Too busy to meditate…it’s a paradox!

Tallinn, Estonia 2019

We may feel so busy in our home and work life there doesn’t seem enough time to meditate even though it feels like a virtuous thing to do. But if we experience relentless stress, worries or depression then we may consider finding a way out of the uncomfortable.

Yet part of us can still stubbornly resist what can help us discover our inner calm and strength. It’s a paradox that we may unconsciously let dominate us!

Consider this: even though we may believe we don’t have time for meditation, we do what is important to us don’t we? 

Within the eye of the storm of our life is calm, and we can rest, recharge and rejuvenate our minds and hearts. We can reconnect with the tenderness in our hearts, even when our hearts have been broken. 

Within each of us is the Universe. It’s very expansive Universal Life Energy … God…Om! With a few minutes a day meditation can help you face life’s challenges and appreciate the joys with strength, confidence, and uplifting energies.  

And you will discover that you can Trust your Inner guru, your Higher Self. It will guide you to those insights you (your consciousness) are open to. And to those that are helpful and enlightening. You are protected in the Light of your Higher Self.

And there are many information resources available concerning meditation, including this website. The comment box below is available for questions.

How to get started? A simple 5 minute exercise called Relaxation and SilenceThe Universe supports You unconditionally. 

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

Photo: Tallinn, Estonia 2019 PSLB

“Through MEDITATION you will wipe away the discordant films which obscure expression of the Soul’s higher qualities through you human channels and will promote an extraordinary development and accord in every direction.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 280.

Light upon the path – Morning Glory

morning glory blue a 2016

Blue Beauty, star in the morning rising

Trumpeting Life’s fascinating formation song,

Imitating a despairing premature death by evening

Agreeably Light upon the path again after dawn.


As I was walking along the lake this little Lightbearer caught my eye. It shines so True and beautiful and I’m so happy that I was able to catch a shot of its nature and character. And, you may even spot an ant peeping out, having spread some pollen already! There are shadows of ants climbing along the back of the blossom too.

What’s amazing to me is the light from its center of attraction.  I’m attracted and hope you are too!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more we listen to our Higher Self, the more we are creators. Composers of music listen to their Higher Selves. Everything beautiful coming from humans comes from their Higher Selves. We should be guided by our Higher Self and produce more and more beautiful things.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, page 26.

Photos taken by PSLB 2016.


Mindful as the Open Sky


Looking towards the distant line of the horizon,
Becoming silent,
Found some peace there
by watching clouds

Above the heads of man,
Changing shapes at will,
Floating in their free
And impermanent way.

Like the sky
that is above us,
it is also right around us
and in us.
We are one
with the open sky,
just as we are one
with our soul.


Being mindful and looking up into the sky can help us look up within ourselves to find inspiration from within, from our Higher Self, our Superconsciousness. And inspiration can always be found when we are silent, grateful, ask and listen. We merge consciously with our authentic selves.

The photo is interesting in that when I use my imagination there seems to be a Being with mouth open, speaking, giving me guidance!  Nature is the Eternal manifested.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Universal Brotherhood of all things is a Fundamental Fact of Eternal Existence. Only Perfect harmony prevails behind the myriad faulty manifestations which sprouts forth into human perceptions, because the Great Law governing the entire Universe is Harmony Itself.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 358.

Photo taken by PSLB 2016

Lacey Summer Beauty!

queen ann's lace and bug2016

queen ann's lace lake

Retained Love

Snowy white summer lace

 Speaks of the reflections of memories past;

Sweet embraces and a tender trace 

of exquisite boundless Love, unsurpassed.

This week I took a walk along the lake in the mountains and came across some beautiful wildflowers. Queen Anne’s Lace was growing along the edge with some hanging over the water. And, next to some catstail were some green ones, not having turned white as yet. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoy them as much I as do and feel the wonderful waves of summer for those of you in the northern hemisphere!

In Light and With Light, PortiaSLB

“Nature is another name for the Eternal. What humans call Nature, are visible aspects of the Eternal. Man is an older brother of everything else existing in Nature.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 89.

