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“The more we apply the Law of Love in our lives, the stronger we become on our positive side, and the greater is the harmony within us, until finally we reach a condition of such harmony that no negative of any kind can touch us because there is no longer within us a response to anything negative. Then only everything positive will come to us.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 227.

Dance of the Soul

Dance of the Soul

There upon his finger sat a butterfly. Then a sudden Silence came upon him and

He could see the pillows of iridescent colors of its wings that danced in the sunshine.

It was a dance of Light intertwined with rich colors of Harmony. 

There were visions of its transmutation from a hungry, short sighted, crawling creature then

Death as a caterpillar, to the freedom and flight of the exquisite being it is now.

In that silence his heart swelled up with appreciation of such a wondrous creature that

He could feel his self-striving to fulfill the universal destiny of all souls to

Dance in the rich colors of Harmony.

Our soul guides us in ways to construct happiness in our life, yet we are not normally conscious of our inner powers that shape the world. While we may feel “fine,” it keeps us stuck in a recycling hellish condition, circling over and over with the same thoughts and habits.

When we awaken to the greater qualities of our soul and unique character we rise to greater heights. And we naturally attract what is needed for our freedom, success and happiness in the earthly plane. 

Looking to be conscious of and manifest your soul, lifting yourself out of feeling just “fine?” Consider:

  Soul Meditation leading to sure-fired success and happiness in the material plane 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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“Mind alone, with its human tool of Will Power is not  sufficient to push your Soul’s Individuality into expression…A greater Power, One which pervades all Planes equally and unites them through Its own Force of Attraction, is required.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, pages 313-4.

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It’s knowing how to fight that matters – facing any challenge empowered and in charge of your reality


We may face unexpected life challenges, but believing that we’ve been wronged or that we are a failure can cause us to fall into despair and attract more problems. There are ways to look at challenges with an opportunist attitude and stay motivated and inspired. Consider these 5 ways to stay empowered by your soul and in charge of your own reality.

1. Remember you create or agree to circumstances to serve you. Every circumstance you face, every challenge before you, whether you judge it to be bad or good, is a spiritual opportunity. We create life circumstances and draw to ourselves that which helps us heal and become whole. To fully understand and be conscious of our Strength, Intelligence, Truth and most of all Love.

So when you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself, overindulge or stressed in a relationship, think of it as having a deeper purpose to heal yourself. It is an opportunity to bring out your strength, your wisdom, to feel your sincerity, to express your kindness and most of all know your love.

2. Be conscious and in the moment. We create our circumstance consciously or unconsciously. Be aware of your feelings. If you are unconscious of fear, greed or resentment then you are unconsciously choosing the more difficult path of completion. When you are mindful you free yourself from any attachment to the future expectations or past memories. And it empowers you create in the present moment.

So when you feel any anxiety or worry, pause. Bring yourself to the moment, feel yourself in your body, and breathe. Remind yourself that this moment is created to serve you, your evolution and happiness.   

3. Challenge your fears, discharge negative, and align with Universal Harmony. 

 So when you sense a surge of anger, superiority or victimization be conscious of what you are feeling. Recognize the temptation as the universe’s compassionate way of letting you know there is an opportunity to harmonize. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and visualize the temptation as a weed that you pull out by the roots from the subconscious and burn it with pure Light. 

4. Work consciously in the Law of Love.  It is how you speak, behave and act that sets into motion an equal energy. Know yourself and you will Know Love. Consciously meet every person, every circumstance with goodwill and compassionate attitudes and behaviors. You are fusing your intent and will with the process of procreation with both Love and Intelligence. 

So remember when someone treats you harshly be conscious of asking yourself, “what is really happening?” You can place your hand over your heart to help you connect with that loving power within that can also give you some insight into the situation. Choose love over fear. And remember gratitude for knowing the difference. 

5. Consciously ask for help. We are constantly receiving inspiration from our soul through our Superconsciousness, but we are not always conscious of it. The Great Principle is compassionate so we also receive guidance from higher realms. Center your consciousness in your spiritual heart and listen. 

