The Invisible Realm


cat tail on lake refined

The Invisible Realm

Warm summer day, beauty abounds, elementals dance among the leaves,

More in nature than air, water, cattails and trees, much more to perceive,

Human reality beyond five senses awakens to invisible realm, does conceive,

Nature’s sweet music not for ears, heralds Spirits of Light that interweave

With loving hearts, understanding minds, open arms willing and ready to receive.

There is more in this earthly dimension than the physical eye can perceive. We can feel the wind and the warm rays of the sun, and it is also true of other energies that dance among us, especially in nature. We can feel them when we become quiet inside, with no thoughts interrupting our silence.

There are many, many dimensions and we can get a glimpse of them primarily though our emotional awareness. And, when you are consciously calm and loving then those energies of high frequency will be experienced – Divine Love being the most enlightening!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

4 thoughts on “The Invisible Realm

  1. We need to only be as a child in the belief and open mindedness. Adults get so caught up in agendas. Both their own and other’s. Let it go. When did “we” let “our” minds become swayed by societies perceptions? That is really what stands between.. A false belief system that takes us away from our true nature.. Love and peace dear heart.. As always I enjoyed your writ ing.

  2. So True! It reminds me of being a child, so tuned in to every sense we have and loving the moment, feeling energized and peaceful?

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