Finding Beauty – Tender Heart


Tender Heart

Though you’ve known troubles so dark that fear could kill

You are beautiful, kind smile, wise eyes that see the depth of here,

Refined colors within, inspired song of world with goodwill

Tender heart draws compassion, freedom from darkness, to come near.

White Orchids


As spiritual beings we are each beautiful and unique and it is our opportunity as earthlings to bring that forth and improve our condition now. 

Orchards and Boats

The orchid signifies different qualities in different cultures, but it can be said that beauty, refinement and affection are predominate. Qualities we all aspire to, and more importantly qualities that are already ours!

Orchids hanging from an eave  along the river is an unexpected combination unless you are in a tropical country like Thailand!

Lavender Orchids on the River


In the Hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


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