It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 1



Image animated by George Redhawk

The Law of Gender can spark an emotional, sexual fire between us! But, incredibly most of us are unconscious of it also being instrumental in sparking mental fires within us …… making our ambitions and unconscious fears our reality. 

The deep purpose of genders

We each express both genders in our characters ….. male qualities of energy, intelligence and assertiveness ….. and female expressions of patience, gentleness and love. Of course, not all of us are balanced, but that’s why we have relationships. They’re essential to learn the lessons of complementary qualities.

We may appear that we are very attracted to the so called opposite sex ……. yet we are more attracted to the like mental/emotional gender! According the to Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and when we are attracted in relationships this is also true. We are attracted to like qualities, even though some of those qualities are latent within us. 

Genders of the human mind

Also known as the law of gestation, our male and female mental genders process and gestate thoughts and emotions, only to manifest in our life and reality over time.

We process stimuli and thoughts in the consciousness, male mental gender ….. and it enters the subconscious, female mental gender, gestates and grows. Eventually it returns to our consciousness, manifesting in our reality. More about this in a following entry, since this entry is for general information about the law. 

The male gender being consciousness or self-consciousness with which you process stimuli.  You learn, you reason, use logic and common sense. Self-consciousness is, “I think, therefore I am.” 

The mental female gender is the subconsciousness, below our conscious awareness. Thoughts and emotions enter the subconsciousness, multiply unnoticed only to return after gestation to the consciousness, grown and usually distorted.  Subconscious is, “Me and myself,” unconscious of the bigger picture.

The male gives, the female receives 

The female, subconsciousness gender is very fertile. It accepts and grows both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ thoughts and ideas without discrimination. This is how our ambitions, desires, supertitions and beliefs are conditioned in our personalities! 

As children our immature minds makes us very vulnerable to conditioning ….. the immature mind is naive. For example, if we are abused or told when we are a child we aren’t worth anything then that idea can grow in our subconscious as we grow into adults, crippling our self-image and how we relate to the world.

But,  if  we are raised in a supportive environment where mistakes are used as a teaching tool, then our self-confidence and poise can grow, enabling us to form constructive attitudes in life.

The boomerang effect 

Thoughts and ideas not only grow in the subconscious (female), they also attract like energies from the human mental collective. A concentrated thought in the subconscious also goes out into the world subconscious atmosphere, to circle and attract more of the same energies, only to boomerang and return to sender, increased. 

Fearful ideas of separation like “us versus them” can start as disrespect, but grow into hatred, and further gestate into mental protest, abuse or physical violence. Domestic violence starts with a fearful, hateful thought. So do political protests and wars. 

The Harmony of the Law of Gender

Every cell in your body is effected by your thoughts and emotions. A powerful emotion can be like an atomic explosion that ripples through you, changing the way you view the world and the way you create your reality.

The present moment is our greatest opportunity, because as we consciously only allow positive, uplifting emotions and thoughts, then we are building and attracting more of the same energies in our reality!

When you feel deep love you are a changed person. Love lifts your consciousness and you are attracting more harmonious energies. As love gestates in the subconsciousness it eventually returns to your consciousness and reality. You can become conscious of being loving ….. of being grateful for so many opportunities to express and feel love! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“No thought, no feeling, no action, good or evil, is ever lost. Soon or late it will come back.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 259.

An upcoming entry will give you tools to guard the entry to your subconscious. 

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Originally published 5/2016, revised and republished 11/2018, revised 12/2020

6 thoughts on “It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 1

  1. That is one powerful illustration above,,,,getting so many understandings from it!!!!

  2. I can see so much clearer how our lives are affected by The Law of Gender. We are what we eat and think and do in action by this Law. So many things you’ve said here has helped me look deeper to understand why things happen good and bad. How to harmonize problems in my emotions before they get out of hand. I’ve been called a bully before many times but just recently started to understand why. Listening instead of talking my point across has helped me. I feel
    Love instead of urgency and uncomfortable for not getting my point across!
    Thank You Dear One

  3. From my experience Love, a quality associated with the feminine gender, is a very strong quality. Love being strong is very assertive, while it also listens with compassion and with compassion comes action and assertiveness.

    At times we are to only listen. Love is wise and knows when to observe and when to act. But, like most of us we make mistakes because of fear. We hesitate and then the opportunity passes.

    Yet, it is in the past and some good came of it – we’ve learned to speak up, speak out, do something when circumstances call for it. And, we will get many opportunities in our life to live up to our opportunity!

    Thank You dear for adding to the entry and your comments, And blessings to you also.

  4. Thank you. Though to do it justice I need to read it over again a few more times, I feel as though I walked into a room I had not been in the past, but am aware of a familiarity. The trigger point is the fact that perhaps when two persons conceive a child, that very soul is attracted by the energies present in the two. In each of us already the power of the female and male energies at play in our minds. I feel like life may be a stew as it encompasses many different ingredients to serve the nourishment we seek. I may be far off. I may be confused. Yet, in the laboratory of my own life experiences, I have been an honest observer. Much of what I saw and heard created pain in my heart, but I loved unconditionally. I am so sorry I could not have been more assertive. Maybe I was always tipped toward the feminine. I don’t know. Thank you, Portia. I feel as if I discreetly swept the cobwebs of the windows of my heart. Blessings to you.

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