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Aligning with the Law of Life, of Mind, of Truth, of Love to create your Happiness!

Photo PSLB WE are all governed by Law and …. our alignment with Law, Universal Law …. is the key to our Happiness. So this entry is a simple reminder for myself and all of You that are here and … Continue reading

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It’s is a simple fight ….

2020 Photo copyright: PSLB It’s is a simple fight ….between the subconscious and our Higher Self. Always fight for what you Love. That is the simplest thing. Fight for what is FourSquare rather than against what we think is evil … Continue reading

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Inner Gender balance practices; It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender, Part 3

When someone pushes our buttons …. and we automatically react with impatience, anger, jealously and verbally or physically attack …. it’s more about us than it is them! When we exhibit crippling anxiety, never-ending worry, or feel like we don’t belong in this … Continue reading

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