The heart of mindfulness – sometimes it is hidden


We humanly identify ourselves with our personally, our intellect and ego and external power. Yet a clearer and purer reflection of ourselves is from our heart, our internal power because it has the true qualities of our soul. But without being conscious and mindful of our emotions, we cannot know the difference between the urges and beliefs of our ego and the guidance and wisdom of our heart to create a more harmonious reality. 

Your direct connection

By being mindful with an purpose and intent of love in your heart and mind you can come to a higher order of understanding of yourself and the world. Your heart center is your Center of Love and your direct connection with the Great Principle, Cosmic Consciousness, God. It is through our connection and support of the Great Principle that we co-create our reality.

Our heart is also our center of attraction, so what we feel is what we attract. While your subconscious ego believes in a state of duality or opposites and co-creates your reality that way, your scared heart center co-creates in a state of unity, a blending of both Love and Mind. A blending of power, wisdom, love and compassion.

An emotional heart that is wise 

Love raises your consciousness. And, is strong, wise and compassionate, even when on the outside it appears to be none of those things. For example, during my early years of studying Science of Being, I remember my spiritual teacher helping someone that was feeling so downtrodden, so hopeless that they couldn’t see a way out of the emotional dark hole they had dug for their selves. She bombarded them relentlessly with questions like, “How is it down there? Can you name it? Do you want me to push you further down? Maybe that’ll help, so you can push off from the bottom?” There was no sympathy at all! That went on for a long while until they both started giggling like children! 

She helped them to be conscious of their emotions with a purpose of unconditional love for their self. In a state of love and mindfulness you can trace your emotions back to their cause and see the effects. From your heart of mindfulness you have compassion for yourself and have a sense of humor about your confusion and the illusion of an emotional black hole.

The Heart of your Inner Guide

We can circle in habitual patterns without understanding how our emotions feed our thoughts and behaviors. That we have the nervous jiggers, that we are impatience, feeling guilty, jealous or resentful. Or the causes behind  them.  Yet, through mindfulness we can come to our heart and soul.

We can use a mindful, self-observation method to help us not only detach emotionally from our problems, see the light at the end of the tunnel, but also to help us harmonize our reality.

Begin self-observation by first taking some deep breaths, relaxing and entering the Silence. Make the mental contact with Universal Life Energy to boost your mental clarity and clear your emotions. By detaching emotionally, becoming the watcher of the thinker, you can enter your heart center with the purpose and intent of unconditional Love. Feel within your heart personal love and gratitude for Life, Wisdom, Truth and Love that is your Unity with the Great Principle. Then from your heart, that very sincere, truthful and unconditionally loving center, ask yourself questions to trace your emotions and become conscious and aware from the heart of your True Self.  

  • Can you name what you are feeling? And, the reason.
  • Are you conscious in the moment?
  • Are you conscious of virtues, strength, beauty and love in others? And in yourself?
  • What is your intent? 
  • Do you have some insight about the relationship between your intent and your experience?
  • Do you have awareness of the law of karma in action?
  • Are you conscious of the lesson that You as a soul have chosen to learn? 
  • Are you grateful?
  • Are you willing to detach from fear?
  • And, is it going to make you stronger or weaker? More awake or asleep? 
  • Are you willing to choose to have a intent of creating your reality with love rather than fear?

Harmonizing your reality

Sometimes the heart of mindfulness is initially hidden under our unconscious emotions, yet when you continue to return to mindfulness with the intent and purpose of love, you will enter your heart center. 

From your spiritual heart you are in a higher order of consciousness which is a blending of both intelligence and love, of both Wisdom and Love. And, in that state you can come to know your True Self and manifest your life from your soul. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“An individuals character can never be judged when conditions are harmonious. The only true accurate understanding of people can be obtained when disharmonious things come to the surface. The surroundings effect an individual to the extend of bringing out what is latent within him.

We should fight, not to destroy disharmony, but to be on the same level with Harmony.”

Eugene Fersen,  Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, pages 92 & 94.

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Be neither cynical or gullible, but this much is true: Okay these 10 things!

grasp the significance 3

  1. That embarrassing reflection in the mirror of yourself is your Friend and Spiritual teacher if you are insightful, kind and have a sense of humor.

  2. Your Higher Self does not impose itself on You. You must be silent and listen for your Inner Voice of intuition with an conscious awareness of Unity. The more you listen to your intuition, do the right thing and are grateful, the more intuition you will receive.

  3. A ‘setback’ in your life can actually pull you forward on your spiritual journey. 

  4. Sometimes the wisest thing you can do is learn what not to do! Pain is a teacher!

  5. The ‘opposite’ sex is not opposite. The male-female principle, the Law of Gender, is part of you and you create your reality with it.

