Giving Healing Energy to the World

It is not enough to sympathetically hope the world will heal. Though we like to think the human intellect can find a way, it is the human mind that holds us in the prison and causes us to have problems. So what can we do?

We can open to the tenderness of our heart and be a channel for Divine Love and Harmony, Universal Life Energy. Every time we connect with Universal Life Energy we connect with the Source. As it’s healing properties flow through us it overcomes disharmony at the very root with its inherent qualities of Power, Abundance, Wisdom, Law, Harmony and Protection. We become a channel to help raise the level of understanding, cooperation and caring for us all.

We do not have to be fully enlightened beings to contact this power or to transmit it. We have been mentally conditioned and programmed to doubt, fear, and reject divine union with cosmic energy. Though we have forgotten our True Self and Source, we are made of Eternal Energy, the stuff of stars, and can readily contact and transmit it. 

 When you agree to become an open channel, it is your heart – your spiritual heart and Seat of Love and Attraction – that draws in and pours out Living Energy. Love is inclusive. As you project it out to others and the world, the Force flows from one being to another, connecting everyone and everything, and generating an increasingly stronger flow of the healing fire! 

Consider adding this practice after your daily meditation:

  1. Stand, enter the Silence and make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. Go into the Star Exercise position.
  2. Once you feel that the flow of Universal Life Energy is well established and is flowing back into the earth through your right hand, bring both hands up and over your head. With your palms facing up, remain connected to Universal Life Energy and simultaneously bring your feet together. 
  3. As soon as you feel the Force flowing through the top of your head, extend your arms and hands outward in front of you in a blessing position. With your thumbs lightly touching, let the Force flow through both your hands to the world. 
  4. Let that aura of giving be felt within yourself as presence, confidence and harmony. Have an attitude of impersonal, unconditional Love for the world. And, remember that Universal Life Energy is self-governing and works harmoniously according to Universal Law, so any willpower on your part limits its effectiveness. “The Great Principle’s will be done.” 
  5. Continue being an open channel for several moments or as you are guided by your soul and Higher Self. 
  6. As you gradually release your focus, sweep your arms and hands wide over the world, releasing your conscious contact. 

The added benefit of this practice is that the loving fire it generates will return to You