Practice being silent within and listen to your heart rather than your mind. Your intuition will feel calm, sincere and harmonious. It may feel like a hunch or even an instinct. Express gratitude for that guidance and love. Then move forward accordingly without attachment to the results. 

Your creative experience 

While many of us must face hardships and difficult circumstances, others of us may be tempted into thinking we are superior and special. Yet, we are all beings in the process of growth, harmonization and evolution.

We choose to come to this earthly plane to fuse our consciousness with Love. To fight to harmonize our life without fear. It allows us to be a Light in this world. Inspired, empowered souls. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“If we break relations with Harmony, the price is terrible. We should fight, not to destroy disharmony, but to be on the same level with Harmony.” 

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, page 238.

What They’re Not Telling, Part 4

 Soul Statement of Love

 We spend most of our life unconscious of the best part of our self, and at times suffer from aversion, fear, and loneliness. But, newborns speak to us soul to soul to help us know that we are capable of giving and receiving the deepest kind of love., David Castillo Dominici

Being Lead by Love
It was love at first site for me, even before first site, when my children were born. And, for most people newborns draw some degree of love from them through the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.  

  • You can see tenderness in others when they respond to newborns. Newborns have a transcendental atmosphere about them that brings gentleness, nurturing and love to the surface of our consciousness. Through loving them we can get a real sense of our unlimited capacity to love. The more we love the more we have to give. 
  • Little by little we begin to realize that compassion is unconditional love in action and it’s a great privilege to help another being, if it is nurturing a newborn or even if it is only holding the door for someone. That’s a great gift because it helps us be less self-centered, while getting a glimpse of our true character which is abundantly generous with kindness, goodwill and patience.
  • Through compassion we can come to appreciate the opportunity and benefit of approaching everyone as a friend with respect and compassion. Love is wise because it is also Enlightened Mind. Thus, we will be wise enough to know when to back off and let anyone have their space if they are contrary. It is our opportunity to love them unconditionally without harsh judgment and help them if they ask for it. They are on their journey, working out their karma as they agreed to with The Great Law.
  • Another quality of love that newborns bring to the forefront of our consciousness is patience, and they certainly can help us discipline in that respect. We can come to recognize patience within ourselves. But, we add to the energy of impatience and negative if we tolerate aggression in our adult relationships. That’s when to say “no” to aggression and cruelty which causes all concerned to suffer and we should not be patient with it. We can learn to set limits, while keeping our heart open to unconditional love.  

Being Human
Newborns are human and complain like most of us. They cry when they are impatient, but on a deeper level they cry to be cared for and loved. Their impatience and complaints do not hurt us because we love them.

When we, as adults, are impatient or complain we are unconsciously trying to be cared for and loved too, but being self-conscious we are responsible for the perverted idea of love. We try to get attention and sympathy, even wanting to blame someone or something else rather than taking responsibility for ourselves.

If someone’s complaints hurt our feelings that is because there is something within the ego to be hurt. They can motivate us to look within ourselves and find out why. 

For ways to release habitual behaviors that keeps us repeating the same adverse patterns consider the series: The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life.

The Law of Attraction is the Law of Love
We are naturally attracted to newborns because of love. When we discriminate and consciously let love lead us then we naturally feel it in our heart, and compassion begins to grow in us which spreads to embrace others too. 

Great Friends of humanity have brought the message of Love throughout the ages, and so too has The Lightbearer Eugene Fersen brought the Law of Love to help us return to the Love of our Soul and the Eternal, transforming ourselves to a freer, stronger and happier condition.


May you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

To see what 60 Minutes says about newborns knowledge of human morals view the video in: Soul Quality of Truth and Law.

Next week we’ll put it all together, with the help of the Great Law and look at how expressing all of our soul qualities of Life, Mind, Truth and Love naturally leads us to realization of union with Spirit. It’s what newborns are not telling us, unless we read their analogy!

Until next week consider this quote to reflect upon:

“All things can be bought; LOVE IS THE ONE THING WHICH CAN NEVER BE BOUGHT. That is why it is really precious and that is why we should never be ungenerous with it, because there is always enough for us to give. In fact, the more we give, the more there is to be given.”

Eugen Fersen, Science of Being, page 28.


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