  6. The world may say, ‘don’t discriminate,’ but your soul says, ‘always discriminate.’ That is always use your better judgment with love leading you.

  7.  The more you live a conscious heart, are motivated by tenderness, goodwill, kindness and consideration, the more you reveal your True Strength and Power. You are a positive force, a Light, not only for yourself and others around you, but indeed for the world! And, in that Light is your beauty, happiness and freedom.

  8.  Gratitude is an emotion that opens you to abundance and helps you create more reasons to be grateful!

  9. You have created this moment for yourself. The peculiarity of the subconscious is that it both divides and multiplies. An experience or idea is divided into simple, shorter thoughts thus losing its strength and focus. Then all those short thoughts are left to grow and multiply unnoticed, but in a divided state the entire purpose of it can be forgotten or perverted. Thus, the subconscious shapes the ego.

    I hope you got a smile out of this entry and some things to reflect upon!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“When we awaken in the Realm of Harmony, we will probably remember our entire Earthly experience for an instant of time, then the dream will be completely blotted out. However, the experience will be a re-enforcement to our character. We will not be able to Fall again, because we will be strengthened by this experience. It is like burning our finger with fire. We do not touch fire again. There are degrees of qualities and only those of a certain degree originally fell.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 160.

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I lay myself down


i lay myself down in the gentle Sun reflection off the moon

and while i contemplate, ponder and appraise the beauty of the night,

the moon imbues me with its soft, loving Light,

the stars invite me into their beautiful, infinite, tranquil  weave,

but the Earth pulls me closer, telling me  home is not to leave.

the remarkable unity connection causes a response in heart and mind,

a call for another unity that had been long lost, forgotten, left behind

this is the way out of the inverted condition with head over heart … with intuition 

leading the creation of reality, the turn, the upright amalgam of Heart-Unity-Mind:

simultaneous synchronicity, clarity allowing Love-Mind-Soul combined.


In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“In our Heart is the sacred chamber into which we can go and find there the strength and peace we need. The Heart is the Altar of the Most High. Only the Eternal can enter. We are the priests who officiate at the Altar of the Eternal, in the Altar of our own Heart.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume 1, page 281.

enhanced photo Kow Yai, Thailand

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Sometimes the bullsh’t gets to us, we loose it – 7 steps to recover and the bravest thing we can do on our spiritual journey

white orchid life refined 4

Sometimes the stress, the bullsh’t we see through, the opposition, the lack of cooperation especially from our kids, gets to us. We work a bit too hard to stay calm and collected in trying to defend ourselves, in trying to protect ourselves that we temporarily explode! We get mad, get scared, get worried.

So what to do? So how can we still be on our spiritual journey and feel good about ourselves?

Remember we’re human. It happens to us all. And a downfall into anger, fear, worry, resentment can be a wake-up call if we are aware. Every experience is part of our spiritual journey, including our outburst or downfall! Every experience is an opportunity to refine ourselves. To find the tenderness of our heart and wisdom of our mind.

A brave heart faces challenges, faces ourselves. Even runs right into it with eyes, mind and heart wide open! So next time – if you loose it try these 7 simple steps …

1. Pause and take a deep breath.

Focusing on your breath is changing your mind already!

2. Then move your body, walk.

Like freezing in fear, if you freeze your body, it can also mean freezing your mind. Moving your body also gives your hormones time to disperse. And better yet, it gives you an opportunity to walk into self-awareness.

3.  Be conscious; you are a free being and no one can make you angry or afraid!

 You are beautiful! Beautiful! Deny anger, fear, worry having any power over you.

We play the blame game; blaming others, the kids, or the situation for our stressed condition. Which in itself is a self-defeatist attitude! The more you are tempted to assign blame then the greater the emphasis you, your soul, has placed on the lesson and opportunity to remember your inner beauty and natural state of calm!! 

Emotional challenges can be changed into beautiful opportunities to know your true nature.

4. Let it go..let it go…let it go!

Be conscious that low-frequency emotions of anger, impatience, resentment and hatred are only temporary urges of the ego and the sooner you step back from them the sooner you return to the moment and its potential. 

5. Relax and focus on silence.

Inner calm, quiet, inner peace is your natural state. Relaxation and silence can bring you back to the beauty of the moment. 

6. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy (chi, prana).

Let It help you. You are unifying yourself with the harmonizing energy of the Universe and Great Principle, increasing your own inner Light and Love.

7. Center yourself in your spiritual heart.

Find within yourself personal love and unconditional Love, then radiate Love from the tenderness of your heart. Love is your only true protection, source of strength and wisdom. 

