Too busy to meditate…it’s a paradox!

Tallinn, Estonia 2019

We may feel so busy in our home and work life there doesn’t seem enough time to meditate even though it feels like a virtuous thing to do. But if we experience relentless stress, worries or depression then we may consider finding a way out of the uncomfortable.

Yet part of us can still stubbornly resist what can help us discover our inner calm and strength. It’s a paradox that we may unconsciously let dominate us!

Consider this: even though we may believe we don’t have time for meditation, we do what is important to us don’t we? 

Within the eye of the storm of our life is calm, and we can rest, recharge and rejuvenate our minds and hearts. We can reconnect with the tenderness in our hearts, even when our hearts have been broken. 

Within each of us is the Universe. It’s very expansive Universal Life Energy … God…Om! With a few minutes a day meditation can help you face life’s challenges and appreciate the joys with strength, confidence, and uplifting energies.  

And you will discover that you can Trust your Inner guru, your Higher Self. It will guide you to those insights you (your consciousness) are open to. And to those that are helpful and enlightening. You are protected in the Light of your Higher Self.

And there are many information resources available concerning meditation, including this website. The comment box below is available for questions.

How to get started? A simple 5 minute exercise called Relaxation and SilenceThe Universe supports You unconditionally. 

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

Photo: Tallinn, Estonia 2019 PSLB

“Through MEDITATION you will wipe away the discordant films which obscure expression of the Soul’s higher qualities through you human channels and will promote an extraordinary development and accord in every direction.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 280.

7 thoughts on “Too busy to meditate…it’s a paradox!

  1. Every now and then I slip into this mindset of not having time to meditate and then feel silly when I’ve got back into meditation and find that it’s freed up my time!

  2. Yes I have found the Journey to be a fascinating Adventure! If I don’t truly have the time because of poor planning on my part! I find the time later in my day and I feel
    So much more Joy in my day doing what I must do and extra time makes its way into my busy life and it’s so neat! I do agree with you about being more aware during the what used to be mundane daily work etc… to be so much more Happy.
    So for anyone who just has convinced themselves they don’t have time? Start with baby steps and pockets of time will just happen and it’s your choice whether you take it or not!
    Always Love MRLB

  3. Thank You for sharing your experiences because it helps myself and others get other soul’s perspectives. And from those perspectives we can expand our awareness and consideration. 5 -10 minutes daily consistently can make a difference in our lives from my experience also. And I also may practice 10 minutes, yet want to stay longer in that calm, enlightening energy. I find it helps me reconnect to an inner awareness during the day.With the help of the Great Law we will journey on! With Light and Love, Portia

  4. I Love this post. I have been following the guidance on meditating every day for some time now. From Science of Being, your Inspiration
    And my own Inner Guidance and things have improved in
    my everyday Life!
    I was one who didn’t think I had time or just plain was lazy and didn’t take the time!
    Now I’ve persevered to make it happen even if it’s for only
    five or ten minutes and find I don’t want to stop! I’ve gotten the relaxation down and can feel Universal Life Energy flowing through me very well! The Silence of mind
    Is not always the easiest! But I persevere! I see improvements in my daily Life and am grateful I can recognize it!
    Thank You for all you do! It helps me allot!
    Always Love,

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