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The Best!

  Photo: Cannes 2018 PSLB This moment is the best …. the only moment of our Life! Love it and You open your heart and mind to the Universe – to the Unmanifest and inspiration, guidance, abundance, harmony, protection. This moment … Continue reading

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Clearing the energy of 2017

In this moment is peace, happiness and goodwill. The peace of our eternal Life is the unity of All, while the drama of our human life is the dream of good versus evil. Let this moment be a moment to … Continue reading

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Wisdom nuggets for 2016 and a Thank You message

Thank You  The purpose of this site and Science of Being is to help awaken ourselves to the divine and Loving Being that we are through Wisdom lead by Love. The apex for this year and for the entire 9 … Continue reading

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Be neither cynical or gullible, but this much is true: Okay these 10 things!

That embarrassing reflection in the mirror of yourself is your Friend and Spiritual teacher if you are insightful, kind and have a sense of humor. Your Higher Self does not impose itself on You. You must be silent and listen … Continue reading

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Between Souls

We believe in the illusions of the ego and it’s irresponsibilities, and therefore we experience anger, resentment and impatience, blaming others for our negative traits. Others can help us be aware of those negative traits that burden us. In the … Continue reading

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