Emotional Seduction! The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 6

Emotional Seduction!

A smile is contagious! But, so are frowns, jeers and anger. We tend to mimic each others emotional expressions and synchronize to the emotional vibration too. If you are unconscious of emotional contagion your attitude can be greatly influenced by others, affecting your behavior. 


Of course, everyone reacts differently to negative or positive emotions when coming in contact with the emotions of others, but synchronization can happen unconsciously as the frequency of the emotional energy in your aura changes to the same or similar to those around you, particularly if you want to be considered part of the group.

Friends and families will synchronize emotionally as their aura’s blend and reflect the same or similar energy frequency. Our emotions attract similar emotions and traits from each other through the Law of Attraction. We physically boost that synchronization unconsciously by mimicking facial expressions and body language.

But, there are times that we make a cognitive effort to feel the same emotions as those around us like when we are at social gatherings, football games, parties, etc. We consciously mimic facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. 

This is also very apparent in the workplace were you may find yourself feeling obligated to display the group emotion or attitude. Your boss and managers usually set the emotional tone since they are more emotionally contagious because of their authority.

You’ve most likely experienced this at motivational pep talks or work functions.

Emotional Contagion

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Emotional Reflection
We’ve been predominately conditioned unconsciously to emotionally synchronize from a young age. A classic example is when we smile back at someone that smiles at us, even if they are faking it. But, we can usually tell if they are faking it and are put off by it.

The great thing is that if someone genuinely smiles at us, we can not only see the difference we can feel it emotionally, lifting our spirits. We’ll most likely genuinely smile back, projecting that same loving energy from within ourselves. The love in a genuine smile draws love from within us through the Law of Attraction, while the hatred in a jeer can draw out fear from within us.

Emotions are Contagious!
Though we are strongly influenced by facial expressions and body language or by what others say, we are more seduced by the frequency of their mood – the emotional energy that radiates out and in their aura. The emotions charge thoughts with energy and they manifest physically in our facial expressions, body language and behaviors. So everything is connected and have real effects if we are conscious of them or not. The key point is to be conscious!

Emotional contagion works both ways – our emotions can influence the behaviors of others, so being conscious of our own emotions is just as important as being conscious of the emotions of others. 

More to come on the subject…

In the hope that you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

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In upcoming entries on emotions we will discuss ways to protect yourself from negative emotional contagion and to even benefit from positive contagion, with the help of the Great Law. Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“People who are inconsiderate, resent any consideration. If they remain long enough among considerate people, they will adjust themselves and become considerate.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume II, page 13.

Do We Purposefully Create Conflict in Our Life?


Television dramas and reality shows soar in popularity, especially when there is obvious conflict. We want the characters to bravely face problems and overcome them. We want happy endings and great achievements. But, why are we so attracted to conflict in stories and competitions? And, do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

The Entertainment

Sure, we like to be entertained with games and stories in the media and conflict makes good drama. We are kept in suspense and are emotionally invested with anticipation in the hope of them overcoming the challenges they face.  We like the adventure and are attracted to it because of our own drama.

Our Power of Creation

We create conflict and drama in our life because we are generally unconscious of falling prey to the subconscious ego, which in turn creates disharmony.

A simple example of this is when I was young and walking along and stumbled, hurting my toe and pride. I asked myself why did I physically experience pain when I wasn’t hurting anyone, just minding my own business. I was young and inexperienced, but I had a spiritual teacher to help me understand myself. It became quite clear that I had been careless. Mindlessly day dreaming rather than being in the moment and caring about how and where I stepped. 

Every fearful emotion we experience like being careless, like being afraid of being alone, of being ridiculed, or of missing out, manifests as a negative behavior. Carelessness can result in a stumble or other mistake. Impatience can result in anger, and anger can lead to brutality. Jealousy can manifest as lying and even as violence. Guilt can result in regret, despair and depression.

The Lessons of Life

At the time, that stumble didn’t seem very important, but it was a valuable experience. I learned to care about what I am doing in the moment, to be grateful and that even deeper understandings can unfold. Conflict can be very painful, yet we can learn some very valuable life lessons.

Like the aphorism, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” I am grateful for that experience, for my spiritual Friend and my Inner Teacher. Without being conscious we can miss life opportunities to help ourselves and the importance of love in every behavior that is rooted in the mind and our emotions which manifests in our behaviors. If those emotions are negative we create conflict in our life.

Life Opportunities

Bit by bit, step by step, we become freer, stronger and happier through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect.

When you look someone in the eyes and genuinely smile, it spreads. Being kind and considerate is contagious. Finding solutions to problems with actions, rather than just complaining, is putting out positive energy and benefits everyone. And, that positive energy eventually returns to us increased.

If we do experience conflict or face adversities in our life it can spur us to remember all those life lessons we learned and motivate us to behave with love leading us. That’s a very rewarding life adventure!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflection upon:

“The whole of Creation is based on adventure.”  Eugene Fersen 

I appreciate You and invite you to share your thoughts too!

