Silent Cry


silent cry 2

          Silent Cry

Silent cry, the most painful
Feeling separated from love, apart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Consuming misery in the heart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Emotional desolation does impart
Silent cry, the most painful
Alone inside
No tears, no sounds, no counterpart.

The worst emotional pain is when we feel separated from True Love.

It can feel like our heart is being torn out. That’s because we believe the irresponsibility of the subconscious ego, without consciously knowing we are part of Universal Love; that we are Loved and that we Love. That we are not alone in this world; that we are always connected with each other, Divine Love and the Great Principle.

That suffering can awaken us to Love rather than getting us stuck in depression. It can awaken us to gentleness, kindness and goodwill in others and ourselves. We can emotionally reconnect with the tenderness that is our loving heart.  

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


5 thoughts on “Silent Cry

  1. Yes, we do seem to learn so many lessons by what we call the hard way – because of the pain! Yet, pain is the teacher and if we take the teaching to heart it transforms into love!

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