Photos taken by PSLB: Queen Anne’s Lace, 2016

The Source of Beauty


Lilies are a source of enjoyment for me because of their stunning beauty. A big bonus is that they are perennials and don’t require much care, so I have several plants in my garden! Their beauty brings to the surface of my consciousness – Harmony. I hope they do for you too.

 Beautiful Lily

The source of beauty and all creation 

Harmony of Silent boundless fields

Lilies grow to lift their faces

Thankful for the sunlit spirit yields.

The source of beauty and all creation is Harmony. And, since we are part of creation we originated from Harmony.

We are like the twin that has forgotten our Beauty, Love and Harmony. Yet, we get a glimpse of ourselves in nature, through nature.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo of lilies in my garden, 2016!


“Everything Material is rooted in Spirit, not the Spirit rooted in Material.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being.

Mindful in Nature: Power of Listening, Part 3

The Trees Sing

The leaves stir, moved by a gentle breeze,

Listen! There’s a voice of silence in-between,

The trees sing, as the breeze weaves the stories.

We are inspired by beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We look up into the night sky at the moon, stars and Milk Way and are amazed at the beauty and wonder of it. We are getting a glimpse of the Infinite and it inspires us.

Communing with Nature

By being in nature, mindful and consciously aware we are communing with All that is, the Great All. We commune through vibration, Universal Life Energy, chi. Every cell, every fiber, every mental and emotional frequency of our being resonances with Universal Life Energy in nature and it harmonizes us. In nature we naturally synchronize with the earth energies, reestablishing balance between our auric field and earth energies. Our emotional and mental vibrations rises. We are feeding our soul. Healing ourselves. 

And as we  resonant, we can gain access to the wisdom in nature.  Nature has a silent voice. And, we can hear it when we are quiet inside, mindful, open and receptive. How much we can hear is a matter of our state of consciousness. 

Being quiet and mindful, we can get inspirations through our Higher Self. It may be a mental voice, colors, music, visions, or understanding. 

We are interconnected with all natural life in its many varied forms. We can feel the energy and the way it effects us. For example, different crystals have different vibrations and frequencies.

Hold different crystals in your hand or to your ‘third eye’ and feel the different frequencies, the way it makes you feel or how it opens a door to your awareness.

Meditate under a tree and you may gain access to the tree consciousness.

The stream babbles, has many experiences, and you can get an impression of them.

The spirit of the mountain speaks and has great wisdom that relates to us. Listen.

A natural life

We can learn much from nature. The mountains, seas, plants and animals are not burdened by beliefs, religions and superstitions that condition us and separate us. They live a more natural life and in harmony with earth. They benefit from the strength, wisdom and growth of each other. And, only until very near the end of their earthly cycle do they begin to decline in strength and beauty.

 Connecting with Nature

Nature is the very air we breathe. The warmth of sunshine on our face. The beating of our heart.

Everyday one of the first things I do in the morning, weather permitting, is to go outside and raise my hands, my head and mind to lookup within to the Universe and open myself to the Great Father and Mother Nature. I consciously contact Universal Life Energy and open myself to receive It, mindful and return it according to Universal Law.

We commune. I am grateful. Love is close at hand.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Your insights and inspirations are appreciated and can add to the meeting of minds!


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 97.

Photos: beach in Curacao, jungle in Panama, Kow Yai mountain sunset in Thailand, the beauty of Alaska, orchids in Bangkok



The mountain speaks

mountain speaks 4 refined

The mountain speaks
Of the strength in stillness,
Being in the world but not of the human world
Where life and death means only life
Where winter is the promise of spring
Where cloudy days are eventually blown away
There is the light of unlimited stars always.

The spirit speaks
Of the disturbance in the mental winds
Of imposing now-not-rare microwaves
Of strange chemical rain.

The spirit whispers,
‘Walk softly on Mother Earth
She pulls you closer to your soul purpose
Grounds you in the present moment
Solidifies you in the law.’

