Your spiritually driven life


The human road can be winding and pitted with so many challenges, temptations, glitz and glamour that it can distract you from living a spiritually driven life. The ego wants to keep everything status quo because of conditioning. Yet, the spiritual warrior within is lead by our heart with the wisdom to create conditions for not only our own happiness, but for others and indeed for the world.

The message of Divine Love

We have had spiritual teachers through the ages as examples of a spiritual warrior,  and according to the teachings Jesus was a representative of Divine Love. Though he faced many human temptations he chose the Divine Road, showing us how we are meant to live a spiritually driven life; to be a spiritual warrior. As an insurrectionist his teachings challenged the social and religious order. And, people of influence at that time feared his deviant and very empowering teachings that the kingdom of God is near at hand for all rather than only for a few

The message of Divine Mind

The message of today is that of Divine Mind, the wisdom of the heart, the wisdom of Love: the kingdom of Harmony is within everyone’s own heart and mind. 

When we are consciously motivated by Love, from our heart, we are a spiritual warrior. Mentally we are conscious of both personal love and unconditional love. 

We can feel in our heart what is both wise and loving. The ego and blind beliefs of the subconscious that wants to keep us enslaved to memories, superstitions and conditioning are released as we awaken to the illusion of their influence. 

Facing Temptations

As a spiritual warrior we will and do face 3 similar temptations like all Great Spiritual Teachers. They are as in these questions, asking us if we are willing to let the ‘me,’ the ego die in order to create our happiness and spiritual fulfillment:

  1. Do we hunger for fulfillment, but live by human bread alone?
  2. Do we doubt the All encompassing Eternal and our innate Divine nature?
  3. Do we get lost in the human world of challenges, glamour and desire for influence and power?

Apathy delays us. Doubt cripples our progress. And greed, pride, jealousy, fear and other subconscious, egotistic traits perverts us.

Being a Spiritual warrior

You live a spiritually driven life and are a spiritual warrior, when you consciously manifest both personal and unconditional Love. When you are conscious of the wisdom of your heart. When you listen to your Higher Self and intuition. When you consciously face temptations of anger, revenge, worry or fear with courage and Love. 

As a spiritual warrior – remember You are a powerful Being that has created this moment for yourself to remember your own inner authentic powers as a Universal Soul.

You are Strong, Wise, Sincere and Loving. And, You have the Creator, Divine Mind and Divine Love supporting You. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Consider adding to the entry with your input. Remember your Higher Self never hesitates!

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Mind, through his own mistakes due to Pride, at first destroyed his very life, but having REALIZED HIS MISDIRECTION starts to regenerate it, to rebuild it on a right basis.  MIND, WHEN MISAPPLIED, DEBASES LIFE; PROPERLY USED, EXALTS IT.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 40.




2 thoughts on “Your spiritually driven life

  1. Thank You dear for you added energy! Yes, being mindful and conscious of unconditional Love leads us to Freedom and Happiness in our life. With Light and Love to You, Portia

  2. Thank you.
    To be spiritually guided through love makes sense, and I understand the power of unconditional love. It is the only space where we can truly find peace and live in peace. On a day to day basis, the practice of lovingly persevering brings us to sainthood. Being mindful is perhaps the most important lesson to learn.

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