can benefit too!

“My Mother and I were physically separated when I was a child and she knew I cried about it. Divorce you see. 

She tried to comfort me, not with hugs and kisses, rather with a burning Heart of fire. She spoke with such sincerity and love that it impinged upon my own heart. She urged me to not be attached to her, as it would only make me unhappy. Rather live free of attachment to the desire for her physical presence, and know that I am loved. To be happy in the moment.

In the beginning it was a heavy cross to bear.”

The cross is a symbol of attachment to form, to idea, to habitual thought. We want what we want.  We want fear and hurt to leave us. We want to be happy. But we carry these heavy crosses, these hurtful emotions that burden us. 

I have found  the steps below to be so beneficial when we start to feel uncomfortable!

First, we must be conscious and aware of our thinking and emotions. Observe ourselves. And when uncomfortable feelings arise acknowledge the detached observer within. Let that state of detachment calm your emotions, by observing them. In this state you have already begun transforming yourself!

Second, make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy to further calm your emotions and aid your transformation. Look at the nature of feelings and treat them like a child. Name them especially if they are negative energies, like frustration, aggravation, jealousy, fear.

The third step is to breathe in the warmth of Love and Life Breath of the Universe. Let it swept through you, perceiving Its purifying shower of Light. Exhale the darkness of painful feelings, releasing them. Let them go and you will notice that you feel lighter.

The fourth step is to look for the cause of the painful feeling, remembering that no one can make you feel mad, sad or impatient. There is a reason within the subconscious ego that we can spot. That information will inspire you to know what to do to further your harmonization.

If that feeling arises again it will be easier to recognize, calm and release. If not immediately, then eventually the root cause will be exposed and can be pulled out. It can take practice, a lot of practice, but we can let horrible, sad, lonely, hatred emotions go.

And as we learn to let emotions go, be open and surrender to what is. Underneath change, the Power behind change is the Eternal, the Source. And as we align with the Source of Creation we also align with that Power of Intelligence and unconditional Love. Happiness and peace is revealed to our minds. 

We begin to flow in Creation more harmoniously. We’ve learned to discriminate and begin to initiate change through our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, actions

Meditation helps.

Then the symbol of the cross becomes a symbol of reaching for the Divine and Freedom, Love rather than a symbol of suffering and attachment to the dead past and subconscious ego. 

For a purification meditation kindly consider: Science of Being; The Further Reaches of the Spiritual road – What stands between you and enlightenment?

“As a child it is hard to let go of painful fear of not being good enough to be loved. I was fortunate in that my mother helped me detach from my desire for her comforting arms. Most children carry fear of not being lovable into adulthood. Yet, we can practice detachment and release of fear, and know that Love is eternal.

That deep in the Heart of us we Love unconditionally, as the Eternal does.”

We should face our painful feelings like my mother taught me and let them go. Transcend them, and embrace energies that feed our soul and happiness.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“A mental or emotional cross is as great as a material cross. We must include all those who tried to bring Knowledge Aflame with Love, who tried to help Humanity live a better and a freer life. Many such are known, but the greatest number is still unknown. They should be remembered tonight because they died for attempting to bring Light to their fellow Beings. They were Lightbearers, too.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teaching in Science of Being, Volume II, page 69. 

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