‘Feel the power,
the pulse of life beneath your feet
That sparks your heart to beat.’

‘Be quiet….and listen
to life, the breeze in the the trees, the stream, the moon and stars,
Change is the way of the sun.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Does the mountain speak to you?

Photo: Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA

“When we stand for the Truth we know that we are one with the Great Truth.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35.

Green Art and what it does for You

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.

Even photos of nature can connect us with the calming frequencies in nature through our imagination and mental vibrations. We are made of the same stuff, but plants and animals live more in harmony with the Great Principle and the Laws of Nature. Everything in nature can inspire us! The energy in nature and Mother Earth energizes, renews us and helps raise our conscious frequency and awareness. 

What we can perceive

Many things speak to me through analogy in this setting. The natural plant growth, trees, rounded stones, ripples in the water and the endless, open sky. The ingenious human use of water, the split rail fence and stacked stone walls, and the reflection of the mill in the pond.  

It’s interesting that when we look at the reflection of the mill in the pond it appears upside-down to us. With water being a symbol of mind, it is an analogy that we can mentally perceive things in a polar condition, dual or upside-down. Yet, we can also perceive both the illusion and the cause, and know the difference.  We can see beyond the substance and feel the spirit and be inspired. 

The benefits

This setting calms me and I can rest in the serenity. Green plants in nature normally have a very healing energy with soothing vibrations, a quality of open living, abundance, growth and love. From the analogy of their presence, they are very connected to the Life of the Universe, Universal Life Energy, and rooted in the present moment of living their soul purpose. 

Interestingly, the heart chakra is associated with the frequency of the color green. With an open and tender heart we are abundant in love, giving and receiving love and life energy. In  a natural condition it is the center of our life; we feel through it. But, the heart chakra can become overburdened with subconscious negativity and become damaged. Being in nature can help cleanse, heal and inspire us because we are emotionally reconnecting with our natural heart state. 

We have house plants because they are alive and inspire us in more ways that providing oxygen. We line city streets with trees and make gardens on terraces. We cultivate an attitude of conservation of our forests, wildlife and oceans. Green is vital for our life!

The gift of art and what it does for You

I took this photo on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, USA. It’s called Mabry Mills and You are welcomed to use it for your own creativity and art. Creativity is a quality of Love.

Art is a creative expression, communication and statement. Art also gets us to think, ask questions, wonder. It can inspire us to be conscious of feeling something which manifests in our behavior. So, art can inspire us to create too! Great art inspires us to lookup within to our Higher Self and Love. 

One of my spiritual teachers gave a wonderful lesson on –I am the artist.’ Think about it! Creativity is a natural expression of our soul. It’s a self-help type of thing if we are conscious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Are You the artist? Are You inspired in some way by this scene? Comments and insights welcomed. Remember your Higher Self and Soul never hesitates!

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“…through THE REALIZATION OF THE ABSOLUTE HERE NEAR US, CLOSE AT HAND, WE IDENTIFY OURSELVES WITH ALL ITS POWERS. There is nothing closer to us than the Great Principle, because out of Its Own Self has It created us and IN IT WE LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 39. 

Green Art

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.


This scene is so beautiful I thought I would share it with You. I took this photo in Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s now a historic site called Mabry Mills, but they used to grind corn on a stone mill inside powered by a stream turning the water wheel.

This setting is a popular subject for artists and You are welcomed to use it for creative art too.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


Love and Hate, + more of ‘the thinker’

To Love 2

The beauty of a rose tells us that love is natural. It is beautiful to us because we have within us that same beauty – the beauty of Love – and we are touched by it’s soft and tender expressions. It’s color, its shape, its texture, and its fragrance  says love.

Love makes us stronger, but the subconscious ego wants to deny that and turn it upside down.

In the hope You find love close at hand, Portia SLB

Enjoy the Moment

More information has been added the ‘the thinker’ page as requested!  And, I appreciate that request! The monkey chatter is slowly fading away!

Consider checking that expanded page out: “the thinker”

The Thinker Image by Daniel Stockman via Wikipedia