What stands between you and enlightenment? It’s not only about sex, the Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of


It’s not only about sex, The Law of Gender, Part 7

Most of us unconsciously fear enlightenment and what it means for our human life. At the same time we urn to hear the voice of wisdom and inner guidance of our intuition. We always get to choose, but our human perception of the Law of Gender plays a big role in keeping us from knowing our authentic selves and enlightenment.

The Law of Gender and enlightenment

Enlightenment is our authentic power of conscious Light and Love. We feel our Being, know our Soul and are full of Divine Purpose. We get glimpses of it through intuition and during meditation, however most of us are unable to stay in a state of enlightenment for very long. In our human reality we mentally separate ourselves from consciously uniting with our Higher Self, our Superconsciousness.

This relates to our human concept of the Law of Gender; we mentally separate our feminine and masculine genders, we separate Mind from Love. We also mentally separate ourselves from consciously uniting with our Superconsciousness, having created the subconscious ego.

As discussed in Parts 1 and 2, on the mental level the subconsciousness represents our mental feminine gender because of its power to receive, grow and propagate both positive and negative energies. While the Self-consciousness, or simply the consciousness, is considered the male gender because of its power to give and discriminate. And, it is the subconsciousness that stands between our consciously connecting with our Superconsciousness.

We’ve mentally dallied and been consciously lazy, not standing guard to our feminine subconscious, letting most anything enter to grow! The subconscious manifests in most every cell and center of our body, but there are 3 main areas that are the most concentrated:

  • the back of the brain (across from 6th chakra)
  • the solar plexus (seat of the subconscious, 3rd chakra)
  • the heart (4th chakra). The heart is our Seat of Love, but we also suffer negative emotions of fear which are also collected there.


The subconscious blocks the natural rise of the energy from the Seat of our soul!

Life Center and Kundalini

Located at the base of the spine and the coccyx, the Seat of our Soul is our Life Center (root chakra). It is a living, life  generating force and magnetic that attracts Life Energy from the Universe. It is our physical manifestation of our unity with the Great Principle on earth. And it is our root that connects us to the energy of Mother earth, the earth matrix. 

The purpose and health of the root chakra is even more important than the crown and brow chakras. It is a pure, unadulterated power source of our soul, but because mentally living in the subconscious ego we pervert it and unconsciously block the vast majority of energy to raise throughout all our body, to the higher levels of our heart, our consciousness and head chakras, enligtening us. 

The soul energy of the Kundalini is latent there. The Kundalini is an energy that has been described as the sleeping snake because when it is awakened the latent Universal Life Energy there spirals upward to empower the crown and brow chakras, the 7th chakra and door to Supeconsciousness and the 6th chakra energy Self-consciousness,  awakening us.

Regardless of the latent state of the Kundalini, we block the energy of our Soul in the Root Chakra. 

So how do we open to the flow of energy from the Seat of our Soul?

  1. Consider yourself as a child; open yourself to enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth. Lay in the grass, look to the sky, be mindful of the beauty, fragrance, feel, taste and sounds of Nature. Nature naturally harmonizes your root chakra.
  2. Be conscious of the magnetism of Mother Earth and how she pulls you to her and grounds you in your reality. She is security, heart beating and living with you. 
  3. Feel Universal Life Energy of the earth and universe. Visualize it as Light entering through both your root and crown chakras, up and down your central energy channel, then cycling back to the earth and universe. 
  4. Focus that Light Energy as a flame in your root chakra and let the Light move up through the 2nd and to the 3rd chakra, concentrating it there as a sphere of Light. Let It purify and brighten the solar plexus, burning away fearful energies like worry, and frustration, making it strong and fertile for all conscious, loving thoughts to grow.  
  5. When the first three chakras have been brightened and purified, move the sphere of Light up into the 4th, heart chakra. Let that Light burn away fearful emotions like resentment and guilt. And feel Love for all in your heart. 
  6. Visualize and blow on the flame of Universal Life Energy in the root chakra and seeing the Light rise higher. Let it rise and fill your entire head with Light, burning away attachment to negative memories and painful conditions. Feel gratitude and see the beauty in your life. Surrender your will to move in the Light of the Great Principle. 