When our kids, our children, are being disrespectful, remember that they also experience confusion, ignorance, and fear. In the stress of trying to find their way and growing up they can also temporarily loose it! But they rely on us, responsible guardians, for love, attention, guidance and discipline. They are also teaching us and the deeper they fall into the dark hole of the ego the greater the lessons for all concerned! I recommend a wonderful book for parents: The Conscious Parent by Dr Shefali Tsabary.

I have been amazed at the results of using the 7 steps above! And even more amazingly is how others can respond. Even though they may not be conscious of what has happened or why, they usually change their attitude too!

Sometimes we are overwhelmed in our human life. It happens to us all. When you are overwhelmed and lose it, remember it is temporary. You are courageous!

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is to continue. To get up and try again!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Also consider: Arrows Fly

“We should learn to follow only the influence of our Higher Self. It helps us to gain mental poise and stability, so that no outside influence can affect us.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 167.

Comments and questions are appreciated:

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Light upon the path – Morning Glory

morning glory blue a 2016

Blue Beauty, star in the morning rising

Trumpeting Life’s fascinating formation song,

Imitating a despairing premature death by evening

Agreeably Light upon the path again after dawn.


As I was walking along the lake this little Lightbearer caught my eye. It shines so True and beautiful and I’m so happy that I was able to catch a shot of its nature and character. And, you may even spot an ant peeping out, having spread some pollen already! There are shadows of ants climbing along the back of the blossom too.

What’s amazing to me is the light from its center of attraction.  I’m attracted and hope you are too!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more we listen to our Higher Self, the more we are creators. Composers of music listen to their Higher Selves. Everything beautiful coming from humans comes from their Higher Selves. We should be guided by our Higher Self and produce more and more beautiful things.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, page 26.

Photos taken by PSLB 2016.


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Like in a reality show we create conflict in our life! But why?


Television dramas and reality shows soar in popularity, especially when there is obvious conflict. We want the characters to bravely face problems and overcome them. We want happy endings and great achievements. But, why are we so attracted to conflict in stories and competitions? And, do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

The Entertainment

Sure, we like to be entertained with games and stories on tv and conflict makes good drama. We are kept in suspense and emotionally invested with anticipation in the hope of them overcoming the challenges they face.  We like the adventure and are attracted to it because we relate it to our own drama.

Our Power of Creation

In reality shows some of the conflict is staged for entertainment. But, in our own reality we create conflict and drama in our life unconsciously because we fall prey to subconscious negative temptations.

Cause and effect modality

When we do fall prey to negative temptations we have chosen to engage in the dynamic of karma. Negative karma can be very painful, yet we may learn some very valuable life lessons.  

Myself as an example

I remember driving and coming to a stop light, when the driver of the car in the parallel lane next to me got very angry that I hadn’t pulled up further. He shouted at me and I quickly replied with a nasty response. Fortunately the light turned green and we moved on. 

I still remember that particular road rage incident, my self-centerness and retaliation, and the pain it caused me from guilt.

Yet, I learned from it –  to care about what I am doing in the moment. And, that even when I make a mistake and it is painful, I can pick myself up and know that I am on the other side of it.

That moment lead me to understand that when we sincerely quest for answers to know ourselves, help and answers will come.

Life lessons

When someone attackes us it is a sure sign they are hurting. And jumping in their pain only adds to it, feeds it, and hurts us too. They have a right to their own mistakes and learning process.

That doesn’t mean we should accept abuse. Love is strong and we can either remove ourselves, get help or report it to proper authorities.

Being conscious, calm and finding our own inner peace will help us release a retaliation response and even if the other person is not conscious of it, it will help the other person too.

We will keep experiencing the same lesson over and over until we recognize our authentic power of a conscious loving mind and manifest qualities of love. 

Pain is a teacher

Pain in problems and conflict is something that we agreed to and created through our thoughts, emotions, and most of all, our behaviors. Yet, what hurts us also hurts others.


Next time you face a challenge and are tempted by low-frequency emotions which creates conflict or adds to conflict, to get in a fight, be brave and remember that the greater the temptation, the more importance you have placed on the lesson you have agreed to learn!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflection upon:

“Another way to neutralize that law of Polarity is continually to refuse to see the negative, always place the weight in the positive scale, to try to see, even in things most unpleasant, something good. Thus we cast the weight in the right scale, in the positive, and the result is, that by and by the law of Polarity will be neutralized, and finally will cease to operate in our lives at all. Then, ONLY the positive will come to us.”  

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being 

I appreciate You!

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What stands between you and enlightenment? It’s not only about sex, the Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of


It’s not only about sex, The Law of Gender, Part 7

Most of us unconsciously fear enlightenment and what it means for our human life. At the same time we urn to hear the voice of wisdom and inner guidance of our intuition. We always get to choose, but our human perception of the Law of Gender plays a big role in keeping us from knowing our authentic selves and enlightenment.

