Watching the Thinker

“the thinker”

As I’m watching ‘the thinker’ within me, I am amazed at what goes on in my mind! The ‘thinker’ circles and circles, round and round, thinking about what happened a few minutes ago, this morning, yesterday, last week, even before that! If it’s not about earlier things, then it’s about what I have to do in a few minutes, tonight, tomorrow, next week or even next year! I have conversations in my head – memories, reviews of what I said/he said/she said/they said! Or, I think about what I’m going to do about dinner tonight or what I have to do at work, who to talk to, who to call, and the list goes on and on! I’ve got to hurry up and do something! I’m tired. I’m so worried about how I’m going to have enough money for …, I’m not going to ….. And the list goes on again!    

The Thinker Image by Daniel Stockman via Wikipedia

Then, I wonder if I will awaken in the future, have some freedom from this monkey chatter. Hoping I will be enlightened in any degree, thinking that is just wishful thinking; demanding, circling thinking again.

I say to myself: “Awaken, awaken you fool! Come to know yourself. Know the way you think. Oh, go beyond the normal thinking process and look with perspective at ‘the thinker.’ Have compassion; compassion enough to do something about yourself. Move to a realm of thinking that is beyond self-centeredness! View outward and be aware of the air, the light, the feeling of being alive. I now think – what a gift! View inward again and feel the body, and have the thinking synchronized with the body in the present moment.”

I view the body and thinker and I can see a choice to change the habitual pattern of circling in a seemingly endless, mindless, waste of time.

Now is now …

What is ‘the thinker?’

What is ‘the watcher’ of ‘the thinker?’

What’s going on here?

We all think. It’s our intellect at work. But, it is the monkey chatter, the constant mental chatter that keeps us busy and enslaves us to stay there and think some more. We circle in thoughts of worry, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, guilt, hatred and fear. We establish and repeat thought patterns of the past and our plans for the future. You may recognize habitual thought patterns you’ve experienced. It’s a problem for us.
It’s a problem for us because we become a slave of the ego and can not enjoy the present moment. ‘The thinker’ is considered the subconscious ego, the illusionist, the human mental dysfunction because we are unconscious of being in the present moment. We are not mentally in sync with our body and emotions, and conscious of ‘I am.’

The thinker is also closely associated with our emotions, they feed each other. We are always trying to solve the problems of our emotional pain and we identify ourselves with that pain.
None of us experience life without pain and sorrow, but we don’t seem to know how to live with it. The subconscious ego wants to control the mental situation by keeping us in thoughts that we identify with emotionally, like worry, sorrow, hatred, or self-pity. We resist what is.
The greatest opportunity in this moment is to be aware of that inner voice that speaks softly and gently without judgment. It is our Higher Self or Super-consciousness which is a vast mental realm beyond normal human thought.
This higher state of consciousness is activated when you become conscious of the ‘watcher of the thinker!’  We are mindful of the way ‘the thinker’ circles in monkey chatter without getting caught in the snare. We release it and observe only. We live and mentally acknowledge what is.


Exercises to Help Us Activate the ‘Watcher of the Thinker’

States of Mind

  May you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

9 thoughts on “Watching the Thinker

  1. Thank You Ahmed for sharing. It is appreciated. More to come as inspiration flows, with the help of the Great Law. With Light and In Light, Portia

  2. A great deal is being discussed here. Thanks a lot for the Awakening, waiting for the extended version

  3. I Love all the comments above, I think this is just brilliant inspiration that helps us all wake up!
    So True and easy to understand! My monkey chatting subconscious lower ego rolls on unless I make the effort to look up and know where I am right now! Not wasting time! I was inspired this morning to let it go, be grateful for what I have right now! Thanks Love for sharing your insight!

  4. Greetings Lorene! Yes, I think we can all relate to this monkey chatter that we experience!

    I love your comment and I have been waiting to see if anyone would ask if there were followup articles coming! The ego doesn’t want to know the answer and would rather stay circling in human, busy thinking – it’s the norm. It seems only those that are awakening to their Higher and Real Self seem to care about expanding their understanding and heart.

    Thank You Dear for that – so now I am focusing on an extension of that page and will work on answering what ‘the thinker’ is!

    Light and Love, Portia SLB

  5. I can absolutely relate to this as, I’m sure, can most people. Thank you for your insights. It seems though that this post is several months old.
    Can you please let me know where I can find the other related posts you mentioned above, i.e. “What is the Watcher of the Thinker”?
    Thank you.
    Kind Regards
    Mississauga, ON

  6. So true! When we feel disconnected from ourselves we are feeling disconnected from the Great Principle. It all about being Conscious! And, being conscious of our emotions, our feelings, can help us release those that drag us down!

  7. I’ve been thinking more about this! How we are thinking has a lot to do with how we feel in our bodies.When I feel connected with myself I think positive thoughts or am in the moment. As soon as I feel any disconnection I start thinking about all sorts of ‘stuff’. What makes me feel disconnected is not being true to myself but being true to myself is a long journey!

  8. Yes, most of us don’t want to admit we waste a great deal of time circling in established habitual thinking patterns and don’t get to enjoy the moment we are in! Thank you for your comment!

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