Why and how to refine your Personality

Your Personality is the medium of transmission of your True Character, your unique Individuality, into your reality! It’s on the front lines, so to speak, of your interaction with others and the world. It’s your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving so it makes a huge impact in your reality and the progress of your spiritual intents.

Though our Individuality is the cause or Power behind our Personality, our personality can get murky, twisted and perverted because of the influence of the ego. And it is the process of looking at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the personality and the influences of the ego that we can begin to refine the personality. 

We can strengthen those qualities that propel us forward and eliminate the disharmonious ones. In the big view any so called negative personality traits are good in that they point to what needs healing! 

There are no limits as to how much we can improve our personality and harmonize it to be in synch with our Soul and Individuality. And when our Individuality shines forth in our life we can live the best life possible, helping evolve ourselves and all humanity!

There are 3 primary levels to begin refining. Our physical level and environment, body and personal space. And our mental and emotional levels.

The most potent patterns of thinking we can establish are consideration, caring and Love. Love in our Heart is our Center of Attraction and draws into our life the people and situations to sweep forward our progress. We are attracted to like energies and like energies are attracted us!

When we change things in our direct environment, we naturally begin to change the way we think and how we feel. 

Changing our immediate environment, the clothes we wear, our personal space and home can be made to reflect improved states. It’s not the material, monetary value of the things you wear or have that helps reflect refinement, rather it is Harmony. So establish as much harmony in your physical appearance and home with what resources you have available.

For example, when you consciously work on improving your body language or posture, with body upright and shoulders back, we feel stronger and more confident. Even smiling can change our attitude. 

And this also applies to improved personal space, like changing our personal dressing style can influence our attitude. Cleaning out our desk at work, home and room, discarding those things that are no longer harmonious with the refinements we are moving into, can greatly influence us.

You are working to be the personality to which you aspire, rather than the other way around, making the personality fit you.

For more ways to begin refining on the physical level and emotional levels kindly link: How to improve your Personality & accelerate your Spiritual Journey

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“A well balanced Personality is primarily distinguished by four striking features – it is Strong, Intelligent, Sincere and Pleasant. In other words, it manifests dominantly the Four Aspects of Universal Life Energy, Life, Mind, Truth and Love.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 326.

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