Also consider Living a Conscious Heart which is the practice of consciously blending both of your inner genders in your reality. It is a major factor in clearing the way for the energies of your soul to flow in your reality now. You consciously (inner male mental energy) manifest Love (inner feminine emotional energy) in your life and release the temptations of the ego.

In the  Radiant Heart exercise you become a channel and radiate Universal Life Energy and Love not only to yourself, but indeed to all humanity and earth, which further unfolds your authentic powers.

Simply put

Until we engage our emotions and embrace our feminine quality of Love, until we live Love from our heart and mind, will we be able to mentally enlighten ourselves and live in harmony. When we surrender the negativity in our heart, release negative thoughts and emotions, we have before us the possibility of a powerful and life-changing transition.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Universal Life Energy is everywhere. Its supply is inexhaustible. Outside of you it is in a condition as Dynamic Life Energy. Within you, in your Life Center, it is in a static or condensed condition.” 

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 21. 

Upper most art animated by Red Hawk

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Mindful as the Open Sky


Looking towards the distant line of the horizon,
Becoming silent,
Found some peace there
by watching clouds

Above the heads of man,
Changing shapes at will,
Floating in their free
And impermanent way.

Like the sky
that is above us,
it is also right around us
and in us.
We are one
with the open sky,
just as we are one
with our soul.


Being mindful and looking up into the sky can help us look up within ourselves to find inspiration from within, from our Higher Self, our Superconsciousness. And inspiration can always be found when we are silent, grateful, ask and listen. We merge consciously with our authentic selves.

The photo is interesting in that when I use my imagination there seems to be a Being with mouth open, speaking, giving me guidance!  Nature is the Eternal manifested.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Universal Brotherhood of all things is a Fundamental Fact of Eternal Existence. Only Perfect harmony prevails behind the myriad faulty manifestations which sprouts forth into human perceptions, because the Great Law governing the entire Universe is Harmony Itself.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 358.

Photo taken by PSLB 2016

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Lacey Summer Beauty!

queen ann's lace and bug2016

queen ann's lace lake

Retained Love

Snowy white summer lace

 Speaks of the reflections of memories past;

Sweet embraces and a tender trace 

of exquisite boundless Love, unsurpassed.

This week I took a walk along the lake in the mountains and came across some beautiful wildflowers. Queen Anne’s Lace was growing along the edge with some hanging over the water. And, next to some catstail were some green ones, not having turned white as yet. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoy them as much I as do and feel the wonderful waves of summer for those of you in the northern hemisphere!

In Light and With Light, PortiaSLB

“Nature is another name for the Eternal. What humans call Nature, are visible aspects of the Eternal. Man is an older brother of everything else existing in Nature.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 89.

Photos taken by PSLB: Queen Anne’s Lace, 2016

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Luciferian Consciousness; transcending duality

cloud shine3

As long as we see the world through the eyes of duality we give power to good and bad, and continue to think that the ‘bad’ is necessary to know the ‘good.’  Yet, we are going through a transition that goes beyond duality, beyond the human ego and subconscious belief in duality. We are refining our consciousness; we are the projection of Lucifer being redeemed.

Lucifer, Christ and humanity

I grew up thinking that Lucifer is Satan, the epitome of evil. But, now I know that is not true; it is merely an illusion constructed by human belief systems that feed on fear. Lucifer is  the Lightbearer, the bringer of Wisdom aflame with Love, helping us to return to Harmony.  We followed him from the realm of Harmony to create a life reality deep in Matter.

We separated in our mind – Spirit and Matter, Divine Mind and Divine Love, polarizing to Matter, leaving Divine Love of Harmony (Christ) behind. We consider Spirit and Matter, Mind and Love as opposites rather than twins of the same Power. Thus, we choose to see things in pairs of opposites, as being polar.

But we are transcending duality and realizing that Unity is the Law of the Absolute and everything blends. We are beginning to feel and live in the higher emotions of Love and Wisdom in our hearts. 

