Life changing!

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Of all the advice we can ever be given in this lifetime there is none more potent and life changing than…. to be in continually contact with the Great Field of Universal Life Energy.

Star exercise

That and consciously use the qualities of Universal Life Energy – Strength, Wisdom, Truth and Love – in all that you do. This is how we take control of our life and create our own happiness!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

We attract….

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Just relax and trust the Great Law that things always work out for you. That attitude of Trust relaxes the mind and will allow answers.

The Law is above all Loving ….. so even when we initially may be in a wanting, desiring mode, when we relax and Trust that things will work out, then we allow ourselves to consciously hear intuition ….. we attract …. intuition and inspiration from our Higher Self, which is connected to Universal Mind.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“There can be no compromise with Love.”

Eugene Fersen

Today’s consideration

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Merely being conscious of our freedom of individual choices can be very uplifting and freeing.

Attitudes like those listed above are very simple choices that supports our spiritual process. It’s not just about making our life more pleasant and enjoyable, but it’s also …… about moving out of the compulsive ego that imprisons us in limiting and unhappy fallout.

Our choices determine consequences and shapes our reality.

With FourSquare choices that are Enthusiastic, Intelligent, True and Loving, we form a positive armor and eliminate the pain of mistakes.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The wiser we become, the more harmonious we become, and the more useful we are to ourselves and to others. Wisdom governs justice and includes Love. Wise people are fundamentally kind people. Wisdom never forgets anything, but never resents anything.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume I, page 134.

Closing your day: WAYS OF A LIGHTBEARER

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When those of us on our spiritual journey consciously close our day…… we are still seeking Light.

We are still in pursuit of adopting the positive that benefits not only ourselves, but indeed for the benefit of all mankind ….. spiritual commitment that transcends the ordinary ego and worldly, to that which is of true value for spiritual progress.

As earthly night approaches consider adapting these effective evening routines that not only set the tone for our evening rest and rejuvenation, but also for the dawning of the day to come.

Make it your intent to feel good before sleep

Your emotions help determine the process of continuous creation in your reality ….. so an evening practice that helps you feel good, do good and Be good before bed bleeds into the night, the next morning and into your reality.

Set aside some wind down time ….. about 30 minutes before bed.

Silence and Meditation

Contact Universal Life Energy, the Supreme Universal Power, to help flow in the natural relaxing energies of our earthly life. Include an evening Relaxation and Silence practice to clear the mind and reconnect with your inner peace.

From Silence enter a few minutes of Meditation as described in Lesson 19 of 27 Lessons in Science of Being to “wipe away the discordant films which obscure expression of the Soul’s higher qualities:”

“Drown your Conscious Self in the crystal Light of your Inner Self, allowing it to dissolve from you the irritating crust of disharmonious memories and experiences….Understand it as the Inexhaustible Spring of its manifestations in you as Life, Mind, Law (Truth) and Love.”

Be a Channel for Healing

We do not have to be fully enlightened beings to be a channel for transmitting Universal Life Energy as in this practice to help heal the world: Giving Healing Energy to the World.

As you project it out to others and the world, the Universal Power flows from one being to another, connecting everyone and everything, and generating an increasingly stronger flow of the healing fire! Yet, remember do not use your own will power, rather the Will of the Eternal will do what is harmonious.

Declarations of Truth

This practice is of prime importance to me as it elevates all of my being, aligning with Truth and Love before drifting off to sleep. I am in a happy place mentally and emotionally, and I sleep very well and am refreshed in the mornings.

While lying in bed taking the Star Position and just before drifting off to sleep make these Declarations of Truth from the spark of Unconditional Love in your Heart as shared by The Teacher, Svetozar:

“Father, Thou art inspiring me on the Spiritual Plane.

Thou art guiding me on the mental plane.

Thou art sustaining and protecting me on the material plane.

I am Thy individualized projection into Thy own Eternal substance.

Indissolubly connected with Thee, manifesting all Thy qualities and Powers.” Thank You.

Avoid excessiveness and techno

Avoid large meals or excessive workouts in the evenings. If your body is still dealing with digesting lots of food or your muscles still experiencing tension, the mind stays active too!

Scrolling the newsfeed or reading messages on our smart devices before sleep keeps our brains alert. Shutting down smart devices, computers and televisions early evening helps eliminate blue light that interferes with the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone.

I have found that if I sit at my computer screen and write into the night that have a difficult time getting my brain to calm down and relax. The thinking mind takes over and just wants to think some more! I have to turn off the computer early evening, then I begin to align with the natural approaching night cycle.

But if you do find your mind racing when in bed there are some things you can do:

1) Focus on your breathing. Placing your right hand on your chest over your heart and the other cupped up consciously receiving Universal Life Energy. Breathe in and exhale slowly. Continue slow breathing as you allow relaxing.

