Reflection on the River of Life


Appreciation for Mother Nature can open our awareness to Universal Love. 

Reflections on Thai River


The calmer and more serene we are mentally and emotionally the better we are able to realize our true spiritual character and reflect it in our earthly life.


Everything in our life presents us with opportunities. Even our reflection on water can open us to spiritual realizations.

 When we are conscious and appreciate this very moment of our life, we are aware of our Inner Being:  the energy of our self, our thinking, our feelings of sincerity, peace and harmony –  we realize we are part of the river of All Energy, Powers and Love; our Unity with all Beings and the Infinite Source.

We are centered within our self, caring, compassionate and aware of being part of All.

Each of us are very capable of consciously experiencing our unity with the Source of our earthly reflection.

In the Hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

2 thoughts on “Reflection on the River of Life

  1. I was just experiencing this last night in the Moon’s light,,,so beautiful! I felt innocent like a child!
    Thank You for sharing your insight!

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