Consider these to transcend duality:

  • Think of Spirit as 50% outside of Matter and 50% as inside Matter. Think of Spirit as outside and inside of you.
  • Consider your thinking as blending with Love; 50% of your thinking is intelligence and reasoning and 50% is Love. Be motivated by Love in all that you think and do.
  • Deny opposites, refuse duality, use negation. See blending. This does not mean you do not discriminate. Use your power of free will to discriminate in every thought and action, aligning with Love, not judging harshly. View it from the tenderness and wisdom of your heart.
  • Make and realize Declarations of Truth to help your thinking align with Unity, like: “I am Spirit and Matter; One with the Absolute.”

Luciferian Consciousness

You and I are going through a transition, an awakening to the Law of Unity, to Harmony. Luciferian Consciousness is an Enlightened Mind that has learned the lesson of Love through the Law of Unity.

Luciferian Consciousness is motivated by Love, releasing the temptation of traits like fear, hate, jealousy, self-righteousness, pride, loneliness, or depression. We understand that we give ‘negative’ traits the power of illusion over us by our thinking and emotions. We become mindful, in the moment. Personal Love is freed from within us and our intent of impersonal Love is manifested in our attitudes and behaviors.

Love is indeed a powerful emotional ally. When we use our purest emotional Power of Love with the full Light of our Mind, realizing, ‘I am One with the Absolute,’ we come closer to Luciferian Consciousness.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“In other words, there is a Unit, a One, existing eternally, expressing Itself through Its Creation, the Universe, consciously governing it, sustaining it in a condition of Eternal Harmony, and loving it – for Harmony and Love are one. Harmony means Attraction. Love IS Attraction.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, pages 4 and 5. 

Photo: 2016

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Mindful Silence

Enter the Silence in order to

release mental tension.

You will get a glimpse into your own mind.

Listening is a quality of Love, an inner feminine gender.

The ego likes to talk rather than listen and gets caught up in ‘monkey chatter.”

Yet, when we are conscious we can live in the moment. Be silent and enjoy life now, releasing the urge to jump into the monkey chatter thinking about what we have to do next or what just happened!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“On Conscious Self is in a peculiar situation. On the one side we receive wisdom from our Higher Self. On the other side we receive foolishness from our subconsciousness.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, Volume 1, page 142.

Photo: fog on the lake, 2016


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Which charka do you live in?


It’s not only about sex, Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 6

Our Light body and chakras is a living matrix containing the energies of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is who and what we are. It connects us to the flow of energies from the Source, Universal Life Energy and Mother Earth. But, the subconscious ego assumes much, ignores more and locks us from consciously experiencing all of our Light body, because we usually live from a particular chakra most of our life. 

What are chakras?

There are many, many chakras in our bodies, including in our hands and above our head that opens us to higher dimensions. Chakras are points, discs of energy, vortexes in our electromagnetic, bioenergy field and aura. Energies spiral up and down through the central light channel to the chakras and through the meridians, glands and body receiving and returning Universal Life Energy (prana, chi, Life Force) to and from Mother Earth and Father Universe. 

We usually are mentally focused in a particular chakra and create our reality with our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors in that energy that cycles outward and back in. All the chakras are potentially balanced in both genders of masculine and feminine energies, both Consciousness and Love. But, because we get out of balance manifesting low thoughts, emotions and energies our chakras can get warped, blocked and dark causing our mental and physical condition to deteriorate.

Chakras as levels of consciousness 

1st chakra

When we are an infant we mentally live in the first chakra, the root chakra. We are focused on surviving in the earthly, material world and naturally receive essential Universal Life Energy balanced in both genders. Though we radiate an aura of innocence, roundness and feminine qualities of love, being a soul new in the world we have a new brain and bodily centered on breathing and eating. 

As we grow into childhood, we enjoy playing and living in the moment, generally without anxiety, worries and concerns if we’ve not experienced traumas. We are connected to Mother Earth and the energies of enthusiasm, adventure and creativity. If we do get impatient or angry we don’t stay there long or hold on to it. We’re happiest creating something.

