Hey, Buttercup



Hey, Buttercup

The kid inside
welcomes the bright
golden gift of love
and pure joy.


Kids and buttercups go together in my mind, maybe because most kids are happy and playing when they are outside in nature. I remember as a kid how it just made me happy inside to see even one buttercup! As it does Now. And, I hope does for You.


Buttercups can be found in fields, near forests, and even in flower gardens around the world. And, when you look at a bunch of them near ground level it looks like a band of yellow gold! Though you look down to see them as you are walking, they can inspire you to look up within and feel happiness inside.


Buttercups can be an analogy for real happiness in life, joy and laughter! 

Perhaps the tenderness inside You can relate to the idea of buttercup!

Light and Love, Portia SLB


4 thoughts on “Hey, Buttercup

  1. Live! No! Really live! I was nearly on hospice awhile back. You cannot imagine how precious a buttercup is to me. Please, live, love and dance in the buttercups with the children.

  2. I feel the same way about Buttercups! They look like little drops of sunshine in the grass. My imagination fashions them into teacups for fairies. They bring me joy and I look forward to seeing them each spring!

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