The Law of Gender and enlightenment

Enlightenment is our authentic power of conscious Light and Love. We feel our Being, know our Soul and are full of Divine Purpose. We get glimpses of it through intuition and during meditation, however most of us are unable to stay in a state of enlightenment for very long. In our human reality we mentally separate ourselves from consciously uniting with our Higher Self, our Superconsciousness.

This relates to our human concept of the Law of Gender; we mentally separate our feminine and masculine genders, we separate Mind from Love. We also mentally separate ourselves from consciously uniting with our Superconsciousness, having created the subconscious ego.

As discussed in Parts 1 and 2, on the mental level the subconsciousness represents our mental feminine gender because of its power to receive, grow and propagate both positive and negative energies. While the Self-consciousness, or simply the consciousness, is considered the male gender because of its power to give and discriminate. And, it is the subconsciousness that stands between our consciously connecting with our Superconsciousness.

We’ve mentally dallied and been consciously lazy, not standing guard to our feminine subconscious, letting most anything enter to grow! The subconscious manifests in most every cell and center of our body, but there are 3 main areas that are the most concentrated:

  • the back of the brain (across from 6th chakra)
  • the solar plexus (seat of the subconscious, 3rd chakra)
  • the heart (4th chakra). The heart is our Seat of Love, but we also suffer negative emotions of fear which are also collected there.


The subconscious blocks the natural rise of the energy from the Seat of our soul!

Life Center and Kundalini

Located at the base of the spine and the coccyx, the Seat of our Soul is our Life Center (root chakra). It is a living, life  generating force and magnetic that attracts Life Energy from the Universe. It is our physical manifestation of our unity with the Great Principle on earth. And it is our root that connects us to the energy of Mother earth, the earth matrix. 

The purpose and health of the root chakra is even more important than the crown and brow chakras. It is a pure, unadulterated power source of our soul, but because mentally living in the subconscious ego we pervert it and unconsciously block the vast majority of energy to raise throughout all our body, to the higher levels of our heart, our consciousness and head chakras, enligtening us. 

The soul energy of the Kundalini is latent there. The Kundalini is an energy that has been described as the sleeping snake because when it is awakened the latent Universal Life Energy there spirals upward to empower the crown and brow chakras, the 7th chakra and door to Supeconsciousness and the 6th chakra energy Self-consciousness,  awakening us.

Regardless of the latent state of the Kundalini, we block the energy of our Soul in the Root Chakra. 

So how do we open to the flow of energy from the Seat of our Soul?

  1. Consider yourself as a child; open yourself to enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth. Lay in the grass, look to the sky, be mindful of the beauty, fragrance, feel, taste and sounds of Nature. Nature naturally harmonizes your root chakra.
  2. Be conscious of the magnetism of Mother Earth and how she pulls you to her and grounds you in your reality. She is security, heart beating and living with you. 
  3. Feel Universal Life Energy of the earth and universe. Visualize it as Light entering through both your root and crown chakras, up and down your central energy channel, then cycling back to the earth and universe. 
  4. Focus that Light Energy as a flame in your root chakra and let the Light move up through the 2nd and to the 3rd chakra, concentrating it there as a sphere of Light. Let It purify and brighten the solar plexus, burning away fearful energies like worry, and frustration, making it strong and fertile for all conscious, loving thoughts to grow.  
  5. When the first three chakras have been brightened and purified, move the sphere of Light up into the 4th, heart chakra. Let that Light burn away fearful emotions like resentment and guilt. And feel Love for all in your heart. 
  6. Visualize and blow on the flame of Universal Life Energy in the root chakra and seeing the Light rise higher. Let it rise and fill your entire head with Light, burning away attachment to negative memories and painful conditions. Feel gratitude and see the beauty in your life. Surrender your will to move in the Light of the Great Principle. 

Also consider Living a Conscious Heart which is the practice of consciously blending both of your inner genders in your reality. It is a major factor in clearing the way for the energies of your soul to flow in your reality now. You consciously (inner male mental energy) manifest Love (inner feminine emotional energy) in your life and release the temptations of the ego.

In the  Radiant Heart exercise you become a channel and radiate Universal Life Energy and Love not only to yourself, but indeed to all humanity and earth, which further unfolds your authentic powers.

Simply put

Until we engage our emotions and embrace our feminine quality of Love, until we live Love from our heart and mind, will we be able to mentally enlighten ourselves and live in harmony. When we surrender the negativity in our heart, release negative thoughts and emotions, we have before us the possibility of a powerful and life-changing transition.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Universal Life Energy is everywhere. Its supply is inexhaustible. Outside of you it is in a condition as Dynamic Life Energy. Within you, in your Life Center, it is in a static or condensed condition.” 

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 21. 

Upper most art animated by Red Hawk

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