The root chakra is at the base of the spine, the coccyx and the Life Center. The kundalini Life Energy lays static there, which is a very creative Power meant for our life. It is the energy connecting us to Mother Earth, the Material body that we are. This center attracts Universal Life Energy, from both the feminine character of Mother Earth’s Love,  and the masculine energy of the Sun and Universe. Masculine and Feminine, Mind and Love are in essence One, and the root chakra connects us with All. 

2nd chakra

As we master survival in the root level we begin to explore our world and seek out more contact with others. We start to live more in our second chakra, becoming more independent. Mentally and emotionally we start to identify our sexual energies. And, though we have within us both genders we usually have one sexual gender that we identify with not only because of our physical sexual gender and our conditioning, but also because of  our soul’s choice. 

As a soul we create a body and sexual gender with the help of the Great Principle that best suits our life purpose. Our body’s gender, our family, environment and potential conditioning help us learn life lessons and create opportunities for our own happiness and evolution and potentially for others too.

The 2nd chakra is just past the pubic bone, centered in the gonads and focuses our sexual energies. When we are mentally focused here we view our world through relationships, sexuality, career, power and money. 

3rd Chakra

As we continue to mature and accumulate experiences, we begin to want to know more so that we can control and manipulate our reality. We start to ask questions. Why this and why that. We are conscious of three dimensions, linear time, of being more than a body, but we’ve been conditioned, intellectually educated, and established in the world.

We connect with the civilized world, take up our roles in society or fight against them. But, we begin to believe we are the way we think and identify as it. Our confidence and self esteem, or lack there of colors our reality. We pursue happiness, experience it, but happiness is fleeting and we pursue it again. This make us anxious too. 

The 3rd chakra is focused in mental energy, located in the solar plexus area, around the navel. In Science of Being it is also considered the seat of the subconscious along with the back of the brain (feminine gender). It is the reservoir, the collecting vortex of energies, thoughts and emotions that can get stuck there and grow unnoticed. 

If those energies are low frequency then it can be a source of problem for us. We create a personality and ego with these energies, believing things like we are lonely, hot tempered, special, damaged. We’re mad, sad and worried. We’re stressed, hurried and tired. And, these low frequency energies can also manifest in the physical body as dis-eases and illnesses (as covered in Parts 1 and 2). 

Most of us get stuck the remainder of our life and live in the 3rd chakra mentally, not interested or aware that there is the possibility of higher levels of consciousness. We slowly experience chakra lessons that nothing is every lost, it will eventually return. Our life goes through cycles of a few steps forwards and then seemingly a few backwards. As soon as we are determined to do something we seem to meet opposition. And relationships come and go, and things are always changing. 

4th chakra 

I am feeling, and many of us are, that a change is coming; a transition for us. We are beginning to awaken to the possibility of reaching higher, more refined frequencies and consciousness. Some of us have studied spiritual wisdom and practiced mindfulness, meditation and conscious living for years. Humanity is consciously awakening to frequencies of the 4th chakra, to heart consciousness and the power of our emotions; especially to the tenderness of our heart. 

 The 4th chakra is located in the heart area and is an emotional chakra. Our emotions can run high! And, it is a very magnetic center that attracts ‘like’ frequencies. We view our world from feelings love or fear, because we can be in the higher or lower emotional levels. Though we may be unconscious of it, we feel our emotions in our heart. We feel happy or sad, broken, afraid or compassionate in the chest. We can experience heart issues and heart disease when out of balance. It is the center where we feel the expansiveness of gratitude, and both personal love and impersonal, unconditional Love.

As we begin to consciously live in the higher emotional levels of the heart chakra, we have conscious thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of Love.  We refine our character, releasing and burning away the negative energy and traits that had been stuck in the subconscious ego and 3rd chakra. We become more aware of Universal Life Energy, our Higher Self, our Light body and how we create conditions for our own happiness and for others through our attitude, motivation, intent, awareness and behaviors. 