They Test our Patience!

what 6

We’ve all been there. Some people just have a knack for pissing us off! There will be occasions at work, at home, or while we are standing somewhere, when someone triggers an uneasy feeling in us. It can get our dander up!

Until we consciously address fearful emotions they will continue to plague us making us anxious or hard. They become habitual, part of our personality and disposition.

And, we can lose a sense of our True Self.

So What Can We Do?
It’s a matter of mental regulation – recognizing that every unpleasant emotion is a spiritual opportunity and synchronicity, where nothing happens by chance. It’s an opportunity we have set up for ourselves to release the burdens of the subconscious ego and align with our True Self and Love.

Most of us are unaware that the real source of our uneasiness is from fear that is rooted in the subconscious. It can grow there unnoticed only to resurface sooner or later as contentious emotions like anger, apprehension, worry, and hatred causing us bigger problems, even physical illness.

How to Start
When you start to feel some uneasiness, be fully conscious in the moment. Pause your thinking, take a deep breath, relax and quiet the mental chatter; be still. Consider making the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy (Cosmic Energy, chi, prana, Life Force) to help you relax and refocus.

Be the ‘watcher of the thinker’ from a higher consciousness. Impersonally observe your body language, facial expressions, thoughts and attitude, drawing them into you and feeling them fully without harsh judgment.

Be courageous and very sincere in your examination. Sincerity opens our heart and mind to the inspiration of our Higher Self.

Keep in mind that people who challenge us emotionally are also on a spiritual journey, seeking ways to release the burden of the subconscious. Think of them as facilitators of spiritual synchronicity.

A Deeper Understanding
The reasoning, conscious mind can go only so far in understanding. That’s when we reach for inspiration from our Higher Self by asking questions of ourselves. Questions like:

  • Why am I feeling impatient?
  • Why is it so important to me that I am attached to it?
  • Am I coming from a place of fear or love in my heart?

If we recognize we are tempted by fear, we can let it pass us by, release it and choose another path – Love.

We will still move in our thinking and emotions, therefore, we can further abet release of the temptation by: 

  1. Opening ourselves to a positive emotion like gratitude. A positive emotion negates a negative one.
  2. Manifesting a positive emotion physically in our behavior with a smile, a kind word or stillness.
  3. Changing our body language which can help us move into a positive emotion. Moving can disperse hormonal chemicals like adrenaline. It can take up to 90 seconds ——— to disperse negative energy.
  4. Make a sincere effort to see the Divine. When we see the Divine in another we are also invoking the power to see the Divine within ourselves!

A thought of Love and connection to Harmony destroys negative thoughts within us and we will feel a relief. This frees us from fixed ideas about attack, retaliation, correction and other fearful defenses. 

When we choose Love we are transforming our thought process in our everyday life from fear to Love, thereby, breaking addictive, fearful patterns. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Consider this quote for reflection:

“The guidance of our Higher Self is the best way we can define our Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, page 47.

Silent Cry


silent cry 2

          Silent Cry

Silent cry, the most painful
Feeling separated from love, apart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Consuming misery in the heart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Emotional desolation does impart
Silent cry, the most painful
Alone inside
No tears, no sounds, no counterpart.

The worst emotional pain is when we feel separated from True Love.

It can feel like our heart is being torn out. That’s because we believe the irresponsibility of the subconscious ego, without consciously knowing we are part of Universal Love; that we are Loved and that we Love. That we are not alone in this world; that we are always connected with each other, Divine Love and the Great Principle.

That suffering can awaken us to Love rather than getting us stuck in depression. It can awaken us to gentleness, kindness and goodwill in others and ourselves. We can emotionally reconnect with the tenderness that is our loving heart.  

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


Silent Cry


silent cry 2

          Silent Cry

Silent cry, the most painful
Feeling separated from love, apart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Consuming misery in the heart
Silent cry, the most painful,
Emotional desolation does impart
Silent cry, the most painful
Alone inside
No tears, no sounds, no counterpart.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


Reflection on the River of Life


Appreciation for Mother Nature can open our awareness to Universal Love. 

Reflections on Thai River


The calmer and more serene we are mentally and emotionally the better we are able to realize our true spiritual character and reflect it in our earthly life.


Everything in our life presents us with opportunities. Even our reflection on water can open us to spiritual realizations.

 When we are conscious and appreciate this very moment of our life, we are aware of our Inner Being:  the energy of our self, our thinking, our feelings of sincerity, peace and harmony –  we realize we are part of the river of All Energy, Powers and Love; our Unity with all Beings and the Infinite Source.

We are centered within our self, caring, compassionate and aware of being part of All.

Each of us are very capable of consciously experiencing our unity with the Source of our earthly reflection.

In the Hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB