You are Appreciated!

names on back of living leaf

Photo: Panama, PSLB

Thank You for your support in our spiritual journey together. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the Wisdom in Science of Being. 

There is now another site where I am sharing companion lessons for the 27 Lessons in Science of Being for those of you that are looking for structured unfoldment. You can use the link above to get to that sitesince it is not open to search engines.

Through these posts we have had many adventures over the past 6 years. And, I hope we can continue. If you are new to Science a Being or any of the related sites ….. Welcome! 

I hope you can find some informative and inspiring posts and I encourage you to share your thoughts. Every comment, every thought, every emotion has an effect. 

We are here to help each other to know ourselves and by truly knowing ourselves we come to know the essence of All.

You are appreciated!  Thank You! 

Most of all I am grateful for the Eternal that supports all of humanity. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“When our Higher Self is overshadowing us, we never hesitate to do a thing, and we do it immediately.”

Eugene Fersen, Friend of Humanity, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Science of Being

Dance on water

lilly pads refined

Photo – PSLB, Thailand


Your reflection is rippled and distorted in the human mind,                                                     yet your Higher Self knows
You dance on water, You float on air!

You are a gentle soul that unfolds petal,                                                                                       by 1,000 petals
so that your tender heart is disclosed.

You are a friend, then foe, then Friend exposed.

You are a jewel in the silence,
a Light like the sun.

You are ‘I am’ and part of ‘I AM ONE.’

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The Past cannot be changed; we have to take it as it is. But our Future is completely in our hands, and, if we start the right causes, should never occasion us any worry, as it will take care of itself because of the Law of Cause and Effect.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 162.

5 easy ways to turn a bad day around

1.  Move it!

Taking several deep breathes with equal inhales and exhales will release tension and anxiety. And stand up if possible, stretch and reach up your arms rotating to get things moving, with palms open to the universe! 

Walk to a different, or preferably a quite environment. Walking can disperse hormonal chemicals related to stress and even soothe neurons in the brain. Walking in nature is even better. Research has shown walking in nature decreases anxiety. Be aware of the grass, the sky, the rocks and trees, appreciating the colors, fragrances, sounds, textures and subtle tastes.

If stretching and walking is not possible change your body language. If you notice you are drooping with your head hanging down, sit upright with shoulders back indicating your strength. Look up and far in the distance, indicating your readiness to look forward.

2.  Change your story

Once you’ve changed your body language, now change the story you’ve been telling yourself. Pause in your thinking and mentally relax, becoming quiet, calm and the watcher of the thinker. Mentally observe your thinking and emotions releasing them as soon as you become conscious of them without judgment. Find the specific reason you labeled it as a bad day, then release it, preventing it from taking over your entire attitude.

If you’ve made a mistake then be grateful you are on the other side of it. Mentally look up to your Higher Self and briefly ask what you can do to harmonize a mistake, but if nothing comes to you then release that thought too. 

Recognize what is going right! List things that have been going right in your day and write them down as gratitude declarations. It helps to physically manifest gratitude in writing so it can penetrate the subconscious and plant positive thoughts and emotions to grow. They will resurface to your consciousness and the sooner the better!

3.  Get some perspective

Sharing a problem with someone that is willing to listen without harsh judgment helps lighten emotional loads. Seek out someone that is willing to listen and may be able to give you a different perspective. They may even help find solutions to issues.  

And help someone else that is experiencing a challenging day. It is a opportunity to bring forward in your consciousness caring and compassion, energizing love from your spiritual heart. You will be lightening the day for whom you help and yourself. 

4. Find a reason to smile!

Within a smile is gentleness, a quality of Love. Smiling has been shown to cause a quicker stress recovery. Even fake smiling can trigger neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in your system. And it may lead to realizing a reason to smile!

And you know what tickles your funny bone, so seek it out. Laughter is a form of release and can make you feel better about your day. You may even find something in your day that when you look back at it in the future it is funny.

Contacting Universal Life Energy

5. Breathe in Light of Universal Life Energy

If you feel bad then breathe in Light of Universal Life Energy (prana or chi) with the Star Exercise or Mental Contact and center It in your body. That breath of Light will help you release the grip of the subconscious, even those you may be unconscious of, and help you establish a sense of optimism.

#4 a sense of humor is so essential for happiness! When I asked someone what is their top way to turn a day around they said the number one way was to drop the kids over at the grandparents! Made me giggle!! Because I understand that logic! As a grandparent it most likely would turn the grandparents day around too!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The Cause is known by the Effect produced.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 249.

Beautiful creatures

sit be quiet 

People are beautiful.

Sometimes I just sit and people watch. When we people watch we are looking at ourselves. 

People are beautiful, but we can also be so frighteningly ugly because we strive for external power in the world.

That unconscious desire and fear makes us do terrible things and causes us to suffer. Yet, if you look deep beyond the fear and emptiness, there is the beauty of the soul that is striving to express internal creative power of cohesion with everyone else and the universe.

How can that be true?

Even in the trouble we cause, the negative behaviors, the painful karma we create, we are in the process of unfolding our soul and our beauty. We may think – how can that be true in all that pain, suffering and ugliness?

We’ve created the subconscious ego that believes it rules the world. And, so we choose modes of learning in which we use negative energy, harmful energy, and thus create negative karma.

The Great Principle is eternally compassionate

We’ve fallen and think we can’t get up. We’ve lost conscious awareness of our soul. 

Yet, we are educating ourselves, and becoming more conscious of the Universal Laws. When we make a mistake it hurts and we think – perhaps we shouldn’t do that again! When I stumble and hurt, emotionally or physically, I always ask myself ‘why.’

