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It’s a place to come to relax, to be inspired and enlightened; a place to unveil your soul!

With the help of the Eternal, we will be sharing insights and wisdom to awaken within us a Light of Understanding to help carry us forward on our spiritual journey. It’s a quest to empower ourselves, to unfurl our spiritual nature and those qualities of the Eternal within us! It may include this earthly, practical level, the intellectual, thoughtful level or the mystic, spiritual level. Any area is possible because we live in all of those areas. We face very realistic daily challenges while being given very spiritual and enlightening opportunities. We are body, mind and soul living in a material and spiritual world, and it’s an adventure to reveal our Soul!

Everything is intertwined. Through this blog we will explore the interconnections that we call our body, our mind and our spirit. That’s why it is called Science of Being; it is the science of our being. And, you can join in with comments and questions.

That name, Science of Being, was originated by Eugene Fersen with a book of the same title first published in 1923. The Baron Eugene Fersen lectured around the world for decades and is known as the teacher of spiritual teachers of his time that has evolved into the teachers of our time. The wisdom is timely because humanity, you and I, are awakening to our spiritual nature and soul, realizing that we control our fate, our success or failure in life, and our happiness through our choices. Knowledge is our greatest tool to help us improve our life conditions and come to understand who we really are and what we are made of, and that is what Science of Being is all about. Therefore, knowledge seeped in wisdom and lead by love is the goal of this on going discussion!

We all want to be happy, yet very few of us can say we are truly happy. Happiness, it seems, may here for a short while but is fleeting. Why is happiness fleeting? How do you come to understand what your destiny is? Why do we suffer at times? And, why don’t we have enough time? We’ll explore these questions and more with weekly postings (or more often), including things to consider that you can use as a focus to reflect upon to help you relate to your Higher Self, your superconsciousness, and Soul.

We create our own future, our own present condition through our choices that started long ago, or just a moment ago. Let us aim to choose wisely.

In Light and Love Portia SLB

Quote to consider reflecting on:

When the Higher Self reaches the material world, It crystallizes into a human being. Subconsciousness, in which we move, live and have our being, is the world created by us. Not one spot in it can be called harmonious. There are two Creations. In the first, the Eternal is the Creator. In the second, we are the creator.

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being Volume I,  p. 122

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