2) Gently acknowledge what you are grateful for.

I avoid evening reviews because I’ve found that thinking about the past can keep me circling in thoughts about how I could have done better. Guilt, regret and self condemnation can subtly creep in primarily because the ego recognizes the Law of Polarity as opposite pairs. Those energies are not helpful for creating your reality, especially before going to sleep.

Whereas, focusing on gratitude lifts our emotions, keeping us in the moment and reconnecting with happiness within that is already there.

3) Try some soothing sounds to drift off to, like gentle nature sounds.

IN the hope You find these practices help You align with your Inner, True Self, PortiaSLB

Ways of a Light Seeker: Setting the tone for your day

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Each of us are reaching for Enlightenment, whether we are conscious of it or not. It is a quality and promise of the Law of Evolution which is ever unfolding. And it is open to everyone and has no requirement other than to relax body, mind, emotions and surrender to Truth, Joy and Peace.

But there are obstacles that the human mind sets in place: 1) ignorance and fallacious beliefs, 2) pride and valuing something else because of the payoffs, and 3) impatience.

For those of us on our spiritual journey who are conscious and aware …. our behaviors have shades of meaning. We view life as opportunities for spiritual growth and choices that concur with our spiritual awareness.

There is a connection between how we start our day and what kind of life we have. The attitude you wakeup with and your morning habits bleed into your day. Like me, you may be very aware and have experienced it yourself!


Here are some morning practices that can help us start our day identifying with Spirit and our inner Joy and Happiness …. setting the tone for the day.

1. Upon waking do an attitude check and become conscious of gratitude for Life, Intelligence, Truth and Love ….. and gratitude for all the opportunities that have come and are to come.

I do this before even opening my eyes! An attitude of Gratitude brightens my day and I know that there is much to look forward to. Even challenges we are to face are opportunities for growth!

2. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. You can also place yourself in the Star Exercise position in the bed and make the Mental Contact.

3. While still in the Star Position make these Declarations of Truth from the spark of Unconditional Love in your Heart as shared by The Teacher, Svetozar:

“Father, Thou art inspiring me on the Spiritual Plane.

Thou art guiding me on the mental plane.

Thou art sustaining and protecting me on the material plane.

I am Thy individualized projection into Thy own Eternal substance.

Indissolubly connected with Thee, manifesting all Thy qualities and Powers.”

Thank You.

4. After rising, avoid phones and mass media. Meditate with deep Breathing, Relaxation and Silence for as much time as you allow. This can bridge the human mind to Truth and open the door to Unconditional Love.

5. Read some inspiring works or write in your spiritual journal. Set sincere purposes for being considerate, honest, fearless, friendly, kind and loving.

6. Go outside and walk barefoot upon Mother Earth in the sun as appropriate. Do some deep breathing and observe Nature in the moment.

Kindly share any of your experiences, comments or questions.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Sometimes the bullsh’t gets to us: How to recover

Sometimes the stress of the bullsh’t gets to us, and in trying to defend or protect ourselves we explode! We get mad, scared, worried.

So what to do? So how can we consciously continue on our spiritual journey and feel good about ourselves?

Remember we’re human. It happens to us all. And a downfall into anger, fear, worry, resentment can be a wake-up call if we are aware.

Every experience is part of our spiritual journey, including our outburst or downfall! Every experience is an opportunity to refine ourselves. To find the tenderness of our heart and wisdom of our mind.

A brave heart faces challenges, faces ourselves. Even runs right into it with eyes, mind and heart wide open! So next time – if you loose it try these simple steps …


Focusing on your breath is changing your mind already!


Like freezing in fear, if you freeze your body, it can also mean freezing your mind. Moving your body also gives your hormones time to disperse. And better yet, it gives you an opportunity to walk into self-awareness.


 You are beautiful! Beautiful! Deny anger, fear, worry as having any power over you.

We play the blame game; blaming others and emotional contagion, the kids, or the situation for our stressed condition. Which in itself is a self-defeatist attitude!

The more you are tempted to assign blame then the greater the emphasis you, your soul, has placed on the lesson and opportunity to remember your inner beauty and natural state of calm!! 

Emotional challenges can be changed into beautiful opportunities to know your true nature.


Be conscious that low-frequency emotions of anger, impatience, resentment and hatred are only temporary urges of the ego and the sooner you step back from them the sooner you return to the moment and its positive potential.


Inner calm, quiet, inner peace is your natural state. Relaxation and Silence can bring you back to the beauty of the moment. 


Let It help you. You are unifying yourself with the harmonizing energy of the Universe and Great Principle, increasing your own inner Light and Love.


