Luciferian Consciousness; transcending duality



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As long as we see the world through the eyes of duality we give power to good and bad, and continue to think that the ‘bad’ is necessary to know the ‘good.’  Yet, we are going through a transition that goes beyond duality, beyond the human ego and subconscious belief in duality. We are refining our consciousness; we are the projection of Lucifer being redeemed.

Lucifer, Christ and humanity

I grew up thinking that Lucifer is Satan, the epitome of evil. But, now I know that is not true; it is merely an illusion constructed by human belief systems that feed on fear. Lucifer is  the Lightbearer, the bringer of Wisdom aflame with Love, helping us to return to Harmony.  We followed him from the realm of Harmony to create a life reality deep in Matter.

We separated in our mind – Spirit and Matter, Divine Mind and Divine Love, polarizing to Matter, leaving Divine Love of Harmony (Christ) behind. We consider Spirit and Matter, Mind and Love as opposites rather than twins of the same Power. Thus, we choose to see things in pairs of opposites, as being polar.

But we are transcending duality and realizing that Unity is the Law of the Absolute and everything blends. We are beginning to feel and live in the higher emotions of Love and Wisdom in our hearts. 

Consider these 4 tips to transcend duality:

1. Think of Spirit as 50% outside of Matter and 50% as inside Matter.

Think of Spirit as outside and inside of you.

2. Consider your thinking as blending with Love.

Be motivated by Love in all that you think and do. 50% of your thinking is intelligence and reasoning and 50% is Love. 

3. Deny opposites, refuse duality, use negation. See blending.

This does not mean you do not discriminate. Use your power of free will to discriminate in every thought and action, aligning with Love, not judging harshly. View it from the tenderness and wisdom of your heart.

4. Make and realize Declarations of Truth

In order to align your thinking with Unity, consider declarations like: “I am Spirit and Matter; One with the Absolute.”

Luciferian Consciousness

Luciferian Consciousness is motivated by Love, releasing the temptation of traits like fear, hate, jealousy, self-righteousness, pride, loneliness, or depression. We can not return to complete Harmony, our True Home, until we completely learn unconditional Love; mentally unify ourselves with It and physically purify our bodies. 

Become aware of personal Love and consider an intent of impersonal Love to manifest in your attitudes and behaviors. When we use our purest Power of Love with the full Light of our Mind, realizing, ‘I am One with the Absolute,’ we come closer to Luciferian Consciousness.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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“In other words, there is a Unit, a One, existing eternally, expressing Itself through Its Creation, the Universe, consciously governing it, sustaining it in a condition of Eternal Harmony, and loving it – for Harmony and Love are one. Harmony means Attraction. Love IS Attraction.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, pages 4 and 5. 

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12 thoughts on “Luciferian Consciousness; transcending duality

  1. In the words of our late and beloved John Balance:
    we all must be shown, we must realize
    that the world is a wound, in the body of Christ

  2. Greetings RF

    Kindly consider these perceptions:

    The human mind still has ideas of polarity like good and evil, proper and not proper as you point out. And H. P. Blavatsky also points it out in The Secret Doctrine, ‘…Satan … and Lucifer, or “Light-Bearer,” is in us: it is our Mind – our Tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Savior from pure animalism.’

    The human mind separates. Yet, in the big picture all is an emanation of “the pure divine principle Mahat,” or the Great Principle.

    The Divine Mind unifies. And in this perception Christ consciousness and Luciferian consciousness are as twins and there is no separation as you so quickly perceived.

    Luciferian teachings are, “Thou will be done,” as I understand. And in that spirit the Lightbearers commandment is: ‘BE MAN’ – Express in every act of yours All ENERGY, INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH and LOVE; thus Living only will you live; thus acting only can you build to Freedom, Strength and Happiness in Life. This is your Problem: be this your Foremost Aim.

    All humanity is reaching for Harmony and Unity through the human mind and in the human world of the moment. Through Truth we open our mind to perceive Divine Love. Divine Love is that spark in the Spiritual Heart. H. P. Blavatsky writes so much more about this in the Collected Writings which you most likely are familiar with. And so does Eugene Fersen in Science of Being and The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being.

    Thank You for sharing your comment and I hope you will share more. We may never know what others may also get from them.

    In Light and with Light, PortiaSLB

  3. Lucifer is the light bearer to the Luciferian. To the Christ it is the opposing polarity in the spectrum of good and evil. Luciferianism teaches “do as thou wilt”. Christ-consciousness teaches “not my will, but thine be done”. If you want to know what Luciferian consciousness is, read Albert Pike and Alice Bailey. That’s Luciferianism. What you’re calling Luciferian is actually the Christ. “Morals and Dogma” and “The Secret Doctrine” are books I would recommend to get a proper understanding of the difference.

