What They’re Not Telling, Part 3

Soul Statement of Truth and Law

 Newborns can’t talk, but they display an amazing presence of Sincerity, Truth and Law. As adults we can be insincere, superficial, and deceitful. Have we forgotten what we knew as newborns? Infants have a lot to teach us Soul to Soul if we read their analogy.

Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.
Newborns are very sincere, expressing their Soul Quality of Truth.
FreeDigtalPhotos.net,  David Castillo Dominici


Newborns bring Truth to the surface of their being; they are very sincere and honest. Plus, research is showing that babies as young as three months old know right from wrong as seen in the 60 Minutes clip below. The clip also offers that we incarnate carrying prestigious we’ve accumulated in the subconscious ego, yet there is hope through understanding of justice and love to rise above them. 


Newborns do cry and are impatient, but when they cry they are sincerely expressing physical issues. 


In a way we cry too, complain and are impatient when we experience problems. We are inclined to worry, doubt and fear our ability to harmonize them. We are reluctant to go to dark places within our self and see our mistakes, to feel them fully, then work to release them and start new positive causes. That takes courage.


Trust and Faith
Newborns are very courageous. They incarnated to earth physically helpless, demonstrating great trust and faith in the Eternal. As their caretakers, we carry a great hope for our newborns to grow, become adults and achieve all that they can. We encourage and bolster their growth. It is an analogy that says we also have within us trust and faith, but we doubt the Source. 

The Truth and Law of Our Soul
We are inherently sincere and courageous, but we get lost in the dream of the ego. We doubt our connection and the support of the Eternal. We prop up false images of our self trying to be what we perceive others expect us to be. In other words, we are inclined to be insincere and pretentious.

And, when it is a ‘little white lie’ we think it’s okay and even polite! Like when we say things to people we don’t really mean, but say them anyway trying to please them. 

We can be kind without lying. We can choose to look others in the eye and speak sincerely;  we can choose to say what we mean and mean what we say, keeping our promises. We can choose to be honest and law-abiding.

Through our choices we determine the path of our life; we create the vast majority of the conditions around us and within us.

Allowing Truth
You know how it feels when you sincerely express the truth; how liberating and freeing it is. That’s because you are releasing yourself from the chains of the subconscious ego. The Great Law encourages and assists our growth through all the Universal Laws that we live in. Truth frees us of egotistic traits and opens us to the tenderness, kindness and Love of our heart and soul, and thereby we create expansive, abundant, and happier conditions

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

To read more about the Soul and Eternal quality of: Truth and Law.

To learn more ways to align with the Truth of who you are consider this 3 part study:  Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself

Next week we will continue this series with what newborns reveal about Soul Love, with the help of the Great Law. Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Truth never destroys anything. It is fundamentally a creative Power. Today is Truth. Tomorrow is a belief in something. ”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, page 137.

Infants have morals as seen on 60 Minutes!

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