Finding Beauty – Cherry Blossoms


“We should try to develop the love of Beauty, which is at the
foundation of our being.”
Eugene Fersen

Weeping Cherry Blossom

 Cherry Blossoms

 One of the most spectacular signs of life budding from a long winter’s slumber is that of the plants and trees blooming with warm spring colors against clear, blue skies.

Pale pink is the color of tender and unconditional Love.
It is spring’s sweet blossom of compassion and gentle nurturing.

Pink cherry blossom 1 refined

Cherry blossom cloud

In the Japanese tradition and art the cherry tree is symbolic of extreme beauty then quick death; mortality. It’s like clouds that burst forth in their bountiful glory then quickly change, even disappearing to the human eye though they have merely changed form.

Life it is always changing and in constant movement. Upon the earthly death of an individual, the soul  merely changes its body, its form.

Weeping Cherry Trunk

Even the trunk of the ornamental cherry tree is beautiful!

Video of blossoms and birds chirping:

Photos and video taken with my Ipad mini!

 Light and Love, Portia SLB

2 thoughts on “Finding Beauty – Cherry Blossoms

  1. Blossoms change into something different. It’s nature telling us to enjoy what they’ve changed into I suppose! Just the way we are to enjoy the way our life changes.

  2. I was enjoying my cherry blossoms one day and it seemed the next they were gone, so fleeting! Love this post!

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