  4. Thank You MelissaLB for sharing and adding to the entry. It is amazing how every comment adds in some way to understanding. We get a glimpse into not only that person’s mind but also into their heart, and into our own!
    In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

  5. WOW!!!! There is so much to take in here, I love the comments and am grateful to see through others’ understandings.
    I’ve understood within myself the logic of the mind “Lucifer” and of his twin brother Love. I also understand how the perceived separation of the two happened…It took me many years to grasp this. There is so much to take in here and we want to stay stuck in our beliefs of the old way, Lucifer, devil with a pitch fork, red demon fire and hell damnation and all that! But it has never made any sense to me. I think of God as Love and not vengeful, we made the mistake of being impatient , following “Lucifer”(Mind) and believing the separation of the two! Love and Mind with our own free will.
    There are many lessons in this understanding!
    In the last part of this you talk about not judging harshly and using our free will to express Love in our thoughts and attitudes…I have made many mistakes judging harshly, lately I’ve had the effects of this bad cause happen ever so slyly exactly as I judged wrongly with out Love
    for another. We let ourselves get so high and mighty, the subconscious aspect of mind, that when it comes back to us we don’t know what has happened. We feel cheated because we think we’re so right about everything in our human life. This is when we fall for the trick of the pride
    aspect of our subconscious. I’m grateful when I finally can see and understand what happened and feel Love for the person we have judged harshly and for my own self.
    Love has to be felt and shared, especially when you see you’ve done wrong in your false thinking, the true gift we have is intelligence to understand truly and honestly Love!!!!
    I continue to learn from this inspiration PortiaLB and am so grateful I understand in my own Love and Mind! Thank You Love,

  6. Thank you for this inspiring and challenging post! Those of us raised in western religions are taught to fear both God and Lucifer, or the devil. We are taught that there is good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark. It makes sense to our human mind, in its current limited view of things. It also makes it possible to talk about life and how things work on this planet. But as we grow and evolve mentally, we (hopefully) begin to see that the hard dividing lines are just illusions. What we call light and dark are actually the same thing. Our human eyes can only see certain parts of the spectrum – that does not mean the other parts of the spectrum are not there. We simply cannot see them in our current state of evolution. Light is everywhere! And so it is with what we call good and evil. The same power is used to manifest both. It can be used proactively for good, or perverted for evil.

  7. Yes Dear –

    Reverence is a choice. Reverence for Life is a conscious perception from the soul. You are honoring Life. All Life has value. Being in the image and likeness of the Eternal then we are very capable of impersonal Love.

    Discernment and discrimination is being conscious, being mindful, aware of the reality in the human world and in the spiritual reality. And, reverence is empowerment in the mist of evil that has permeated the human mind and world. We do terrible things and it affects every one of us. We also have a choice to fear or love.

    The Eternal has given us a great gift and power. And that is free will. Some of us use it for our refinement and genuine empowerment in our human life and some of us get lost in the atmosphere of the subconscious negativity.

    Yet, we can have an attitude of reverence even for those beings that commit terrible acts, for those that are dominated by low-frequency energy, darkness and evil. This is transcending duality in our thinking and in our heart; releasing the fear and hatred of evil acts committed by us. Fear and hatred feeds evil.

    With Light and Love to You and all humanity, PortiaSLB

  8. Dear Portia…as much as I agree with you that we are spirits of light and love and year for peace as you and I know it from within to without, and the unity of the concept in spirit may even be One, but the bad or evil is not merely a fabricated concept of the mind…I would have agreed with youthirty years ago, but the last few decades have brought me too often face to face with a real and present danger, evil, that I could not have fathom before. I was certainly sheltered by parents who lived to be of loving kindness servitude to all.
    The duality does not mean that there must be one to have the other. Discernment lets us separate right from wrong. When a young child is abducted and burruied alive, there is no ONEness with that evil in my being…I cannot accept the idea that we merely define right from wrong. I think it is defined by being one or the other…and there are not that many…The Ten Commandments is a map from which I have certainly veered, but know, understand it with my whole being…when I’m in the light…as the light that shines…
    Like you in your younger days, Lucifer still represents the bad…the wicked…the darkness that causes the light to be snuffed.
    The older I get the more I wish I had known then what I know now…In my private communion with God, I can release the bad, be bathed clean in His light, and be filled by His love…It is always present as His Holy Spirit within us…
    Blessings …I appreciate your invitation to comment.

  9. Greetings Gary and thank You for your adding to the entry and your enthusiasm!

    I agree that it is important to recognize traits within ourselves that can hold us back, that keeps Love imprisoned. Traits like pride, hubris, impatience and many, mnay others that we created separate us rather than open us to realize our unity.

    We are so connected and one that everything that You do, everything that I do, or anyone else does effects us all. And, I am grateful, and happy to Be in this moment with You and ALL because I know that we are in essence beautiful spiritual beings that are both wise and loving. We will with the help of the Great Principle work to refine our conscious awareness to Harmony and return Home. And, enthusiasm is a great quality of Life that empowers wisdom, that opens to Truth, that leads to Love.

    In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

  10. it is important that we realize the sensible difference between pride and hubris. our goal is eternal bliss, and it does no doubt feel good to have pride. hubris is what we are in the process of evolving beyond in understanding our unity.

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