The Future is Present

Jungle Fern on Leaf refined

Clocks and calendars are a human, mental invention we created to help us organize for the future and comprehend how much time has past. In some other realms beyond our three dimensional one time does not exist as we humanly perceive it.

Through analogy we can get a hint of that even in our present consciousness – because the past, particularly the immediate past, can have a great impact on the present and the immediate future, especially when we bring the past with us mentally. 

This in turn, emphasizes the importance of the present moment and our conscious awareness of it. Dwelling on the past can keep us in habitual patterns of reliving past experiences  freezing our self-imagine, limiting us and keeping us circling in associated emotions. Or, we can worry about the future, anxious and afraid that things may happen similar to what may have occurred before. Our negative emotions draw more negative energy to us contributing to our current condition and we may carry that around with us, creating negative conditions in our future. 

It’s our opportunity to be mindful and in the moment, synchronizing body and mind. We have the chance to mentally release the negative of the ego and be conscious of and grateful for all the positive in our life. An opportunity to manifest sincerity, kindness, goodwill and love. Not only creating our happiness now because we are conscious of the positive energy and emotions in our life, but also because we carry it with us into what we call our future.

As we raise our consciousness by being mindful and in the moment, we awaken to more beauty and happiness. And, through the Law of Cause and Effect we build our future condition too! 

Every moment is loaded with spiritual potential that expands into our future and into higher realms that are meant for us!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo: leaves in the jungles of Panama

“It is a very important thing that we should not keep Love unmanifested, but should at every opportunity disclose it, show it forth, manifest it, be it in a word, in a smile, in a look or in a handshake.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 27. 

5 thoughts on “The Future is Present

  1. Eckart Tolle is one of may favorite teachers! And I hope You experience his teachings. They are very scientific without beliefs which I really like because we harmonize ourselves by Knowing ourselves. Amazing!

    Thank You for adding that! with Light and Love to You, PortiaSLB

  2. To live in sincerity…kindness…goodwill…and love is truly to live in joy… I know that…maybe always have…yet deep in my heart…I have the seed of service…and have kept true to my will to do all I could for everyone around me…I still do…except I have searched to be rid of resentments grown out of feeling spent…The Internet gave me answers…or at least a measure of comfort…tools to overcome and understand how to recreate the present by mindfully attending to my own needs…Maybe spilling my thoughts as I do here…is just that…almost like a prayer. Thank you…I have a long and arduous day ahead…I will keep present and sincerely be kind…and love in all good will…

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