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Beautiful creatures

  People are beautiful. Sometimes I just sit and people watch. When we people watch we are looking at ourselves.  People are beautiful, but we can also be so frighteningly ugly because we strive for external power in the world. That … Continue reading

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Fear of Terrorists, Part 1

Originally posted on Science of Being:
Some may say that terrorism is so prevalent today because of conflicts between people, their rights, their freedom, and their land which started long ago. It’s said that the conflict between religious beliefs and the…

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It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 1

The Law of Gender is expressed throughout all nature in the physical level as complimentary sexes, male and female. But, gender also expresses itself in all creation, including on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Masculine and feminine energies have … Continue reading

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Dance on water

Body, mind and emotions attuned… Your reflection is rippled and distorted in the human mind, yet your Higher Self knows You dance on water, You float on air! You are a gentle soul that unfolds petal, by 1,000 petals so that … Continue reading

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Green Art and what it does for You

Green Art Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered. Even photos of nature can connect us with the … Continue reading

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You are Appreciated!

  Thank You for your support in our spiritual journey together. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the Wisdom in Science of Being. Through these posts we have had many adventures over the past year and half. And, if … Continue reading

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We are Linked!

  As we become more and more conscious, awake and aware of being in the moment, the more we become aware of the temptations we face. In that moment we are given the opportunity to choose love or fear. When … Continue reading

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The highest unconditional Love Spirit containing All The origin from which we come I am One In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

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Butterfly Wisdom – Come to Know You

Originally posted on Science of Being:
COME TO KNOW YOU We are born and play through our youth And come to taste the pain of growing up. In our middle years we more than make up for the time we…

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Butterfly Wisdom – Arrows Fly

Arrows Fly→→→ Listening to self-deception, sharpened by fear, jealousy, accusation, Self-righteous arrows fly→→→  searching for their target to inflect  pain by    humiliation. The targeted heart←←← being both judicious and tender, ardently follows Spirit  consideration, Whispers silent words forgiving, gently … Continue reading

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