Mentally we have separated ourselves from the Infinite and Source. That is a big mistake, yet not an eternal one. But, because of the Universal Laws, including the Law of Gender, time becomes a factor in our minds when we consider our spiritual journey back to full realization of who we are and unity with the Great All. 

Mentally we’ve turned away from Love and Beauty. When we think of other people as beautiful we are relating to the Eternal, the Source of Beauty. When we love, including human love for a partner, child or pet, we are expressing an awakening to unconditional Love and Love of the Eternal. 

We are harmonizing, healing ourselves.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Material beauty is the expression in Matter of a Spiritual Power.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 153.


Fear of Terrorists, Part 1

Because of recent events consider this entry! May Peace be with You.

Science of Being

Some may say that terrorism is so prevalent today because of conflicts between people, their rights, their freedom, and their land which started long ago. It’s said that the conflict between religious beliefs and the struggle for dominance are causing extremism, and it is but it also goes deeper than that.

Terrorists and fear of terrorism exist because we believe we have lost something vital.

image, digitalart

We feel disconnected and separate from each other, and more importantly separate from God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahma, or a thousand other names humanity uses for the Great Causeless Cause. Though we may not be conscious of it – we believe that we have lost the support of the Eternal.

That is the fall of mind; our thinking that doubts its natural state of Peace, Purpose and Eternal Love. The mind that created subconscious fear, hatred and beliefs that are…

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Green Art and what it does for You

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.

Even photos of nature can connect us with the calming frequencies in nature through our imagination and mental vibrations. We are made of the same stuff, but plants and animals live more in harmony with the Great Principle and the Laws of Nature. Everything in nature can inspire us! The energy in nature and Mother Earth energizes, renews us and helps raise our conscious frequency and awareness. 

What we can perceive

Many things speak to me through analogy in this setting. The natural plant growth, trees, rounded stones, ripples in the water and the endless, open sky. The ingenious human use of water, the split rail fence and stacked stone walls, and the reflection of the mill in the pond.  

It’s interesting that when we look at the reflection of the mill in the pond it appears upside-down to us. With water being a symbol of mind, it is an analogy that we can mentally perceive things in a polar condition, dual or upside-down. Yet, we can also perceive both the illusion and the cause, and know the difference.  We can see beyond the substance and feel the spirit and be inspired. 

The benefits

This setting calms me and I can rest in the serenity. Green plants in nature normally have a very healing energy with soothing vibrations, a quality of open living, abundance, growth and love. From the analogy of their presence, they are very connected to the Life of the Universe, Universal Life Energy, and rooted in the present moment of living their soul purpose. 

Interestingly, the heart chakra is associated with the frequency of the color green. With an open and tender heart we are abundant in love, giving and receiving love and life energy. In  a natural condition it is the center of our life; we feel through it. But, the heart chakra can become overburdened with subconscious negativity and become damaged. Being in nature can help cleanse, heal and inspire us because we are emotionally reconnecting with our natural heart state. 

We have house plants because they are alive and inspire us in more ways that providing oxygen. We line city streets with trees and make gardens on terraces. We cultivate an attitude of conservation of our forests, wildlife and oceans. Green is vital for our life!

The gift of art and what it does for You

I took this photo on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, USA. It’s called Mabry Mills and You are welcomed to use it for your own creativity and art. Creativity is a quality of Love.

Art is a creative expression, communication and statement. Art also gets us to think, ask questions, wonder. It can inspire us to be conscious of feeling something which manifests in our behavior. So, art can inspire us to create too! Great art inspires us to lookup within to our Higher Self and Love. 

One of my spiritual teachers gave a wonderful lesson on –I am the artist.’ Think about it! Creativity is a natural expression of our soul. It’s a self-help type of thing if we are conscious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Are You the artist? Are You inspired in some way by this scene? Comments and insights welcomed. Remember your Higher Self and Soul never hesitates!

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“…through THE REALIZATION OF THE ABSOLUTE HERE NEAR US, CLOSE AT HAND, WE IDENTIFY OURSELVES WITH ALL ITS POWERS. There is nothing closer to us than the Great Principle, because out of Its Own Self has It created us and IN IT WE LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 39. 

We are Linked!


Sunrise Bridge

As we become more and more conscious, awake and aware of being in the moment, the more we become aware of the temptations we face. In that moment we are given the opportunity to choose love or fear.

When we choose love, we will feel it in the tenderness of our heart and express it in our behavior as consideration, goodwill and caring.  

Our behaviors dominated by feelings of love not only transforms us, but because of our link to everyone and everything else it helps transform those near us, and indeed the world! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


“As we human beings are also members of the Great Family of Nature, we are endowed with the same faculty as the rest of Creation to contact Universal Lie Energy directly through our body and to use it whenever we need.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 22. 

Butterfly Wisdom – Come to Know You

Science of Being


We are born and play through our youth
And come to taste the pain of growing up.
In our middle years we more than make up for the time we wasted,
So we think, by striking at everything in sight.
We taste the wine, hear the song, smell the burn of fear.
We walk the walk how we are taught,
And forget how to be a natural friend.
Finally we tire of the game and begin to feel that there’s something wrong
And turn within to face the charges made about us.

come to know u backgroundGraphic, prostocks

We die we think, yet come to comprehend
We choose to live and die forgetting again.
Each time I come face to face with You
And look in your eyes that are more than a window to the mind;
They are a window to the soul – yours and mine.

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