5th, 6th, and 7th+ chakras

The chakras continue up through the body and even above. The 8th chakra (higher in a 13 or more chakra system) is experienced in other dimensions, but for this entry we are focusing on those of our material, earthly existence. We normally do not primarily live in these chakra energies, yet they are us, Light and Love. We perceive our world through them too.

  • The 5th, throat: power of expressing Truth, communication and sound.
  • The 6th, pituitary:  self-consciousnessness, power of perception, wisdom, higher mental thoughts.
  • The 7th crown, pineal:  spiritual power, connection to All and Higher Self, spirituality, Unity.
  • The 8th, above the head: ascension into higher dimension.

Harmonizing the chakras

The emotion of Love and the expression of Love is key to unlocking the higher frequencies of consciousness as we begin to live in our Heart chakra. Love is a feminine energy that opens our heart to our Higher Self and we live in attitudes of gratitude, compassion, and personal and impersonal Love. 

Other helpful practices:

  •  During meditation contact and focus Universal Life Energy in each individual chakra, letting the Source bring harmonization, purification and balance in each.
  • See the Light of Universal Life Energy moving up and down your central Light channel pouring in from both the root chakra and crown chakra, energizing and balancing each chakra, then returning to the Source. 
  • Visualize Universal Life Energy in the root chakra, the kundalini, awakening, brightening and raising up through all the chakras. Begin in the Root chakra and feel the Light raising up to the 3rd chakra, purifying it, moving further up to the Heart chakra and brightening and expanding. 
  • When you have a feeling of intuition, listen consciously, act on it and be grateful for the guidance!
  • Meditation, mindfulness, the harmonizing frequencies of sound and rhythms of Tibetan singing bowls and other frequency music, light, touch and Reiki therapies are also helpful. 

When Mind and Love are balanced

our Male and Female energies are balanced. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

In the next entry we will discuss more ways to raise our consciousness to live in the 4th, heart chakra with the help of the Great Principle. 

“The Outer Aura reaches sometimes a thickness of several feet in certain individuals with a very strong mental or spiritual development. In the latter case, the whole nature of the human Aura is changed. Such individuals seem to be surrounded by rays of light, of very beautiful and changing colors. Their Auras are not only very beautiful to look at, but are also very soothing and healing to an appreciable degree. It is often sufficient merely to be in the presence of such people in order to be benefited in every way, physically, mentally, and morally.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, Kindle location 1838.

Your insights, thoughts and comments are welcomed and they might help someone else, including me, helping me be better! Thank You.

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The Feminine Curve


Entering the feminine curve
Every nerve drawing me deeper toward
The heart of the vortex serve,
Knowing Source of earthly accord. 

Progressive energies
Cause molecules of emotions rising atop
Encouraging me, 
Though fear begging me to stop.

Memory of my mother
Taming my heart
Telling me I have to detach;
Lightning clap asunder, apart.

Her detachment declaration
Swills of light ascertain;
Done for both hearts’ liberation
Nonetheless acute piercing pain.

Thoughts of inadequacy
Sweat beginning to bead
Even as tears of gratitude,
Long trailing drops intercede.

Energies whirl, ripping from existence
Illusions self-composed,
Darkness, death, time,
Detrimental memories decompose.

Stripped and lifted to greater heights
Becoming fearless, assured by Feminine Love
Inner Masculine Power lights
Immortal boundless Spirit thereof.

Timeless Unconditional Love.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Sedona 2

There are several energy vortexes the Sedon, Arizona area. And, some say the entire area is an energy vortex. Of course, there are skeptics even though there is evidence that compass needles lose true north at vortex sites!

There is no denying the beauty of the place, the feminine earthly energy and the masculine strength. You can learn much about yourself and your connection to the earth and universe.

The red and white mountains look different during the day as the sun moves across the sky and the shadows play! No matter if it’s the beauty or the energy, Sedona is inspiring and invigorating! 

sedona mountains 2016

Photos of Sedona, Arizona 2016.


“It is very interesting to analyze the effects of gratitude. That inner love in it makes it possible for us to expand. There are very few emotions as strong, deep and beautiful as gratitude. The more grateful we will be, the more receptive we will be, and the more good things will come into our lives.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume II, page 177.


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