Finding Beauty

These entries  aim to offer inspiring insights and tools aimed to help you come closer to the deepest Truth of Your Inner Spirit. It is our hope that you find the patience, courage and skill to embody your enlightened nature.

As of now these are entries with a brief description listed alphabetically:

Finding Beauty 

3 thoughts on “Finding Beauty

  1. Dear Kevin,
    From what I know, the original painting is not available for viewing. However, a poster of the painting is available at the World Center website:

    I have several of these posters framed and grateful that they are still available. I have one hanging in my meditation/writing room and find it very inspiring and uplifting. The original intent and Energy is there and radiating to us and all humanity.

    Hope this helps. With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. Re: The image/print of the Morning Star with inscription had approximately 100 print editions made. Are they located in a museum – does anyone know where any may reside for viewing ie. private collection or art gallery. Thank you – Kevin Michael Witzke

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