Find within yourself personal love and unconditional Love. Tenderly touch your heart. Feel the love there, within. Start to gently radiate Love from the tenderness of your Heart.

Love is your only true protection, source of strength and wisdom. When others are being disrespectful, remember that they also experience confusion, ignorance, and fear.

It happens to us all

I have been amazed at the results of using the 7 steps above! And even more amazingly is how others can respond. Even though they may not be conscious of what has happened or why, they usually change their attitude too!

The deeper we fall into the dark hole of the ego the greater the lessons for all concerned!

As a parent or guardian for children that temporary loose it, I recommend a wonderful book for helpful guidance: The Conscious Parent by Dr Shefali Tsabary.

You are courageous! Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is to continue. To get up and try again!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Also consider: Emotional Contagion and Protecting Yourself

“We should learn to follow only the influence of our Higher Self. It helps us to gain mental poise and stability, so that no outside influence can affect us.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 167.

Comments and questions are appreciated:

Impersonal consideration, the Power of Love

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Today’s consideration:

The Law of Love is Unconditional and impersonal for us all, but when we are out of alignment with It and try to bend it to our personal will, then we are perverting ourselves! We are causing ourselves pain and suffering, attracting it because …… it is not in harmony with our Being, our Soul.

For more about the Power of Love and the Law of Attraction and how to easily attract conditions for your happiness, kindly consider this link to the sister site for: Law of Love

“Love is Attraction. Knowledge of how to employ it enables one to attract all things for Success in Life, in Friendship and in Marriage. Therefore its development within you is one of the greatest achievements possible to you in this Life.”

Eugene Fersen, Lesson 25 in Science of Being in 27 Lessons, page 621.

IN the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Law of Love

Today’s consideration :

With a great negative comes a great positive.

When Jesus was so hated that they crucified him, if the stories are accurate, he ascended and showed the possibility for us all. This is an example of the human mind’s concept of positive/negative polarized.

All is from The Great Principle …Love is the Law.

When you synchronize your thinking with The Law of Love then you rise above polarity.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Sexual Attraction

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Greetings Lightbearers and Light Seekers

Consider linking to this new lesson on the sister site concerning the affinity of Souls and sexual attraction. With the help of the Great Law more entries will follow too.

SEXUAL ATTRACTION, Lesson 24 Part 2 – of 27 Lessons in Science of Being

Also consider signing up to receive more lessons via subscription from that website as it is not open to search engines.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Attitudes that support spiritual awareness!

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There are simple choices that supports our spiritual process, and not just about making our life more pleasant and enjoyable, but also …… of moving out of the compulsive ego that imprisons us in limiting and unhappy fallout.

A choice of one uplifting attitude invites an entire field of uplifting attitudes and raises our consciousness.

It’s helpful to realize that the ego is extremely needy and gets energy from negative personality attitudes of predatory self-indulgence ….. like indignation over rights and entitlements, expecting no consequences.

The ego refuses to accept responsibility and usually sees a request for self-responsibility as oppressive! The subconscious ego can distort reality in order to be seen as a victim ….. and our individual level of power diminishes, as does our level of consciousness. It retards our spiritual progress and makes life challenging.

Yet, we can begin to transform our experience of Life, and indeed the world, by making simple decisions.

Kindly consider consciously choosing to Be even one of these attitudes and observe the effect:

  • Calm
  • Genuine
  • Warm with a sense of Humor
  • Friendly
  • Honest
  • Pleasant
  • Considerate
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Respectful
    • Respectable
  • Supportive
  • Dependable
  • Ethical
  • Loyal
    • Responsible

Our choices determine consequences and shapes our reality. Being conscious of our freedom of individual choices can be very uplifting and freeing.

With FourSquare choices and uplifting attitudes we form a positive armor and eliminate the pain of mistakes.

Add to that realization …..

That we need not do it alone …… that the Eternal is always helping us ….. then we equip ourselves to face any challenge and open our spiritual awareness.

Universal Life Energy is the Eternal at our fingertips, to easily contact consciously. And the more we utilize IT, our progress becomes more evident.

“The more you repose your full confidence in Universal Life Energy and throw your whole weight into the scale of the Positive, the more rapidly you equip yourself to conquer all adversity.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles in Science of Being, page 348.

Your choices determine your destiny …… your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, shape your reality.

Life is a choice and our emotions and attitudes are reinforced by energies held in mind. And what is held in mind tends to manifest. Your earthly destiny is solely your own doing ….. it’s a spiritual reality.

In the hope You choose uplifting attitudes, PortiaSLB

“Good itself is indestructible and eternal. Only Evil is perishable, and the sooner it perishes the better. Govern your life by true, intrinsic values rather than by apparent worth.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 349.